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iPad Mini Mockup with damn fine screen bezel

Claudio Rebuzzi
In some senses a nomad, Claudio’s itchy feet keep him moving constantly. This explains his passion for traveling and probably for cars too. He studied Linguistics at... More


Forget the new iPhone for a second, as hard as that may be. Because the new iPad Mini might just be the cooler product from Mr Cupertino.

These fresh mockups come thanks to Apple.pro and show quite a lovely looking device. So it’s not that far a step away from the normal 9.7-inch iPad, but it is far prettier. Just having less bezelling around the screen makes it so much more attractive. It has a lot more of the iPhone in it, which suits, it being a kind of a mid-way between iPhone and iPad.

Other details the mockup has to offer is a smaller dock connector just like the new iPhone mockups. Also, the speakers at the bottom have the same perforated look. It looks significantly slimmer than the new iPad too, which will certainly work in its favor.

Specifications are completely guesswork at this point in time. But for the hell of it here we go. It’ll probably have a screen similar to the iPad 2, at least initially just to milk customers in preparation for the Retina version. It would be great to see the A5X dual-core chip that’s in the new iPad find its way into the Mini, but it will most likely be the plain old A5. Only time will tell, but know that Apple wouldn’t release a substandard product, so don’t worry.

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