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Get Siri for iOS 5.1 iDevices, care of Spite

Running a jailbroken, non-A5 iDevice with iOS 5.1? Want Siri? Then you need Spite, the only app (care of Cydia) which delivers the full Siri experience for non-iPhone 4S users.

We talked about Jailbreaking iOS 5.1 devices earlier this week. One major setback was that Spire, a build of Siri made especially for iPhones, no longer worked.

Digital faith and the hacking community have delivered Spite, the “faster, more reliable” version of Spire. It’s a pretty simply affair to get it up and running, this is how you install it:

  1. You need to have a jailbroken, non-A5 iDevice running iOS 5.1. All good? Keep reading.
  2. Open Cydia, head over to the “manage” tab and add a new repository, namely:
  3. Once the new repo is up and running, go back to the manage screen, open sources and tap into the new Repo.technetec.com link.
  4. Install “Spite (iOS 5.1)”.
  5. It’s about 150Mb. Sit back and chill for a bit while it works its magic.

That’s it. You’ll need to restart your iDevice after the installation just to be safe. After that, Siri is yours.

Note: Spire/Spite requires a proxy server to work. Search for “Spire proxies” and play around to find a server which suits you. You may also need to follow these steps if the diction services are not working for you.

MAJOR UPDATE: Spite now offers a camera fix for iOS 5.1 devices. Download it now from the same repository. The camera on my 3GS functions once more (smiley face). 

The video below nicely sums up the Spite installation process.

Author Bio

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon
Steven Norris is a born writer, living in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town and educated in the ways of graphic design but destined to follow in the footsteps of the worlds greatest authors. He has had many years of experience as an SEO copywriter, learning the ropes the hard way before... More
  • Dominik Nevee

     Doesn’t work with iPhone 3Gs :/ I downloaded, installed it, and when trying to reboot it’s turning on over and over again. I can see apple logo all the time. Is there any solution?

  • It does work, and I have the same phone as you. You need to boot tethered again in RedSn0w. After the Spite installation you HAVE TO “just boot”. Exact same thing happened to me until I did this.

  • Jason

    This breaks your camera. Install at you own risk.

  • Getting hung up at the end of the download.. Will not get past 125 mb.

  • Essam

    i have problem in Spite (iOS 5.1) During Downloading 

  • Essam

    how to install siri in iOS 5.1 for iphone 4 
    PLZ tell me  

  • Seanielapietra

    I am scared it says camera may stop working

  • This is true. The camera will stop working. Use at own risk.

  • I did? Instructions are in the article.

  • Same here. Servers are obviously busy.

  • True true. Jailbreaking and installing unsigned applications are always dangerous. For me, Siri is more important than my low-res camera which I never used.

  • Tony

    will it break the camera on my iphone 4 8gb???pls respond

  • Tony

    will it break the camera on my iphone 4 8gb???pls respond

  • Remain calm Tony. It stopped my camera from working. I’d rather have Siri though. Install at own risk, thanks

  • Remain calm Tony. It stopped my camera from working. I’d rather have Siri though. Install at own risk, thanks

  • Tannernelson

    mrrr. it bricked my iPhone 4.. itunes restoring as i type this 🙁

  • Essam

    not working siri in my iphone 4 , 
    there’s something wrong, and i can’t answer your questions right now. please try again in a little while .

  • Seanielapietra

    Me again I tried downloading this morning everything went well up until the reboot, It was stuck in the apple logo screen for about 3-4 hours I am rejailbroken now did you have the same issue at anytime?

  • Seanielapietra

    I am using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.2

  • Essam

    It does work, and I have the same phone as you. You need to boot tethered again in RedSn0w. After the Spite installation you HAVE TO “just boot”. Exact same thing happened to me until I did this.

  • Essam

    use this tools redsn0w_win_0.9.10b6
    “just boot”

  • Seanielapietra

    Would I have to rejailbreak again with redsn0w or is this tool for sn0wbreeze as well?

  • vSteez Riisible

    Does this work for iPod Touch 4g?

  • Bwbionicle

    Yes, it does. And the camera works, too!

  • K00lmanxbox

     I installed everything rebooted respringed, and when I go to Settings>General I dont see the toggle to turn on Siri, but I do see the spire thing for the proxy server thing

  • K00lmanxbox

     I installed everything rebooted respringed, and when I go to Settings>General I dont see the toggle to turn on Siri, but I do see the spire thing for the proxy server thing

  • K00lmanxbox

    ON my ipod touch 3g on ios 5.1

  • K00lmanxbox

    ON my ipod touch 3g on ios 5.1

  • K00lmanxbox


  • K00lmanxbox


  • Mike Miguel

    So anyone here try it on the iphone 4 with 5.1 , and does the camera still work ?

  • Have no fear. Restore your device and try again. Follow the instructions and perhaps don’t use the custom IPSW. play around.

  • I don’t advocate SB, RS has always worked 100% for my purposes.

  • Hope it’s working now Tanner.

  • Yep. I’m using spite on iPhone 4 running 5.1. Camera works but it does stall and crash sometimes. I mostly launch it from the lockscreen and it doesn’t appear in the switcher and seems to work fine. So I delete it from the switcher just in case.
    The real problem I’m having however is with apps. Deleting, installing and syncing has often become slow or completely unresponsive at times. I can still get apps on and off My Phone but the experience Feels Sluggish.

  • My camera works fine btw

  • Christmas St. Clair

    Does this work with paid Spire proxies? I will not update to 5.1 unless I can still get a working server. I may wait for this untethered that pod2g is “supposedly” developing

  • Good questions. Answer: don’t use paid Siri proxies. Most of them are scams. I use a free one and it works a treat. Just dig around, it won’t take you too long. You may wait a while for the untethered boot, and by a while I mean a week or so.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been stuck in the reboot phase (lovely apple) for about 10 minutes now.  I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.  

  • heeeeyy

    hey !
    one question : does ‘spite’ speaks german ?
    or only english ? :/

  • English, French, German, Japanese.

  • have you tried the just boot? Did you enter DFU mode?

  • Anonymous

    trying that now but I cannot get the phone to stay turned off.  It just cycles back to the apple screen.  

  • Anonymous

    I can’t even do a hard reset at this point.  It just stays at the apple screen.  It will power down when unattached but goes to the apple screen as soon as it’s plugged in.  I have unhooked it from the computer and tried the hard reset but it stays stuck in the apple screen.

  • Cool. If you can’t hard reset (hold power+home) or DFU mode (google it or read my articles on JB’ing) then you need to restore your phone. Best advice I can give.

  • vSteez Riisible

    It shows an error that said that memory is full and when I click it, it re-springs automatically. Then it shows the swirling thing for hours. 

  • Jim

    Crashes iPod Touch 4g 8gb. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, I broke down and asked the Hubby for help.  He was able to get the phone off and into then “just boot”.  After that, everything has worked perfectly. I purchased a proxy from sirizone for $20/year and have been using Siri all day.  Works perfectly.  They have numerous servers.  I have not noticed any problems with my phone and my camera even works.  It’s a little slow to open but it works.  Thanks so much for your help and for making this possible with Spite.

  • Glad I could help 😉

  • Scabbedwings616

    my siri keeps stopping working

  • Jlsoler

    Se busca solucion para la camara?

  • Jiyu

    I used your instruction to get siri working on my iPhone 4. It was very helpful to get my siri working again. From my experience, picture camera works, it doesn’t work when u try to record a video though. As a result of this, you can’t FaceTime either. 

  • waffel

    Does your facetime work or no? And are u on att or verizon?

  • Krmwife

    AT&T. I’ve never used the FaceTime. Sorry. The only thing I’ve noticed is it takes about 10 secs for the camera app to open. Once it’s open, it functions flawlessly.

  • Thomas

    I have an iPhone 4 with spite on it as I foolishly upgraded to 5.1. I have Siri popping up when I hold down the home button but it alwas says that it can’t take any requests right now. I have tried to install different certificates and put in different proxies but it never works. Can someone suggest some steps?

  • Jasonmac

    You need to get a better proxy server. One that actually works. I have sirihub.net and it’s been working since day one. Try them. I bet it will work

  • K00lmanxbox

    Hey Steven, I have tried everything I could, but dont see the siri toggle. 

  • waffel

    Hmm could u try it?
    Also by camera do you mean video camera? Or picture camera? Or they both work?

  • Got to take the good with the pad IMO. Unsigned apps will always pose an issue for the phones, in one way or another.

  • Ben-woods

    Mine is jailbroken tethered. 3GS with 5.1.  I have not managed to install i4siri, because I cant install Spire.  I installed spite and tried to install the certificate, but when i hold down, all i get is voice control.  If i turn siri on, it automatically turns of again.

  • Elfisic0
  • It doesnt work on 8 gig it says something bout the storage but i dont have that much….. do u know what to do about the 8 gig?

  • It doesnt work on 8gig because of memory what should i do?

  • scelo12

    for all you guys saying this doesnt work and it misses up your video camera and blah blah blah, it does work, My girlfriend and I both have 2 separate iphone 4 and and 1 is running 5.1  i have installed this with no problems at all what so ever on 5.1 and its actually faster than the other running 5.0.1.

    Myth #1. It does not brick your phone, if it does re-install and try again trust me i know it works
    Myth #2 I was able to reboot my phone after install, I didn’t use the cydia method, i held down power button(as stated above my the original poster) and reboot
    Myth #3 is does not break your video camera, i was able to use the video camera without any problems

    so in all their is nothing wrong with spite, yes it is in Beta, but it is actually a great tool replacement for spire with the older IOS.

    if you have any more problems and need further proof it works reply here or email me at scelo12@msn.com

  • Salvadorvm86

    After I install spite i rebot my my phone, now it wont turn back on it just stays on the apple logo ive tried holding the power and home button but still stuck on the apple screen. what should i do??

  • You should try using the “just boot” option. Keep at it, it will work.

  • waffel

    So your on 5.1 and your video camera works AND your facetime works? Are you on att or verizon?

  • Salvadorvm86

    Will it work for a 8 gig iphone?

  • Salvadorvm86

    Does this work for a 8 gig iphone?

  • Brittany

    im not gonna go into how i got siri on my iphone 3gs because it will take too long, she works perfect (in the exception of not telling me where i am, the weather etc, because im in Australia) BUT.. my camera doesnt work !! and i want to be able to use my camera AND siri 🙁  if there is a fix for this on cydia or ANYTHING can someone please tell me ? also, if its possible just to turn off siri to be able to use my camera.. i dont want to uninstall it just for my camera.. ? please help ! my email is elmoknowswhereyoulive1995@hotmail.com

  • As

    it keeps saying memory full

  • Scelo12

    I’m on Verizon and the answer to all of your questions is Yes

  • Simonesola97

    Can I use it on iPod Touch 2G? (4.2.1)

  • If you need a proxy server, go to http://www.sirihub.net

  • Alx Leiva

    It doesn’t work on Iphone 4 5.1. when trying to reboot it’s turning on over and over again. The “just boot” option didn’t work either. I had to completely restore my phone 🙁

  • Guitarguy2004

    It works on my old bootrom 3GS, but as noted camera doesn’t work.

  • Matthewdamico98

    everything worked fine then when i rebooted it, my iPod won’t turn on. the apple sign just keeps coming on the screen then off the screen

  • Tnutty2k6


  • jay

    I installed siri on my iPhone 4 ios 5,1 but i cant seem to turn on siri keeps turning off after i enable siri and then i rebooted my phone by using redsn0w and now the screen is stuck on the apple logo please help.

  • Jonnybugersss

    It seems the camera issue is on the 3Gs iPhones.  My camera shutter will not open and the bar at the bottom (where the camera button and slider for picture or video is) just flickers.  I believe it has something to do with the communication with the camera and the app because I have a second camera app (camera+) that opens to a grid format, but is just a black screen as if a lens cap is still over the camera lens.  Just a thought though…

  • Jonnybugersss

    If someone gives you that fix, please repost it.

  • Jonnybugersss

    It’s a tethered jailbreak so you’ll have to boot it with the “just boot” function by plugging it into your computer and going to extras in redsnow.

  • Romeo Martinez

    thhank you omg i got my iphone 4 on ios 5.1 with siri spire spite w.e u wanna call it but thank you it works any help just email me dominicanshorty172@gmail:disqus 

  • Stevel2w1

    works on my iPhone 4 just use tiny umbrella if you get stuck in a restore loop 
    My camera is a bit dodgy so I just use my camera app instead and it works fine 🙂 
    It is worth it!! Siri is much faster now 

  • Stevel2w1

    try tiny umbrella to kick it out of restore 

  • Teo

    I’m on AT&T and my  Video portion or my camera stopped working along with Face Time?  Anyone know how to regain these two features?

  • Teo

    The camera works, the video portion and face time doesn’t.  Any one find a fix for this yet?

  • I’m trying this on a 4th Generation 8 Gig iPod touch. I have more than 150mb space available (several gigs). When I install spite it begins downloading and installing and then it says not enough storage, and crashed on me. Help please?

  •  Hi Steven, its iPhoneiJailbreak (i made that vid)
    Was surprised to see my video on your website, haha thanks for that 🙂

  • Well it was quick, clean and simple, just what we needed 🙂

  • Matthewdamico98

    after i install spit my iPod gets suck in an endless reboot. i left it over night and it still never rebooted! plzzzz helppppppppppp

  • Matthewdamico98

    don’t download it. after i installed spite from cydia i rebooted my device and it was stuck in an endless reboot, so i had to restore my whole iPod! 

  • Bharat Iyer

    I’ve been trying to get Spite to work over the past two days. It enters a bootloop (stays on the Apple logo) every time it finishes installing. I’ve tried using the “Just boot” method while its in DFU mode and it does nothing for me (pineapple logo stays for much longer than usual, then reverts back to Apple logo). And I can’t seem to get my device to show up in TinyUmbrella D:

  • A nice meaty issue to dig into. I have very little experience with TinyUmbrella, so I’ll have to research your particular issue. 

  • Johnmills2011

     just reeboot your iphone and its works fine only the camera will not work…

  • Ststharan

    Guys I installed spite on my iphone4,it is really fast&enhances the ram level,only plm I hv is the video doesn’t work,but though I could take photos.if you must need taking video you can use alternative video apps like ifast pro to take videos,it really works fine.except the defalt video shooting,other video files also supports on library,another plm we have is to boot tethered every times phone gets turning off.

  • Melton18

    I have spite installed and Siri on but it just says sorry I can’t help you right now when I talk to it. Any suggestions?!

  • Xandreasx

    i have a iphone 4 5.1 i’m from hungary and it has a 5.1 redsnow jailbreak thetered but when i opne the repo.technetec.com/beta it only finds spite dictation not more files what should i do?

  • I just checked again, it has all three options for Spite installation. 

  • Jesus_cuevas22

    Does anyone have an iPhone 3GS that has a working camera running spite on 5.1?

  • Pissed

    No it did brick phone and cant get unbricked now. Stay at 5.0.1 and use Spire

  • cool

    when i add the source, i dont see the spite for 5.1 or the regular spite….help!

  • Poommmm

    this source is the best Siri Installer for iOs 5.1 for now..

  •  i just had to do that right now! Good thing i backed up right before i did this but it will be another 2 hours before i can use my iphone again! 🙁

  • Mwber62

    I was able to download Spite and all the Bug Fix’s, camera works and everything. But… Siri cannot access my Contacts, Safari, Reminders, or any other related program. Any suggestions?

  • Jacobopperman

    It doesn’t work on my iPhone 4. After I ask the question or say something, it says “I’m really sorry about this, but i can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while.”

  • Guest

    I heard it was working when / Library / Dictionaries is removed with iFile prior to theinstallation of Spite, and you do not then reboot with Cydia, but turn the iPod off and thenuse “just boot”.
    Is that true? 

  • Guest

    With iPod 4g 8GB, I forgot to write that.

  • Dashaunbrown13

    when i try to download the repo.technetec.com/beta it says the indicated repository could not befound. this could be becauseyou are trying toadd a legacy installer repository

  • Alex

    does anyone know if this works for iPad 1st Gen?

  • Guest

    please help
    my ipod doesn’t let me add the repo

  • Danny Dausend

    Did you ever figure out why it says legacy installer?
     I still can’t get it working.

  • Funkman231

    there is another way to get spite!!!!!!! instead of beta put in vip and it should work!!!

  • Samp1800

    The fix pack totally destroyed my firmware so I had to restore then reinstall all the other things I had. Im just gonna wait until the beta finishes

  • Potatofudge

    my ipod is stuck on the apple logo and it wont stop. can someone email me at samuelgun99@gmail.com. my ipod wont even reboot, restore, or rejailbreak. please help!

  • Nick Mykkanen

    I had the exact opposite problem…. siri was installed but no spire in settings to configure siri proxy! trying a reinstall and hoping it works…

  • Toletgo1234

    5.1.1 stuck on boot logo after installing spite 2.3  

  • Tthibodeaux_1

    I installed spite for iphone4 ios5.0.1 using repotechnetic.com/beta/ after it was done installing I pressed reboot and now my phone is stuck on the apple logo it never finished rebooting. Please help me I have no idea what to do.

  • Jaycr250r

    Did u ever find out how to fix that because I had the same problem

  • Kerriacollins

    You’ll have to restore your phone mine did that 2 days again and now it works fine