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All posts by Angela Nicholson

  • Ricoh GR hands on review: a pricey APS-C camera

    Ricoh had a reputation for producing superb 35mm film compact cameras such as the GR I and GR21 that found favour with enthusiast photographers. However, despite producing high quality images, the company's digital compact cameras such as the Ricoh GR II and Ricoh GR IV haven't really attracted the same attention. The Ricoh GXR, a compact system camera (CSC) that couples the lens and sensor into a single module that slots into the back, confused the company's fans and consequently also failed to sell in high numbers. The new Ricoh GR, however, could be about to change all that, because its 16.2 million pixel sensor is...

  • Fuji X100S review: a top-end compact

    Fuji's X100 proved very popular with enthusiast photographers looking for a high-end compact camera that produces images on a par with a DSLR. For many, its retro styling and control combined with modern technology made it a real winner, and a natural choice for documentary and street photography. It was to these passionate users that Fujifilm turned when designing its replacement, the Fuji X100S, and the new camera makes 70 improvements on the original Fuji X100. The most noticeable of these is the change in sensor design to match that of the superb Fuji X-Pro1. Like the Fuji FinePix X100, the Fuji FinePix...

  • Canon EOS 6D review: a 20.2MP monster

    As soon as you pick up the 20.2MP Canon EOS 6D you notice that it's quite a bit different from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. It's smaller for a start, being similar in proportions to the Canon EOS 60D. And although it still feels pretty durable, it doesn't feel quite so tough as the cameras further up Canon's DSLR line. There's also no mini-joystick multi-controller for selecting the AF point, instead there's a navigation pad inside the dial large dial on the back of the camera. The menu system also looks a bit different, with a long list of option tabs across...

  • Samsung Galaxy Camera review: Android magic

    With a 4.8-inch Super HD Clear LCD touchscreen, the Samsung Galaxy Camera isn't likely to be the smallest compact camera you'll ever see, but it feels very nicely put together and is both responsive and intuitive. Even better news for many is that the 16 million pixel CMOS sensor inside the camera is a 1/2.3-inch device, the same size as in many compact cameras and considerably bigger than those in the average phone. This should mean that the Samsung Galaxy Camera is capable of recording a respectable level of detail with reasonably well controlled noise. The sensor is coupled with a 4.1-86.1...