19 Sep, 2014 6:59 am CAT
Savvy YouTuber recreates Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and Sopranos with GTA V engine
19 Sep, 2014 6:58 am CAT
Dropped an iPhone 6 Plus recently? It’s easy to mend, proves iFixit
26 Jun, 2014 6:00 am CAT
Sony Xperia Z2 review [video]
Altech Node preview: all-in-one home and content control, at a price
By Steven Norris: Gearburn Editor
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7 ways to make a dumb home smarter

Nest The buzzword "smart home" fits nicely alongside terms like "The Internet of Things". But the smart home is tangible, it is something. Best of all, it's something well within the reach of us, the little people. First off, what is a smart home? Explaining  A smart home is home automation. Remote surveillance, WiFi-enabled stoves, automated porch lights, flush-aware toilet bowls, stuff like that. With an internet-enabled device connected to a smart home appliance, the possibilities are fairly endless. Think of a remote ...

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Bloodborne launches 6 February 2015 for PS4, teases with gripping new trailer

Bloodborne We've been raving a lot about Bloodborne -- the PlayStation 4 exclusive gothic horror title that's going to rock our worlds inside out come 6 February 2015. That's right, Sony's just come clean, and has announced the launch date together with a juicy new trailer and details about the Bloodborne Collector's Edition. For the uninitiated, Bloodborne is a third-person action RPG with enough gore, monsters and darkness to keep anyone intrigued since Dark Souls. It's then to little surprise that the ...

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Amazon launches new tablet family: 7.8mm thin Kindle Voyage, low-cost 6″ Fire tablet

Amazon On Wednesday evening, Amazon, the online retail tech giant, in a bid to retain its current users and court new buyers, refreshed its Fire tablets and e-readers with some nifty hardware improvements and updated software features. Amazon showed off a total of six upgraded devices, including a high-end e-reader called Kindle Voyage and its cheapest-ever 6" tablet. The refresh is on its tablet computer and e-reader devices including a child friendly version of its HD tablet. New Fire HDX tablet is ...

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My reasons for buying Samsung’s Gear Fit

Gear LEAD Before the Gear Fit, I was still using an analogue watch. No, not a Rolex or a Philippe Patek which are more pieces of jewelry for showing off than functional devices. I wanted something substantial, I needed something digital. Most smartwatches look awfully ugly, as the screen is too big for my small wrist and too small for all those crowded icons. It was design that won me over, and I fell for the look of the Samsung Gear Fit with ...

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Want to record 4K video on iOS? That’ll be $1000 please

vizzywig4k 1 Are you sick of iPhone 6 stories yet? Good, because we aren't, especially if they remain as insane and mind-splitting as this. Apple's first 4K iOS app, Vizzywig 4K, will strip nearly US$1000 from wallets across the world and that's nearly US$300 more than an actual iPhone 6 and the price of around three iPhone 5s'. Then why does it cost an arm and a leg, and then some? Because it's quite a smart little app. At 53MB, it's not exactly a small ...

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iPhone 6 meta-review: brilliant design and performance but average battery life

camera The iPhone 6 is here, and the reviews... are good. We're yet to officially receive an iPhone 6, but many lucky gadget journalists in the U.S. have. These are their stories: The Verge's David Pierce gives the iPhone 6 a glowing review, saying that it has a fantastic camera, gorgeous display, excellent performance and battery life, and that the phone "doesn't feel like a gadget." He's less complimentary of the iPhone 6 Plus, saying that it's just "a bigger phone", or ...


On indie games and why I play them

Mon val lead I’m not an avid gamer. I once got addicted to Word Mole on my old Blackberry - it’s embarrassing, but I couldn't stop playing it. Now, and for the first time, my gaming interest has been fully seized and I’m left wanting more. This is how a new generation of game developers are making their mark in the saturated realm of mobile games, and creating games that are not only beautiful to look at, but intuitive to play. These indie game developers ...


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