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Tritton releases cross-platform true 5.1 gaming headsets

Not content to produce Xbox only gaming headsets this year, Triton has just released a new headset that can be used on a PC and PS3 so all the platforms can share the love.

The Tritton Pro+ 5.1 gaming headset promises true 5.1 surround sound for the gaming fiends out there. It has tree drivers and a subwoofer in each earphone to provide proper sound separation and bass response. This will certainly help you hear someone creeping up behind you.

Also included is an inline remote that controls each individual drive for volume control, game and voice balance. It has a detachable mic that has voice monitoring, too. All of his is powered by one wall plug instead of the previous two. It’s a bit ridiculous to assume that gamers will be okay with having two plugs for their headsets, when they have enough wires to begin with. So that is refreshing. All the plugs go into a Dolby decoder box that handles the connections.

The Pro+ 5.1 is available for pre-order for US$200.