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Asus looks to Windows Phone OS for the next-gen Padfone

Taiwanese PC maker Asustek Computer Inc. is apparently in talks with Microsoft could become the latest Asian manufacturer build a Windows Phone device. At this point it looks like the Padfone is the most likely device to get the Microsoft treatment.

according to a Wall Street Journal report, vice president of mobile communication products at Asus Benson Lin said that Asus is “interested in making Windows Phones.” While we can not really consider that as a definite, the latest interest by other manufacturers to move to Windows means it could very well be on the cards. I would seem that it is considering the OS for the Asus Padfone concept, with Lin saying: “I think it makes sense for Windows 8.”

asus padfone

The Asus Padfone is a smartphone and tablet combination where the smartphone plugs into the tablet, turning the combined device into a tablet running from the OS of the smartphone plugged into it. The two devices are sold by Asus as a bundle for around US$1 200 for the 64GB version and US$1 050 for the 32GB, and runs on Android.

The problem here is that Windows Phone is used on smartphones, whereas tablets run on Windows 8. This makes it problematic to let the tablet piggyback on the phone. But, being able to have a Padfone concept work with Windows the way it already works with Android will give users a complete system that integrates and communicates smoothly.


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