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CST-01: a watch so thin you won’t even feel it on your arm

Started as a Kickstarter concept, the CST-01 has amassed more than US$500 000 in funding since 8 January. At just 0.8mm thick and weighing in at just 12 grams, the watch is made from stainless steel. It has no buttons or knobs as it displays just the time. It charges in about 10 minutes with the accompanying base station and will last for about a month on a single charge.

This is certainly a product for the environmentally friendly user, as the watch is powered by a Thinergy “Micro-Energy Cell” (MEC) containing no toxic chemicals or heavy metals and is designed for minimal power use. As the designers say on the Kickstarter page: “we expect the watch to be able to function for a month between charges… providing safety while being eco-friendly.” Calculations suggest that the power unit will be good for about 10 000 charges and last over 15 years.

CST-01 thinnest watch 2

At the heart of the more-than-just-an-armband watch is a Seiko Epson Microcontroller, using just trickles of power and allowing the designers to achieve the exceptional battery life while delivering the basic timekeeping functions. It certainly is a nice looking watch. How long it will last on Marlboro Man’s rugged horse-riding arm is another question.

Author Bio

Stephan Lourens
Born 20 years to early. Curses sometimes. Thinks too much. Believes plug-and-play is the best invention ever. If asked what he wants for his birthday he will say a gadget, then money. So he can go buy a gadget. More
  • Here is my take on the story http://goo.gl/fYtlU

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