29 Aug, 2014 6:59 am CAT
Obviously: Crytek devs confirm that consoles are weaker than high-end PCs
29 Aug, 2014 6:58 am CAT
The Apple’s out the basket: possible iWatch, iPhone announcement coming 9 September
26 Jun, 2014 6:00 am CAT
Sony Xperia Z2 review [video]
Samsung’s all-metal Galaxy Alpha is 2014′s most pointless phone
By Andy Walker


4 stellar TV shows ‘inspired’ by even better games

A time More than ever before, TV and film look to the medium of the game for inspiration. Just look at that enormous pile of shit, Age of Transformers. It's made over $15-trillion-zillion and counting, and is essentially a third-person fighting game, starring Mark Wahlberg. I'm not here to discuss the truly awful films Hollywood's infecting us with (sans Guardians of the Galaxy), but instead to talk about Black Jesus. Confused? You should be. Earlier this year, I wrote about a few television shows ...

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Coolest Cooler can charge your phone, play music while blending margaritas

Coolest-Cooler The all-in-one and more cooler gadget has become the most popular campaign in Kickstarter history, or all crowdfunding for that matter. The post US$11-million fundraising campaign is not going to enable a new moon landing, and it's certainly not going to save any rain forests. What it's going to do instead is give thousands of people a portable freakin' party. Apart from keeping your beers chilled, Ryan Grepper's Coolest Cooler has a built-in USB charger, a blender for margaritas of course, ...

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Samsung and LG unveil lastest Moto 360-slaying smartwatches

LG_G_WATCH_R_01 It must be smartwatch Christmas in the wearables industry, because Korean rivals -- Samsung and LG -- have just announced new devices coming soon to their already numerous lineup. The LG in question is a Moto 360-killer while Samsung is looking for a more complete approach -- it's essentially a watchphone. The LG G Watch R Let's start with the LG, though. It's round, like the Moto 360, and that's about the most important part. According to LG's seemingly chuffed press release, the ...

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SNES-inspired Raspberry Pi Gamer destroys its final Kickstarter goal

raspberry pi gamer kickstarter We're massive fans of the Raspberry Pi thanks to its wide range of uses, but using one to build a retro gaming console is the one that has stolen our hearts, and it seems those of Kickstarter backers too. The Pi Gamer is nearing its final hours on the venerable crowdfunding site, after raising over ten times its original target. Essentially, the system uses a Raspberry Pi B+ board as the processing god of the machine, housed in a classic console's ...


From Liquid to Solid: a Metal Gear retrospective

Metal Gear Solid 4 (2008) Solid Snake is the main character of Hideo Kojima’s well-known Metal Gear series and one of the gaming world’s greatest icons. This silent footed mercenary-spy-agent-man-person has been regularly hailed as one of the best gaming protagonists to ever come to light. Because the upcoming release of the latest Metal Gear installment, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is drawing closer, we decided to take a look back at the history of the Metal Gear series and its hero, Solid Snake. ...

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Seagate debuts 8TB drive, ideal for storing trillions of cat pictures

seagate macro Just like RAM and RRAM manufacturers, hard disk makers are hellbent on providing faster, larger, stronger storage media for consumers' endless data storage need. As a result, Seagate has announced its (and the world's first) 8TB consumer drive. Yep, 8TB -- 16 times what the world was introduced to in 2005. It's a lot of space, and would take a few months of downloading to fill its boots. Seven years prior, the world's first 1TB hard drive was launched by ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 trailer paints S Pen as second coming of gadget accessories

Ready to note Samsung, stop trying to make the S Pen a thing, really. After four versions of this enormous phone, you either hate it or use the S Pen so often your finger never touches the screen. In this new teaser trailer for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the S Pen is front and center, and is the second coming of gadget accessories, according to Samsung. Samsung calls it a tool for the way we live today, and then proceeds to show us ...


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