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All posts by Bianca Budricks

Bianca Budricks
A music, nature and animal - lover, book fiend, food freak, self proclaimed wild child with a strange predilection towards technology and gadgets, the rest is history.
  • The Twitter-powered cuckoo clock ‘#Flock’ is a real thing

    Twitter seems to be catching some limelight this week. Following the launch of its range of #Music apps yesterday, and to put the cherry on the cake, enter the Twitter cuckoo clock #Flock. This neat little contraption is a clock like no other, entirely Twitter driven, the clock chirps at replies, retweets or new followers gained. An initiative by the social network's UK division, the clock was built in partnership with BERG, which is a London design consultancy that specialises in odd, quirky and novelty like objects. #Flock is the first product to make use of BERG's new Cloud Dev...

  • Is HAPIFork a dumb fad or smart new eating tool?

    A new generation of weight and meal control has arrived. Enter the Kickstater funded HAPIfork, a fork that vibrates if you eat too fast, checking the pace at which you eat. It is a well-known fact that slowing down and paying attention to your eating habits is important to maintaining weight control and living a healthy lifestyle. This is where the HAPIfork comes in: as a mealtime analytics tool that helps you keep track of how you eat. With each “fork serving” the device monitors the number of times you have raised the fork to your mouth per minute and...

  • Self-publishing platform Nook Press arrives

    Are you an aspiring writer and would like an easy accessible way to edit, publish and perhaps sell manuscripts? Enter Nook Press, an initiative by Nook Media the Barnes & Noble secondary that includes the Nook line of ereaders and tablets, has launched a new self-publishing platform for ebooks. This new platform takes the place of PubIt, another digital publishing programme Barnes & Noble launched two years ago, and uses new technology...

  • iPhone 5S to have fingerprint reader, ‘smart flash’ and A7 CPU [rumour]

    Rumours around the new iPhone a ten-a-penny, but the latest reports ring particularly true. KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting the iPhone 5S and the more affordable polycarbonate model to be available in July with, among other things, a fingerprint chip and new camera flash. According to CNET via MacRumours Kuo's research note stipulates the following: Kuo one of the more accurate and trusted Apple analysts, has mentioned the following specs that we can expect from the 5S: A new A7 chip. The camera will also see improvement as Kuo says to expect LED based technology referred to as...

  • Apple’s new cheaper iPhone to sport a plastic case [rumour]

    Just as you think you have the latest iPhone, Apple surprises us once again with a new more accessible or better offering in the pipeline. According to claims by Macotakara, Apple plans to manufacture a cheaper iPhone. The Japanese Blog says the device will sport a polycarbonate plastic enclosure much like the one found on the MacBook and iBook before it. Other rumored details include a 4.5-inch screen, which would be half an inch larger than the one found on the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch, Apple's usual home button, and a US$330 price tag that would be a...

  • LG Hecto projector pumps out 100 inches of cinematic glory

    The next generation projector is here, as LG introduces one of its latest products: the ‘HECTO’ laser projector. From a distance, this neat offering looks like just another huge TV, but this product is said to perform , with a 100-inch screen the HECTO puts through 1080p images from just 22-inches away. The HECTO has a 1 000 000:1 contrast ratio and accepts video via WiDi or Miracast for wireless streaming from a PC or mobile device, the projector is also said to be eco-friendly with its mercury free design and LG claims it has an extra-long lifetime. Some...

  • PIXEL is interactive LED art lovingly controlled by Android devices

    Pixel art is making a coming back with this neat little frame created by Al Linke called  PIXEL. This creation is an interactive picture frame that displays pixel art and animations via LED’s hidden behind a two way mirror. The idea formed on Kickstarter and has far surpassed it’s initial goal of US$8000. PIXEL is on US$43 779. With different models, the basic display is made up of 512 or 1024 LEDs. The images are created by the brightness and colours of each LED changing, almost like Lite Brites. The pictures and animations are controlled by Free Android apps...

  • ‘Landscape House’ to be worlds first 3D printed home

    3D printing has evolved quite exponentially from its initial coinage in 1995 by graduate students Jim Bredt and Jim Anderson when they altered and inkjet printer to form a binding solution onto a bed of powder instead of ink onto paper, since then so many inorganic materials have been used to create numerous 3D printed objects from bicycles and shoes to engine parts for vehicles. So what can possibly be next? Dutch born Janjaap Ruijssenaars is has been planning to build or rather ‘print’ one of his buildings known as “Landscape House”.  A two-story building in infinity/ 8 shaped figure,...