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6 iPhone extensions to get before the world ends

The world is not ending tomorrow. But for those who have prepared for the fake armageddon, here are six iPhone extensions you’d need if everything spins out of control.

Solar Powered Battery Extension by Mi Suny

[Image credit]

So if the world is about to end and there are no more power outlets for your charger; this guy would probably be your best bet for power. The Mi Suny iPower4 battery extension is probably one that would be the most practical buy as well as the eco-friendliest. There are many more different kinds of battery extension cases available, each boasting their own tricks and specs. Personally, setting you back for US$70, I think this would probably be the best in terms of money well-spent. You add about 200% extra battery power, while being able to recharge in the sun. It’s sleek, affordable and environmentally conscious.

MultiSports Kit Camera Extension

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There’s a hefty amount of different iPhone lenses for your camera; most of them simply competing for the biggest-is-best prize. Meaning the greater zoom capabilities it has the better. The MultiSports Kit Camera on the other hand features a lot more. This is a lot more than a camera lens. It has a case that is designed for extreme environments so you can probably survive the concrete debris and extreme weather conditions. Also you can get a mounting system for your helmet or what-not, it has a wide angle-lens and can shoot underwater for about 5 meters.

Heart rate monitor by AliveCor

[Image credit]

For those who fancy medical data, here’s one cool contribution the iPhone brings to the greater good. This is the first FDA approved iPhone case. It serves as a heart rate monitor by providing raw EKG (the green pulsing lines) data. As the group behind this product says: “We want everyone to have their health at their fingertips.” Successfully so, this case will put those heart conscious iPhone users and doctors alike back for US$200. Apparently its very easy to use and data notifications can be sent to your cardiologist.

Pocket Projection Extension

Now getting into the Christmas movie vibes and for those who prefer awesome gadgets over practicality, there’s the projection case for your phone. This is if you manage to survive the apocalypse. By sliding your phone into this US$180 Pocket Projection, you get a 15-lumen projector that can give you up to 50 inches of projection. On top of that you get a 0.5W integrated speaker and a USB chargeable battery.

Second E-Ink display screen by popSLATE

[Image credit]

You may have seen dozens of different Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects aiming to please Apple’s fanboy crowd by bringing extensions to their iPhones and iPads. From cases to keyboards and audio enhancements and more, this one stands out because of its simple yet beautiful design capabilities. It’s a second screen for your iPhone, and can display static graphics like images or text in an E-ink display. Why E-ink you may ask? Its almost no burden on your battery, it’s easy to view in strong lighting conditions and you can have cool, stencil-stylized screensavers. Because of the low power consumption, the screen is always on and can display personalized notifications.

Gaming Console Extension by WynCASE

[Image credit]

Some might find it mildly frustrating playing action or graphically orientated games on a touchscreen, especially on an iPhone’s small screen. Turn your iPhone into a gaming console, much similar-looking to a Nintendo Gameboy console. This successfully roots out the problem of unwanted thumbs distracting your gaming experience. This accessory serves as a protective case while maintaining Apple’s aesthetics. Get your hands on one by donating US$30 on Kickstarter. Only available next year though (if the earth doesn’t cease to exist) but watch this space. Maybe next Christmas.

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Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter
Jacques grew up in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Keen to take over the world, one word at a time, he has always been interested in both politics and development and studied International Relations (BA) at Stellenbosch University. With an interest in innovation and social change, he seeks to tell the... More