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Olloclip 3 in 1

Olloclip debuts 3-IN-1 Macro lens for your iPhone, up to 21x magnification

Today Olloclip released the 3-IN-1 Macro photo lens for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The clip allows for extreme closeup shots up to 21x magnification and could easily be swapped with other refined lenses. This allows anyone within their means to become a macro photographer – professional or not, that will be determined by the skill of the user.

Other than what pop culture suggests, smartphone cameras aren’t just meant for selfies and pub lunches. Incredible engineering, on both the hardware and software front, has led to a wave of Instagram (and other) enthusiasts creating outstanding art (Follow Olloclip’s Instagram for examples).

The Olloclip 3-IN-1 Macro lens introduces three magnification options including 7x Macro for a wide field of view, the default 14x Macro which is easy to switch and then the fine-tuned 21x Macro. The latter is described as giving you “super high magnification focuses in on details and textures not easily seen with the naked eye; provides a tighter field of view and a higher degree of bokeh.” Bokeh describes how aesthetically pleasing the level of photographic  blur  is.

Although it also comes with its own app, the Olloclip 3-IN-1 works with any other software that relies on the rear camera of the iPhone 5s. It should also be noted that together with an adapter, the Olloclip can be fitted on the 5th generation iPod touch.

olloclip 3 in 1 close

Similar to what Olloclip released in October, the barrels of the lens are made from aircraft grade aluminum. What does make it look different is the plastic cones fitted to the iPhone. This soft plastic material is meant to ensure a secure fit every time you attach the Olloclip.

The 4-IN-1 clip released earlier this year has more options but is less powerful in terms of the magnification capabilities and overall quality of the new Olloclip 3-IN-1.

The Olloclip 3-IN-1 Macro lens is available online and is expected to be rolling out to Apple stores worldwide.

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Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter
Jacques grew up in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Keen to take over the world, one word at a time, he has always been interested in both politics and development and studied International Relations (BA) at Stellenbosch University. With an interest in innovation and social change, he seeks to tell the... More