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poltroon glass smartphone

Near-legendary glass smartphones coming ‘end of 2013’

A glass smartphone could happen as soon as “the end of 2013” according to Michael Kan of Techhive. Sam Yu, a rep from Polytron Technologies, says “trust me” but won’t mention any specifics, such as the affiliated handset makers.

The proposed glass smartphone uses practically invisible embedded wiring inside the patented glass, but not every part of the smartphone can be transparent. This is where Polytron plans to use standard plastics to cover up exposed bits. That’s the bone, here’s the meat.

image of a class memory stick

Pictured: The glass phone, and a glass USB memory stick

It won’t look this arbitary

The prototype phone (ol’ glassy?) is “different” to other existing transparent phones on the market as the specially designed glass is actually transparent from wiring to shell, unlike the LG GD900.

The battery, camera and memory card, according to Yu will still be visible, but the reminder of the will use the patented invisible glass tech. Yu also adds that the invisible glass will make existing mobile phones “much lighter”. Outside of the invisible glass phone, Yu also demoed a glass memory stick, and speakers.

Transparent and fancy-free

Happily, the technology is considered “mature” by Yu and adds that most of the major handset makers have proposed interest in the glass tech. So let’s trust Yu and Polytron as we wait for these new, invisible products to come at year-end.