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Win SSX for PS3

Keen on playing SSX, the latest addition to the exciting snowboarding series? Hell yeah you are, and Gearburn.com is giving away the PS3 version of SSX.

This year’s SSX is the most ludicrous take on extreme sports yet. Drop from a plane, wingsuit onto a slope and race an avalanche to the bottom. These are the deadly descents and there are many real-world locations to conquer, including Mount Everest. The game’s all about the tricks though, and SSX 2012 takes tricking to a “whole new level”, loathe as we are to use that term. With a modern soundtrack and heavy focus on analogue controls, SSX is more than a sporting game, it’s an experience every PS3 owner should sign up for.

Want to win SSX for PS3? Follow the instructions below to claim this stunning snowboarding title.

How to enter: Use the comments section below and tell us what snowboarding trick you’d like to master. Please note that you MUST like this article to qualify for the competition.

The competition will run for a period of one week and closes on 30 March. The winner will be announced via Twitter.

  • Chimera91

    On the original SSX there was a move called something like “Backhand Squirrel” would love to do that on the new SSX, its a epic move!!!

  • The Double Back Rodeo, as performed/perfected by Shaun White !

  • Anonymous

    I wanna pull of the BS 540 Switch Sledgehammer Tweak Back Flip.  My facebook like is Don Duck username.  Thanks for the chance to win this awesome game!!!

  • Stay Frosty ALL THE WAY

  • Max

    Using Ty the test pilot 3080 cork followed by a hand stand board slide

  • Anonymous

    Frontside 180

  • switch 9 Cradle May Fall!!!! yall have no idea how epic it looks!! ive played the demo like 5 times

  • mwsader

    ‘Liked’ the article. I would absolutely LOVE to master the ‘double Mctwist 1260’ . Why? Oh,maybe because it’s rated as one of the most difficult snowboarding tricks of all time and mastering the 
    ‘double Mctwist 1260’  will surely prove that you are a master at snowboarding. Shaun White also bust himself up when  attempting this trick 🙂 🙂 :).

  • Daniel

    Sato flip, maddest trick ever

  • Dominique C Alves

    Defintiely a lipstick, old school monster tricks 🙂

  • Bradhamo

    SATO Flip best ever

  • Josh Friedman

    Beef Carpaccio! – Looks as good as it tastes!

  • Mark Gaffley


  • Daintepup

    Ooooooh! Sounds thrilling!! Pick me pick me!!

  • B_oltman

    I would like to master the 900-Barrel roll-Front flip-To indie Grab with a Twist. That would be epic as all hell!!!

  • Michaelkilham

    The C twist has to be going done!!

  • Jay-closel

    720 misty flip over a massive obstical then landing in switch wit the croud going bonkers!!