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Internet enabled sex toys

Meet Hera and Zeus, the ‘world’s first’ his and her’s internet-enabled sex toys

The world’s first internet-enabled his and her’s sex toys are set to launch on 29 March, allowing for a certain kind of intimacy even when you and your partner are half a world apart.

Called Zeus and Hera, the toys come from Lovepalz, and were rejected from Kickstarter late last year.

According to Lovepalz, each device automatically senses your actions and conveys them to your partner’s toy. As long as you have an internet connection, the way you use the toy is simultaneously reflected on your partner’s toy.

The inner part of the body of each toy is made of medical silicone which apparently “provides a soft touching feeling that is comfortable and avoids hypersensitive reaction”. The toys are also meant to be easily washable and can last for a long period of time.

Zeus and Hera

If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, then you’ll know that they can be difficult and um…frustrating. Hera and Zeus could be a potential relationship saver in those kinds of situations.

If you do decide to buy the devices but are worried about any potential awkward situations that might arise from using them in front of a computer, Lovepalz says you can also connect Hera or Zeus to any smartphone over Wi-Fi.

According to Venturebeat, Lovepalz has already taken 5 000 pre-orders for the US$189 devices — US$378 for a set of two — and, as of 28 February, over 1 800 had been pre-paid.

In Lovepalz’ world, “toys will no longer be for single use by one person but a fun tool you and your lover can use together.”

Although much of the bumpf on the Lovepalz site seems geared toward Hera and Zeus being used together we see no reason why, with a few adjustments to the sittings, Zeus and Zeus (or Hera and Hera) couldn’t be used together.

Author Bio

Stuart Thomas
Stuart Thomas joined the Burn Media team in 2011 while finishing off an MA in South African Literature. Eager to prove his geek credentials, he allowed himself to be thrown in the deep and did his best stay afloat. When not fused with his keyboard, you can find him... More
  • There are far better products on the market. realtouchtouchinteractive.com provides a much more compelling experience.

  • Curiouserandcuriouser

    Except that the thing you’re talking about is a “one way” device and the female participant feels no feedback. Also it not only requires you to buy the device but to pay for “dates with models” from their website as well. The “real feel” toy is a pornography gimmick. The Hera and Zeus toys are a utility for long distance relationships (or promiscuous virtual internet sex with many partners, I guess.). So completely different categories and functions.
    I don’t personally intend to buy either, but I do find it an interesting development of a world were long distance relationships are easier than ever before thanks to the internet.

  • Emilysun

    There’s a better Internet controlled sex toy out there for couples called Lovense at http://www.lovense.com They are making the 3rd generation toys now. wow!