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Google Chrome search app available for Windows RT, download now

A Windows 8 Chrome search app is now available for Windows RT, says Google [1]. Good news for all those Surface owners looking for a more “complete” web browsing experience. The app can be downloaded from the link above.

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing has gained some decent traction among Internet Explorer users. But many users have found it difficult to match the ease of use when compared to Google Chrome.

Google has also released a short video entitled “Get your Google back” to demonstrate to users how quickly and easily the new Live Tile integration takes to download. Just because this latest update is designed for Windows RT, does not mean it’s a watered down product.

Users will receive all the usual bells and whistles Windows 8 comes with. It comes with Google’s Voice Search and built-in swiping functionality for viewing images as well as spitting out immediate results displayed with Google Instant.

With Google Chrome now available for Windows RT users, it only begs one question. How will Microsoft make Bing desirable?