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LG G Watch

LG debuts G Watch: a coolish all-in-one wearable

LG has released some additional information regarding its (now) highly anticipated G Watch. The watch, set to be unleashed sometime in the future (LG is yet to reveal a launch date), will utilise Google’s Android Wear — a version of the Android OS tailored for wearables. LG has confirmed the G Watch will include voice control, powered by Google Now.

So what else is new and nifty about this particular smartwatch? The G Watch will apparently be both dust and water resistant. Hopefully it’ll be an extension of your Android phone, and a fitness tracker in one.

LG has also launched an additional look for the G watch, now available in Champagne Gold to accompany the previously announced Stealth Black. Both designs are sleek, and strikingly similar to the Galaxy Gear 2.

The final important new feature released by LG is that the G Watch will be “always on”. Other wearables like the Gear 2 require a flick of the screen or arm shake to alight. LG is yet to release any battery specs, however, so we aren’t really sure how this feature will affect the wearable’s lifespan. Besides, there are already other wearables, like the Pebble, with this feature.

Interestingly, these new specs were released shortly after Nike bowed out of the wearable technology game late last week. This leads us to believe that LG might be moving towards a watch that does it all—and is sweat proof to boot. Time will tell.

In sum, although these new features are mildly intriguing, they’re nothing we haven’t seen before.