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Top 5 iOS apps for hypochondriacs

Feeling tired? Think it’s about time you were sick again? Being a hypochondriac just got easier. With this consolidated list you can pick up and drop diseases like it’s going out of fashion.

WebMD — Free

For all the self-diagnosers out there, here is an app specially designed for you. Even if you’re not feeling particularly sickly, you can find nice symptoms to develop. You can even be your own doctor and prescribe the necessary medication for yourself. Just don’t expect a pharmacy to comply with you.

iPharmacy — Free

Rummaging through a friend’s bathroom and find some unlabeled pills? It’s your lucky day! iPharmacy allows you to identify pills of all types. You can describe the pills by shape and inscription, and it even has a bar code scanner if you so happen to have one to scan. If you come across something that isn’t in the app, well, then your friend is doing something illegal.

Vision Test — Free

Blurry vision? Can’t see that sign that you could have sworn you could see last week? I think you have a case of deteriorating vision. Do us all a favor and test it with Vision Test before you jump in your car and endanger the world. Your failing eyesight should only be to your detriment.

Assistance — Free

Ambulance taking too long? Stuck out in the middle of the wilderness but still have your iPhone? Assistance is here to assist! It teaches you how to deal with emergency situations without the need of having a first aid course up your sleeve. I can’t say I’d entirely trust it, though, practice and experience always outweigh iOS apps, hands down.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock — US$0.99

This is one of the creepier apps I’ve come across. Might be the creepiest. It analyses your sleeping patterns (somehow) and wakes you when you at the lightest point of your sleep so you wake up feeling rested. It’s mildy terrifying thinking about it. It needs you to place the phone in your bed too, which means that you are literally married to your phone.

Author Bio

Claudio Rebuzzi
In some senses a nomad, Claudio’s itchy feet keep him moving constantly. This explains his passion for traveling and probably for cars too. He studied Linguistics at Rhodes University, which added to his love of language and willingness to grab life by the scruff of the neck. More
  • Very useful – thanks Mark. We’ve become conditioned to think privacy
    doesn’t matter anymore but it really does and this sort of information
    reminds people!



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    Right.. but I’m in South Africa. What can I do here?