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‘Batman Arkham 3’ swoops in sometime during 2013

Hot news for Batman fans, and gaming fans in general. Batman Arkham “whatever” 3 is scheduled for a 2013 release, says Time Warner’s CFO and CAO John Martin. During an investors conference call, Martin said “We also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise.”

And a strong series Arkham has been. The first in the series, Arkham Asylum launched out of the gates with an average score of 91% on Metacritic.com. The second outing for the Dark Knight, Arkham City ranked even higher on Metacritic, scoring a near-perfect 96% overall.

”Whose penny is that?!”

The third outing for old ‘Bats is said to go back in time, to the first meet-and-greet between Batman’s evil half, the Joker, says Variety.com. Sadly though, the voice of the Joker, Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill will not be back to voice the madman. Thankfully there are plenty of crazy actors in Hollywood to choose from. Perhaps Jim Carrey?

“Heavily styilised” is what Variety calls the Third Batman. It’s going to take plan in the “Silver Age” of DC comics (the 1950’s-60’s), when the plot lines were cheesy as hell and the art was aimed at hippies. Batman will be teaming up with other legendary DC superhero’s, such as Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, as the article says that the Dark Knight will meet up with members of the Silver Age Justice League.

Finally, Paul Dini, who wrote both scripts for the previous Batman outings will not be returning to the third Arkham game. Hopefully there’ll be a showing of Batman Arkham 3 at this years E3 in June.

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