17 Apr, 2014 6:59 am CAT
iPhone 6 rumour round up: gorgeous concept shots reveal larger screen
17 Apr, 2014 6:59 am CAT
Sony announces 7-million PS4 sales globally and ‘SHAREfactory’ video app
10 Apr, 2014 5:04 am CAT
9 simple battery saving tips for your Android device [Video]
Logitech Z200 review: stylish speakers, stifled sound
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Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner spoofed, PayPal compromised

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint The new fingerprint lock system on Samsung's Galaxy S5 has been defeated, a few days after the device's release, thanks to a group of crafty researchers at Germany's Security Research Labs (SRL). This hack comes seven months after the Apple iPhone 5S' Touch ID was spoofed a mere 48 hours after its launch. The recent Samsung spoof now places biometric systems of all phones under the security spotlight. The initial iPhone 5S hacker, known as Starbug from the Chaos Computer Club, ...

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Google Glass sells out in US after one-day only sale

Google Glass Google surprised overeager tech-pioneers last week when it announced that Google Glass would be available for purchase to the general US public for one-day only on 15 April. Up until this point, Glass was only available to a select few "explorers" hand-picked by the digital giant. Anyone could apply for a spot, but Google had the last say on whether or not users were nerdy enough to fashion the illusive frames. On Tuesday, that all changed. By mid-afternoon, Google released a post ...

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The new age of storytelling: 6 games with killer writing

Story games lead Most of us, especially non-gamers, do not often look to games as a medium of storytelling. Some of us play them to pass the time or to satisfy our primitive competitive need on a virtual platform. The truth is that games are a brilliant means of conveying a story. Its interactive characteristics make for an extremely immersive experience and because of its creatively free nature, the possibilities are endless. As such, here’s a list of six games whose potent narratives ...

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Supercar maker Bugatti creates $1000 glass toaster

Noun Not content with creating supercars, Bugatti has branched out into breakfast machines with the Noun, a toaster with heated glass walls capable of cooking not only bread, but everything from steak to chicken breasts. The Noun does all this utilising tech which until now, hasn't been used in traditional toasters. Also, it's US$1 000 reports Reviewed. Bugatti says that the secret's in the sauce, so to speak. Layers of semiconductor heating elements sandwiched within the glass controls the temperature and ...

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Amazon’s glasses-free 3D smartphone pictured

Amazon phone 1 It would be hard to pick Amazon's smartphone out of a lineup, it's the most generic-looking device we've yet seen. But what the pictures below don't show us is that Amazon's smartphone uses not only FireOS, but a 3D interface as well. It all just seems a little hard to believe based on the pictures alone, that we're looking at "the next big thing". From eReaders to tablets to TV shows and now phones, Amazon's evolution from service provider to ...

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Toshiba Satellite P55t world’s first 4K Ultra HD laptop

Satellite Ultra HD The dawn of the true 4K laptop has arrived, courtesy of Toshiba's pixel-mad scientists. The company's latest aluminium model, the Satellite P55t, will feature the world's first Ultra HD (UHD) screen shoved into a 15.6" form factor, alongside a truckload of other sparkly electronic goodies. For a touted US$1499, users will get a screen "four times clearer than Full HD," says Toshiba. Users may be wondering why this is special at all, as other manufacturers including Apple and Lenovo have bettered HD ...


5 mind-blowing technologies that will shape the future of medicine

Doc Brown The field of medicine is rapidly evolving with the emergence of new technology in the health sphere. Consequently, patients are able to better engage in their own health while doctors are able to more effectively treat conditions and perform less invasive procedures. New developments in 3D printing and prosthetics are enabling individuals living with disabilities to experience the world in whole new ways. On the horizon, Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology is set to change the future of medicine, literally ...


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