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Possible PlayStation 4 specs reveal an 8-core, 8GB RAM monster [Rumour]

Not the PS4

Using the words “leaked” and “rumour” in the same sentence creates a lot of doubt, but according to a report by Kotaku, the latest specs of the PlayStation 4 (Codename Orbis) has come under their scrutiny via a reliable source.

The information apparently comes from official Orbis documentation, consisting of a list of more than 90 PDF’s. In these documents, some of the previous rumours have some weight added to them, and a few surprises are thrown in as well.

From the PDF developement kits, the following specs were derived:

System Memory: 8GB
Video Memory: 2.2 GB
CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” equates to 8 core
GPU: AMD R10xx
Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 2x Ethernet
Drive: Blu-Ray
HDD: 160GB
Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels

And yes you would be forgiven for thinking that 160GB is minuscule in today’s terms, yet these are machines that developers are using to create games on. By all probability the new PlayStation will sport more internal memory than before.

When it comes to the new controller, the details are less than obvious. Various rumours have been flying around lately on how Sony intends to change the iconic vision of a controller, but the most recurring theme is that of a Wii U lookalike. To keep on the safe side, it can be called a marriage between the old controller and the PS Vita. This then means it would feature a touchscreen, much like the… well like the Wii U.

There was no mention of the “biometric” technology Gearburn mentioned before, but what could not be missed in the files was a share button on the controller, possibly to connect to a social network and share achievements, pictures or just to connect with similar users.

The user accounts are also set to get a make-over. Where current PlayStation accounts are for only one user per console, in future multiple users run many accounts simultaneously on one machine. In a scenario where multiple users are engaging on a game on one machine, each user will be able to access their account and save data on game progress and trophies. Every time a gamer joins with a different PlayStation controller, they will be signed in accordingly.

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