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Samsung HomeSync is the Apple TV we craved [MWC]

image of the samsung homesync

This is perfect: Apple TV can suck on some fear with the introduction of Samsung’s HomeSync, a JellyBean-powered media centre unveiled today, only hours before its “official” launch at Mobile World Congress 2013. As usual, here’s all you need to know about this new media hub.

Thanks to Cnet [1], we know that the HomeSync is a media center, with HDMI out and a neat party trick: it’ll connect with other (Samsung) products via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This trick also works in reverse and Samsung mobile device owners can beam content from their phones to the big screen.

HomeSync is powered by a 1.7Ghz CPU, include a microSD slot, USB 3.0 support plus an optical audio connection.

There’s going to be access to up to eight individual accounts per device, which is nothing for this 1TB-sized media beast. Files can be locked down with a built-in encryption method. So one for the kids, and for mom ’n pop’s Redtube account.

JellyBean, the media player

Samsung coyly mentions the “JellyBean media player” but we know nothing about this. Let’s hope it’s fresh and cool and… uncluttered (we’re looking at you, Boxee [2]). All Samsung can confirm is “access to Google Play”.

No pricing yet, but we hear rumours of an April release date. Stay tuned to the Gear for more as MWC 2013 opens officially and the real news starts to leak out. We really want this to be cheap, fast and to smash Apple TV in the face.

Image: Homesync via Samsung.com [3]