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Passport lead

BlackBerry Passport the ‘IMAX of productivity’ says ever-hopeful company

Passport lead

BlackBerry may be onto something square, according to company blog Inside BlackBerry. The company, which has long since been scrubbed from relevancy, is hoping that its latest phone, the BlackBerry Passport, will reignite buyers once more.

With a “unique 4.5 inch square screen”, can the BlackBerry Passport make us actually want to own a BlackBerry phone again?

BlackBerry naturally says “yes” and according to them, we’ve been stuck in a rectangular world without even realising it. The BlackBerry Passport is “a union of form and function” and because of the screens width, viewing is better on 4.5-inches than it is on a 5-inch display.

Academic typology (stay with us) defines the BlackBerry Passport. There should be 66 characters per line, not 40 as it is with standard rectangular phones. So we won’t miss anything with a square screen, says BlackBerry.

Our favourite quote is below and it’s well written, if not a little shortsighted because phones can be viewed landscape and portrait, but don’t tell this to BlackBerry.

Passport 1

“Consider how IMAX screens start with a more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio projection for conventional movie trailers and then expand to their true dimensions (and the audience goes, “ooh”). The Passport is like the IMAX of productivity, and you don’t have to sacrifice screen real estate, vertically or horizontally.”

BlackBerry continues its elitist trend by saying how architects, writers, financiers and doctors will gain the most from this square display. Funnily enough, its last square phones, the BlackBerry Q5 and Q10 didn’t sell well, at all. These phones both had a 3.1-inch display, so perhaps a bigger 4.5-inch square will cut the mustard, hopes BlackBerry.

Have we mentioned yet how the BlackBerry Passport looks like a chubby e-Book? The novelty of the square-screen alone is going to have to sell these new phones, because the known specifications aren’t feature-phone worthy. BlackBerry wants us to “imagine the possibilities” but all we see is another dead-on-arrival smartphone.

Image via GSMarena