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ios 6

Download iOS 6 now and upgrade the shit out of your iPhone

This is almost too exciting. The final version of iOS 6 has been leaked and any iPhone from the 3 to the 4S can enjoy Apple’s best iOS yet. Here’s how it’s done:

First, download iOS 6

Obvious first step alert. There’s a specific IPSW (iPhone Software) for each device so choose wisely. The download links are below.

Next, you should most likely backup your device on iTunes before attempting an iOS update. This is just a precaution in case the installation fails or the phone explodes during it’s rebirth. Note: this has never happened but would be cool as hell. Once downloaded, you need to install it. Simple, right?

Secondly, install iOS 6

Pop the IPSW onto a folder on the desktop or wherever. Open iTunes and plug the device into the PC or Mac. Select the phone and right click on the “restore” option. Navigate to the IPSW file and select it. That’s it. Done and dusted. iTunes does the rest. We’ve personally tested this on an iPhone 4 and 4S so it’s good to go. Hit us up in the comment section below if you run into trouble.

Good luck and remember, we take no personal responsibility for effed-up iPhones so install iOS 6 at your own risk. Happy hunting.

Author Bio

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon
Steven Norris is a born writer, living in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town and educated in the ways of graphic design but destined to follow in the footsteps of the worlds greatest authors. He has had many years of experience as an SEO copywriter, learning the ropes the hard way before... More
  • DChetty

    Is this the final RC?
    I struggle to understand why Apple will hold back the release by 5 days if they have the RC prepped and ready to ship.

  • Yip. Otherwise known as the GM or Gold Master version. It runs like a charm.

  • Simple business. If you thought you wanted the iPhone 5, but downloaded iOS onto your iPhone 4S and decided you were satisfied, well, Apple just lost out on a sale. It’s a business, not a public service.

  • Rico

    Your instructions are a little confusing, as simple as they are. The latest iTunes doesn’t provide a Finder dialog box. Just backups done by iTunes.

  • Rico

    Might want to mention both restore procedures are not the same, or so I have found. Summary tab, option-click the Restore button brings up the dialog box. The right click in the left nav menu, doesn’t. HTH.

  • jules

    nice update wiped my phone thanks guys nice one

  • robnoxious

    Wow. This ios is rubbish. Apple have removed 2 of the best apps (which have then been replaced by 2 of the worst apps I have ever seen) and made the battery drain in hours. Nice. I’m going to buy a samsung, forget the apple bandwagon. They’ve just lost a loyal user.