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PS4 eye camera

PS4 will have Kinect-like voice recognition capabilities, confirms Sony

A new day, a new next-gen console feature. It’s now been confirmed that PlayStation 4 will feature “Kinect-like voice capabilities” through its Eye camera peripheral.

In conversation with Polygon today, a Sony spokesperson confirmed that the PlayStation Camera “allows for voice recognition and we will look forward to sharing more details in the lead up to the launch of PlayStation 4 on November 29”.

What other “details” Sony’s referring to we don’t know. Playroom is a mode that lets you play around with quirky experimental features using the DualShock 4 and Eye camera. In the video presentation there’s also talk of how the Eye camera would help broadcasting gameplay. Yet there’s no talk of in-game uses of the vocal recognition. In-game tactics or the overall improved UI like voice-casting spells in Skyrim for instance have not been discussed.

In a video at the recent GamesStop Expo 2013 a brief description of the Eye camera read “From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming.” Elaborate much?

Xbox One will let you turn on, off or pause the Kinect feature by saying the applicable command. There are also certain games and applications that will require you to use the Kinect’s facial and voice recognition. The Kinect will come pre-packed with the Xbox One while the PlayStation Eye camera will be sold separately for about US$60 (R600).

The PS4 will make its way to gamers’ homes 15 November in the US while South Africa gets last dibs 6 December.

Image via Polygon

  • torreth

    I do, however, wonder at what level this application will function. I know Microsoft dedicated much,much more money into developing the new kinect, and its also been recently reported that the Voice Command ability will be late in some countries and accounts for some of the release delays. I suppose Sony could have a much more advanced development team that is better at developing and implementing this type of software, but I believe the Playstation 4 version most likely will be so limited that it wasnt worth mentioning in press conference in comparison to Microsofts’ Xbox One. I’ve also been told that Gamestop released some pre-order data and found some surprising changes in perception about the Xbox One. Whereas before, the Playstation 4 was pummeling sales figures 7 to 1 over the Xbox One, the ratio has been reduced to 2 to 1 very recently. Its very possible Sony is responding to this news and erasing some of the differences that might hold sway in consumers minds. I would not call it backtracking, as in the policy reversals like in the case of the Xbox One, but rather, forward thinking to make sure there still forward momentum in positive perceptual opinion. Its funny though, Sony has ruled since E3 based on the marketing slogan “We, unlike our competitors…………..”. Now, it seems the opposite is in play (pardon the pun).