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windows 8 bsod

Windows 9 ‘Technical Preview’ may have click-to-upgrade system

There’s no doubt about it — the next iteration of Windows is forming behind closed doors at Redmond, after Windows 8’s market share and sales slowly shrivels. While consumers eagerly anticipate what will likely be dubbed “Windows 9”, there are some tasty details emerging regarding the Technical Preview coming to developers’ systems before October.

Prior to retail release, Windows 9 (codenamed “Threshold”) will be put through thorough testing, both in developers’ and users’ spheres, as per all new operating systems. But perhaps and unlike previous editions of Windows, the Technical Preview will allow developers to install updates and new builds through a simple double click — à la rapid release system.

Uncovered by Neowin, this process will completely smooth out the usual song and dance needed when rolling over to a newer build, saving time and presumably allowing more bug fixes in a shorter period.

Neowin does make it clear, however, that the click-to-upgrade system may be pulled before the public gets to sample it, but it is “a native part of Windows” for now. Regardless, upgrading OS’ in the future may be much smoother that it has previously been in the past.

What else can we expect?

We can expect massive UI enhancements, with Microsoft backtracking from the “touch-first, desktop-later” approach.

The Charms Bar will likely be axed, as will the Metro-themed Start Screen, replaced by the already previewed Start Menu. Perhaps the most exciting addition is the proposed virtual desktop environment, allowing more than one desktop, much like the current Linux-based OS’.

Cortana Win 9

Image: Bhupinder Nayyar via Flickr

We may also see Windows Phone’s personal assistant Cortana’s debut on desktop. This makes a world of sense after Satya Nadella confirmed the next version of Windows will be an all inclusive OS, covering all Windows-branded devices.

When can we expect it?

If the rumours are to be believed, Windows 9 will be unveiled to the public 30 September, with the Technical Preview released before October and the public preview released before year end.

It seems that Windows 9 however, will miss the holiday period, which could hurt Microsoft’s sales figures even further.

Featured image: Thawt Hawthje via Flickr

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Andy Walker
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