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5 apps for the bigwig, the CEO, owner of the biggest office

Being an employer is a job separate from what you already do every day at work. Once you are in charge of managing the various strengths and skills of your workforce, your views on productivity and the bottom line change forever. Here are five apps to help you choose, manage, motivate and retain the human capital that makes your organization tick.

Office Time — US$7.99

When it comes to monitoring how the productivity of your small team contributes to the firm’s bottom line, there really is no better app than Office Time. The universal iOS app is an amazingly intuitive time, as well as business expense, tracker and is really something that no company should be without. Although the app can be synced with the Mac OS version (sold separately), it can also be used independently without having to pay monthly fees. If you’re looking to increase productivity and correctly bill your hours, this is the app for you.

LinkedIn – Free

We’re all aware that right hire can make a world of difference to a team or an organization, so it is of paramount importance that you do your homework when it comes to selecting the right people for the right job. As LinkedIn is gaining thousands of new users everyday, it is quickly replacing the traditional CV for those who are looking for work in just about every professional industry…even recruiters are using the service to connect with talented individuals. Make sure you suss out any potential candidates on the great looking, incredibly well designed universal iOS app before giving them the time of day.

Yammer – Free

It goes without saying that a team that gets on well, works well together. The only problem is that in our fast paced, stressful lives, we don’t always have time to get together with our team mates for a cold one after work, and we’re often restricted to a quick chat around the water cooler everyday around lunch. But what do teams who are spread across the world do to build those relationships? They use Yammer. Yammer allows you to build a private social network for your company that allows team members to connect, collaborate and share with another. You can view real-time conversations and pickup on communications wherever you are, which in turn builds relationships and increases productivity. So now that you know your team, there’ll be no more awkward greetings at the annual company retreat.

Audiotorium – US$5.99

You know how it goes with employee meetings; you’re already dealing with the comings and goings of what is expected of you and now you need to sit down with your team ad ensure that they’re on track with their tasks, which in turn, affect your tasks and productivity. Everyone is attentive and taking notes but what happens when nothing gets done, do you have time to sort through everyone’s notes to see who said they were going to do what? Please. That’s why you buy and use Audiotorium, the most successful and cleverly designed audio and text note taking app available on the App Store. Simply put your device on the boardroom tale, click record and never worry about unresolved tasks again.

Salesforce – Free

I’ll preface this paragraph by saying that this app is for sales teams only, hence the name. Right now, Salesforce is the most powerful sales team management software suite out there. It allows you to track every single aspect of a deal, from prospecting, right through to invoicing and build a real time pipeline whereby you can forecast whether or not you’re going to hit target or not. The app is a remote service that complements the main application by allowing you to login and view the status of each deal, search for the contact details of a new prospect and update your task lists on the fly because, after all, what good is a sales person who sits at his desk all day doing admin?

Image: AMCTV

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Danny Greeff
Having dabbled in graphic design, mobile and online media, Danny is now the client services director at Hitch Digital, a new full-service digital agency based in Cape Town. An absolute Internet and gadget junkie, Danny enjoys normal things too; like good music, Tabasco sauce, high CTR’s and effective minimalist... More
  • Office time looks like a great tool. I like that it’s possible to it increases productivity and assist you in correctly billing your hours.