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Presenting: ugly concept shots of the ‘iPhone 6’

Thank you Mashable for sharing these insane-looking iPhone 6 concept screenshots and video. From the warped mind of Italian designer Federico Ciccarese comes this, the ugliest looking iPhone concept we’ve ever seen. Watch the video and then scroll down to see what we make of this.

Ugliest iPhone ever?


Here’s a video of the hideous phone.

The designer has this to say: “Like Apple style, I show you next iPhone with new iPod Nano shape. On the screen you can see iOSX, fusion between iOS and OSX, it will work on future Apple devices.” And now, time to poke moon-sized holes in the design.

  • It looks like the Nokia N9
  • The screen goes into landscape mode. This would never happen in camp Apple, but it’s nice to see some ingenuity now and then. Though, trying to run a shrunken Mountain Lion on an iPhone may be a unique experience. Again, it would never happen. The primary reason being that squeezing a full OS into a portable experience is a recipe for disaster (see: Microsoft Surface). This concept operating system is called iOSX (get it?) by the artist.
  • The buttons stick out like sore thumbs. This is not the Apple way. Hold the iPhone 5 in your hand and marvel at its sexiness. Sure, the buttons stick out but in a marvellously slick way. Plus, the buttons are a solid part of the unibody design. This concept just chucks in the buttons for the hell of it.

The designer got one thing right though, namely keeping the bottom of the iPhone 6 in line with the iPhone 5, with Lighting port, speaker jack in the bottom left corner and dual speakers. Regardless, it lacks the marriage of tech and art that Apple is famous for. But it won’t be the last ugly mockup to make it’s way into social media. Wait until Apple actually announces the launch of the iPhone 6. The internet will practically cripple itself with eye-bleeding designs.

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