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Windows Phone App Store

Windows Phone Store sits at 120k apps as WP8 deemed ‘success’

Windows Phone Store has seen steady growth in the amount of published apps available for WP users. Windows Phone Senior Platform Designer, credited this to the release of Windows 8 in November this year. He went on to tweet that the Store has experienced over 100% increase in both developer revenue and app download rate.


This points to the strong initial showing that WP8 has had, a fact that Microsoft can take solace in given the fact that Windows 8 has garnered less uptake than expected at this stage. This would only serve to support the belief among many that Windows 8 on the desktop, laptop and tablet format is far too touch-centric dependent and visually aggressive for users to make the jump.

Conversely Windows Phone 8 has been a roaring success, with manufacturers, carriers and consumers alike joining the live tile action. The app store also boasts that 90% of all content listed on the site is supposedly free, a feature that will go a long way in pushing its uptake when competing against the likes of Apple and Google’s app stores.

The Windows Phone Store is also said to list 46 of the top 50 iOS and Android apps, newly redesigned for WP8 devices. With Windows Phone 8 off to a strong start, the task now falls to Microsoft to reinvigorate interest in its desktop equivalent, given how much time and revenue its poured into it.

Author Bio

Robin-Leigh Chetty
Robin-Leigh is Joburg native whose education to date has been both dynamic and wide-ranging. With a degree in Psychology and passion for Philosophy, Technology and anything Japanese, Robin has now turned his efforts to becoming a well-rounded online journalist. Armed with an insatiable desire for information, Robin is a... More