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iPhone 5S, already? [Rumour]

Stephan Lourens
Born 20 years to early. Curses sometimes. Thinks too much. Believes plug-and-play is the best invention ever. If asked what he wants for his birthday he will... More


The iPhone 5 has been on sale for a scant two months and rumours are floating around on the web that Apple is working on a new iPhone 5S, set for release middle of next year. According to DigiTimes (a sometimes unreliable source of rumours), the certification process for materials and parts have been accelerated after production problems with the 5. Yet there could be some value to this rumour if the last year is anything to go by.

Editor of T3 magazine, Luke Peters, said: “The industry was surprised at how quickly the iPad 4 replaced the 3, however that was to make all of its top line products have the same connector.” This comes on top of the news that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has pushed the iPhone off the top spot as the world’s best-selling smartphone model for the last quarter.

In the past, the frequent updates of competitors have never really been much for Apple to worry about, but Android devices are plentiful and the smartphone/mobile device market has never been this competitive.

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