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PS4 ‘getting ready’ for possible May reveal [rumour]

Sony’s vice president of home entertainment, Hiroshi Sakamoto, hinted at the announcement of the PS4 during an interview with Emol (translated).

Sakamoto spoke about “a new announcement related to the new PlayStation.” He also said that the news is “still a big secret” and that the PlayStation side of Sony, “are getting ready for it.” Hmm, all very cryptic and ambiguous, but with all the rumours that have surfaced over the last couple of months, one can only suspect that he is talking about the next PlayStation, even though he did not outright mention it.

Sakamoto went on to say that the PlayStation team “is focused on E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo)” and that “the announcement could take place at that time, or maybe even before, in May.” When asked if he could be more specific whether it would be just an announcement or something specific, Sakamoto carefully dodged that question with: “Probably the former (an announcement), on that date we hope to deliver big news, but we must wait until May at least.” E3 will take place 11 – 13 June.

This would mean that Sony could get the jump on Microsoft, and announce a new console before its major rival. The verdict is still out whether that’s a good or bad move, but it sure will put all eyes on Sony. Gamers should also curb their enthusiasm, as Sony are renowned for stalling after an announcement of a new product, as was the case with the PS3.

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  • DarthDiggler

    You need to update the headline. The PS4 isn’t launching in May it will possibly be revealed in May.

    Words have meaning, learn them!

  • BillyBoJangles

    Lawls balls man!

  • JiggumsMaNiggums

    Boi you be gettin it son! Tell dat muh fuh what da biniz is! It aint gone be launched in May son, only announced. You best be gettin yo headlinez right son!

  • DarthDiggler

    The headline is lying. You can’t just add RUMOR to that to make it a NON-LIE even on N4G they edited the headline because everyone knows this is BULLSHIT!

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  • MartinB105

    Maliciously misleading headline. Website blocked. That is all.