23 Apr, 2014 6:59 am CAT
‘Call of Duty’ 2014 screenshot reveals next-gen lips, nose and chin
23 Apr, 2014 6:59 am CAT
iPhone 6 rumour round up: gorgeous concept shots reveal larger screen
17 Apr, 2014 6:57 am CAT
Data woes? Here’s 6 data saving tips for your smartphone [Video]
5 Square Enix franchises Sony’s really going to miss
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 patent reveals three-sided flexible display

Samsung galaxy curve display Samsung's Galaxy S5 has been getting all the love recently, but a leaked patent spotted by GSMArena has surfaced online of what is presumably Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 4. The patent sheds light on possible design ideas the Korean company has for its next flagship phablet device, and they are really quite ambitious. Most ambitious of all? The inclusion of the futuristic YOUM flexible display. But quite astonishingly, the Galaxy Note 4 will sport the YOUM display on no less than ...

Android, Mobile Phones, Reviews

Xolo Q900 Review: the best budget Android with ‘Retina Display’

SONY DSC Xolo's an Indian smartphone brand that became famous when it launched the first-ever smartphone with an Intel system-on-a-chip (SoC) and has been doing quite well in the Indian market for some time now, thanks to its value-for-money devices. Its Xolo Q1000 and Xolo A500S have been great hits in the Indian market. Now meet the Xolo Q900, the only smartphone with iPhone Retina Display-like sharpness, a quad-core processor and full HD video recording ability in its price range. So can Xolo succeed in ...

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‘Walking Dead’ PS4 coming 17 June and ‘Watch Dogs’ details revealed

PS4 lead Twitter tipster Shinobi602 is something of a game rumour legend who's today, dropping hints for upcoming console titles. While these tweets are yet to be established, Shinobi602 is a user responsible for confirming and breaking many controversial gaming stories. Let's see what he has in stock for us. The Walking Dead. PS4. June 17th— shinobi602 (@shinobi602) April 22, 2014 The tweet links to this image: So that's the Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition coming to PS4 17 June for US$29.99. This ...

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LG debuts G Watch: a coolish all-in-one wearable

LG G Watch LG has released some additional information regarding its (now) highly anticipated G Watch. The watch, set to be unleashed sometime in the future (LG is yet to reveal a launch date), will utilise Google's Android Wear — a version of the Android OS tailored for wearables. LG has confirmed the G Watch will include voice control, powered by Google Now. So what else is new and nifty about this particular smartwatch? The G Watch will apparently be both dust and water ...

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Google Glass update adds SMS support for iOS, Glassware Calendar for all

Oogle Glasses lead Good news Apple and Glass fans -- Google has announced that iOS users will soon be able to receive text messages from their friends using Google Glass. After last week's Google Glass Explorer program saw a one day only Glass sale in the US, the company has presumably received a voluminous amount of useful feedback from the lucky few. Intelligently bowing to consumer advice and demand, the text messaging feature already available on Android will now be included on iOS devices ...

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Logitech Z200 review: stylish speakers, stifled sound

z200 lead I’ve been a happy Logitech customer for a while now. Seven years in fact. Its ever popular X-530s are still in my company, tickling my inner ears with its gorgeous sound delivery. But, the speakers are a hassle to keep organised. Some customers desire quality sound without the complications of a 5.1 setup. Essentially, a compact yet stylish pair of table toppers. This is where the company’s new entry-level Z200 comes into play. The tall, twin-driver desk-standing set is available in ...

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Imogen Heap’s Mi.Mu music-gesture gloves Kickstarted into reality

Imogen Before we discuss the Mi.Mu Glove, look at what its creator, musician Imogen Heap, can do with it. Now, there's a lot of technical terms and money about to be discussed but ultimately, Imogen Heap has created music from nothing but gesture alone. She is, and I loathe to use the word, disrupting the world of audio. Let's get the money out of the way first. The Mi.Mu Glove is a Kickstarter project with a goal of £200 000 and now, on ...


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