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Dual-SIM Samsung Chief Hero reaches SA shores

Claudio Rebuzzi
In some senses a nomad, Claudio’s itchy feet keep him moving constantly. This explains his passion for traveling and probably for cars too. He studied Linguistics at... More


Not actual size of phone
It is becoming the next big thing to have a dual-SIM phone and Samsung is jumping on the bandwagon. It is now expanding into emerging markets, including South Africa with its Chief Hero phone.

The Chief Hero isn’t aimed at the typical smartphone user but at a market looking for a robust, cheaper phone. The press release stated that it is a “GPRS Smart dual-SIM phone designed for cost-sensitive users”. That suits South Africa’s needs perfectly, especially as it is a stronger phone. The dual-SIM aspect lets users take advantage of various mobile operator price plans, in one phone, simultaneously, instead of having to carry around multiple phones or SIM cards.

The two SIM cards are always on, allowing the user to never miss a call. The Chief Hero has TGPRS dual band technology and a 1000mAh battery, which allows the user to talk for up to 11 hours. It also has a 550 hour standby time. It only has a 1.8-inch TFT screen, but for the market it is aimed at, this suits well. It also boasts MP3 capabilities and FM Radio.

Facebook and web-browsing is also available. There is no word yet on which operators will be offering the Samsung Chief Hero.

  • Sosholosa

    Guys, waaake up. This is donkey years old stuff. I have a Dual Sim phone for more than 4 years. I’m busy selling it as I have just received my Quad Sim phone.

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