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These PlayStation 1 ‘demakes’ by NeoGAF artists will melt your mind

Over on gaming forum NeoGAF, something wonderful is happening.

A thread called “NeoGAF turns modern games into PSOne-era classics!” has kicked off and talented artists have turned the clock back on some of the most popular games of our modern era. It began on a The Last of Us: Remastered forum, where user plainr jokingly posted “TLOU PS1: 240p edition” along with the following pictures:

the last of us again



tlou 3

Lead for game story

What followed next was magical. NeoGAF forum users began creating their own “demakes” of Bioshock, DOTA 2, Dark Souls, Persona 4 and many more. We wish some of these could launched back in the PlayStation 1 days, especially the 2D Dark Souls. The thread continues and we look forward to any upcoming demakes from the dedicated fans over on NeoGAF.

Bioshock (Vio)



Doom… for Atari 2600 (A_Gorilla)


DOTA 2 (Einbroch)


GT6 (Pixel Beak)


Strider (MRORANGE)


Heavy Rain (Vrolik)

Heavy Rain

Uncharted 2 (Vrolik)


Destiny (Drewton)


Uncharted 2… again (Nibel)


Persona 4 (Dunkley)

persona 4

Dark Souls (drotahorror)

Dark Souls

Wolfenstein: New Order (vio)


Dark Souls… take two (TheSeks)

Dark Souls 2

Skyrim (vio)


Fallout 3 (Pixel Beak)


God of War 3 (Nibel)

God of War 3

Watchdogs (Lijik)




Dark Souls… does it ever end? (ichtyander)

more dark souls

DS box

Shadow of the Colossus (Flyinmunky)


Bloodborne (Nibel)


Killer Instinct (Gestault)

Killer Instinct

Finally, we have Junkboy’s work who could be the best demake artist of the lot. His work was posted many times within the thread (not personally, though), and Junkboy has been creating excellent works of art since 2008.





Soul Caliber


Left 4 Dead




Author Bio

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon
Steven Norris is a born writer, living in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town and educated in the ways of graphic design but destined to follow in the footsteps of the worlds greatest authors. He has had many years of experience as an SEO copywriter, learning the ropes the hard way before... More
  • Guest

    They look dumb, but that’s NeoGAF in a nutshell.

  • Midnight Train

    FYI: That Dota 2 post was a joke. You’re looking at a picture of Dota 1.

  • Dynasty2021

    This is how PC players feel when we play on consoles.

    Try going from 100+ FPS @120hz to 30 FPS @60hz in Destiny. God it’s painful. Like suddenly you’re wading through really thick treacle.

  • GotNews4Ya

    its amazing to never care about it In my point of view, because It just saves me hundreds of dollars.. I would have to completely rebuild my machine and buy all the top notch parts in it.. with a 4k monitor and set myself back thousands of dollars in the process.. So I will stick to my PS4 / Xbox One and my LED Tv for now.. There aren’t many games that take advantage of 4k anyways.

  • Parhelion88

    This is why “PC master race” players are the most annoying fanboys, they put their noses everywhere they can, downplay anything that isn’t on PC, and start a flame-war. They’re the perfect definition of trolls. (not PC gamers, as I am one as well, I mean the “master race” advocates)

    Their superiority complex and insecurities is actually… sad

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  • Larsson K

    Dark Souls, Vanquish and Halo platformers need to get made for real, those look amazing.

  • Dakan45

    crysis 3 on consoles= lowers than lowest pc settings.

    bf3= low settings

    max payne 3 low settings.

    metro last light low settings.

    Now the 750 ti a 149$ gpu runs bf4 better than ps4.

    Next gen consoles are just weak pcs. thas all.

    Pc gaming has pros, games a cheaper, more exlusives, free mp, backwards compability, better controls,mods, emulators and more.

    Consoles have outlived their necessity, now they try to do whta a pc does and even support indie ands and f2ps.

    The AAA industry is heading to crap, yoshida confirmed only 4/10 sony exlusives selll, he also said ps4 will have less exlusives.

    Take a look at AAA games outhere they are all sequels becuase new ips are too risky.

    This is how gaming is nowdays, PC gaming actually makes more money than consoles, google it. This will be the last console generation if we dont head to another videogame crash that is.

    As ken levine said “if you want to see the future of gaming buy a pc”

    Pc is better there is no boubt. Consoles have exlusvies but those exlusives dont sell for the most part and are held hostages.

    As for who the real trolls are and who downplays everything that isnt on their prefered console, just look at console gamers.

    Regarding the “master race” it was created by console trols to bash pc gamers, it was an insult and pc gamers turned it around, after that backfired they know use the “pc mustard race” which has already turned around with “pc is mustard cuz consoles cant ketchup”

    Even the “master race” was created as an insult by incecure console fanboys and all pc gamers who use the term, do so as a joke or a meme, there is no pc master race, no one believes it it is a joke.

    Regading the order having better graphics than all pc games.

    Ill just tell you to google “the great frarmerate nondebate” where totalbuscuit” downright says that it looks amazing for a console game but there are games on pc that look better/

  • Dakan45

    “So I will stick to my PS4 / Xbox One and my LED Tv for now”

    Yeah but when the 750 ti runs both bf4 and titanfall better than those “next gen” systems one has to ask just how “next gen” those consoles really are.

  • GotNews4Ya

    Hey, guess what? It is a complete non-issue. I don’t want to play games on my Computer, and the issue is.. The PS4 / Xbox One are brand new consoles.. they aren’t fully tapped into.. They have way more memory available to do more stuff on the systems than a typical PC. When Typical PC’s are better gaming machines than Consoles, that is when consoles will disappear but until then.. It won’t happen, and as for the whole “Last Generation for Consoles” statement goes.. They said that last generation.. and what happened? and even Steam is getting in on the Console war.. do you honestly think a Major PC player would even risk all that money, if they didn’t think console gaming was going to stick around?

    It will just evolve.. and it will be reminiscent of the past… Do you think when Pong was made, they really thought it would evolve into these consoles? Just look at where we are now.

    And.. as for the PC Master Race explanation.. Not everyone knows that, I sure didn’t.. and Not everyone who uses a term, knows everything about it.. You get people who just pick up on it and run with it.. because they seen someone else “Burn someone” with that comment.. So.. stop acting like everyone who throws it out there.. is a Saint and knows everything there is to know about its Origin, and therefore we all are misunderstanding how innocent and funny the PC Guys are.. and they are just these amazing human beings who were once belittled and made fun of.. and they are now trying to educate the masses, bullshit.. I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

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  • Dakan45

    Consoles got no issues? thats a good one, people stutter like crazy on skyrim on ps3, on ps4 bf4 kept lossing savegames, thief runs like crap on ps4 so much for “console optimization” on top of that games forever to install, consoles arent that plug and play anymore.

    Whats that new consoles are not fully utilized? true but there are 2 problems.

    1)ps3/x360 were actually quite powerfull, the new consoles are quite weak.

    2)this isnt somenew architecture, its x86 pc architecture, they know this, it wont be like it was with ps3 and x360. They will be maxed in 2 years.

    You dont seem to reallize why this will be the last generation of consoles do you?

    It will be the last for 3 key reasons.

    1)developing new graphic chips is too expensive, everything on ps4/xbone is made by amd, its essentially pc hardware and amd expandes the market as steam does.

    2) sony is lossing money like crazy they propably wont be hear until the end of the generation, the xbox division isnt profitable, ms is lossing money. Nitendo doesnt need a dedicated console, the only reason wii sold was due to the innovaite control scheme, which wiiu does not have. The portable market is going towards mobile phones.

    3)games have become to expensive to make and they dont sell well, sure gta and cod sell but everyone else is suffering, ps4 will have less AAA games as admitted by yoshida.

    “do you honestly think a Major PC player would even risk all that money,
    if they didn’t think console gaming was going to stick around?”

    AHAHAHHAH i knew you were stupid but this? Valve isnt joining the consoles with steambox, they rent them absolute by giving you a pc that works as a cosnole which is what console games want, they are not joining consoles they are replacing them because they know their dawnfall is coming.

    “we all are misunderstanding how innocent and funny the PC Guys are.. and
    they are just these amazing human beings who were once belittled and
    made fun of.. and they are now trying to educate the masses, bullshit.. I
    might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.”

    Yet your assumptions and sarcasm prove that you might as well be born last night and be clueless about everythign and what is going on in the industry.

  • GotNews4Ya

    You make points out of an argument that I never used. I never once said anything about their being nothing wrong with the consoles..

    “Non-Issue” is a phrase used commonly in the English Language. It stands for exactly what it says, but I was talking about your stance on how great everything runs in comparison to PC Graphics Levels. I don’t care about the graphics levels.. that aren’t even fully taken advantage of.. and won’t be for several more years…

    Sony has been making money in its Gaming Division for years… and they would spin the playstation brand off before they ever sank completely. More than likely the same thing will happen with Xbox, rather than seeing it completely go away.

    Yoshida, as you mentioned.. was referring to the success of indies.. and not the success of AAA titles.. do you honestly think all these gaming studios are around, and they don’t ever make any money? Do you understand that the world revolves around currency? Because with the comments you are making, apparently companies can sustain large losses the entirety of their lifespan and still pump out new games.. I wish I could spend way more money than I had for decades, and never profit once in that time frame. I bet companies all over would be offering to back my company on its amazing credentials.

    The best comeback you had.. was to say that I was “Infact born last night”. LOL Is English your first language? Just curious..

    You are foolish if you think that Valve isn’t getting into the console war. What exactly is the steam box again? yeah… okay..

    Look at how excited everyone gets for the next big Xbox / Playstation Exclusive.. and you think they sell badly in comparison? They might not meet sales expectations sometimes, but most sales expectations are way overblown anyways.. i.e. Tomb Raider remake.. they acted like it sold terribly, because it didn’t meet sales expectations.. but it actually sold quite decently, they just had way too high of expectations for it right off the bat.

    You once again decide to try and belittle people during your arguments. You have no reason to call me names, I have not said anything that should remotely offend you.

    Either way, if you choose to respond to me, please make sure to resist insulting me, it is unbecoming of a decent human being.

  • Dispaccount18492

    This is what happens when PC fanboys try to act smart. This moron has no idea what he’s talking about. Hertz don’t make any difference if the FPS are not equal to or greater than the refresh rate. In other words, 60hz will play up to 60fps. If it is anything less, such as 30fps, then the refresh rate will draw the same picture multiple times. If it is any higher, you won’t see a difference. Now, now, run along. We all know someone as ignorant as you cannot possibly have a job.

  • Jarnie

    No they dont. Begone, microsoft fanboy.

  • GT$

    THIS.LOOKS>AMAZING! Loved the bloodborne, Skyrim and dark souls part. 10/10, period.

  • chorizocolorado

    Make it happen. People surely will buy of them. I don’t get why gaming
    industry insist on making every damn game to look so damn real.