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All posts by Claudio Rebuzzi

Claudio Rebuzzi
In some senses a nomad, Claudio’s itchy feet keep him moving constantly. This explains his passion for traveling and probably for cars too. He studied Linguistics at Rhodes University, which added to his love of language and willingness to grab life by the scruff of the neck.
  • 9 of the coolest, creepiest and best iPhone 5 cases

    The only real way to make your iPhone special these days is to cover it with something unique to you. But with so many choices, how do you know which best suits your needs? Does throwing your phone into a rock garden attract you? Or is it more along the cute and cuddly you're after? Or for the most sentimental out there, there's always something cheesy, or creepy.

  • Ferrari, BMW partner with Apple, Glypse for safer social driving

    As further personal technology is integrated into our lives, it comes as no shock that it is getting even more integrated into the cars we drive. We spend so much of our time in cars, why shouldn't we be able to connect to our normal social networks while crawling in traffic? Ferrari has teamed up with Apple to do this exact thing, while BMW and MINI have partnered with Glypse to provide a convenient way to stalk your friends. Ferrari and Apple It may not be a new partnership between Ferrari and Apple -- the two most powerful brands in the...

  • ‘CAR 2 CAR’ communication is the autonomous future of driving

    It seems obvious, really, but a crucial step towards fully autonomous vehicles is making sure that the vehicles can respond to their surroundings. Each car needs to know exactly where every other car and obstacle is, which requires huge amounts of research and testing. This is called CAR 2 CAR Communication and a consortium was created by some of the top car makers to share car communication technologies and make a standard to ensure all cars will connect. The development of the autonomous vehicle requires, essentially, that cars don't hit anything and this requires communication from car-to-car and car-to-object. That...

  • Nissan launches dedicated YouTube channel for petrolheads

    The worlds of motorsport and internet videos have merged with Nissan as it launches Nismo.TV on YouTube; a channel dedicated to the motorsport exploits of Nissan's racing division. It will be a behind-the-scenes view of everything from its top racing programmes to its training programme in yet another step forward for original content on YouTube. Nismo is Nissan's racing and performance division, responsible for all its race cars and fast road cars, like the manic GT-R and its GT3 brother. But it also has some humble endeavours like the GT Academy. This is a genuine gamer-to-racer program that Playstation racers...

  • The NY Motor show reveals the geekiest cars yet

    Compared to the Geneva Auto Show with all its glitz, glamour and in-your-face cars, the New York Auto Show is much more of an eco show, featuring many 'planet-saving' cars. Like every motor show, though, there is going to be no shortage petrol-head paraphernalia. So if you're shopping for your next eco-ego-boost, or maybe just an ego-boost in general, see what's in store for the up-coming New York Auto Show. Range Rover Sport While you would expect most New Yorkers to take cabs all the time, in actual fact, the city is the number one buyer of the Range Rover Sport....

  • 4 ways GPS tech is better than ever

    The GPS used to be a luxury item, reserved for the rich who couldn't use maps, but with basically everyone owning a smartphone, the GPS is now as common as a pigeon in a city. For that same reason, it's become a bit strange to have a standalone GPS when there's a perfectly good one in your pocket. That may not be the case any longer, because the GPS seems to have taken off in a few new directions that your fancy phone haven't even conceived of; not yet at least. Locata Satellites: as many as there are floating about, doesn't...

  • Koenigsegg Triplex Suspension plans outed

    Koenigsegg is one of a handful of supercar manufacturers that are small, produce a limited number of cars each year and are actually still around. Every year we see more and more supercar concepts from obscure companies that are never heard from again. What makes Koenigsegg different is the craftsmanship that goes into every car, not to mention that everything that goes into a Koenigsegg is built in-house; a feat that Ferrari may not even be able to claim. I think that being based in Sweden has it advantages. While you may think that long nights are depressing, think about...

  • Airless tyres evolve: from dream to reality

    The day of the puncture may soon be over. No more changing your wheel on the side of the road in the rain, no more spare wheel in the back and no more tire maintenance. While there have been concepts of airless tyres around for a little while, none have actually been available for purchase, so the public has only been dreaming of the day when punctures can become a thing of the past. But as soon as next year, airless tyres could become a reality for the average driver, making cars really take on that futuristic look that...

  • ‘Automatic’ is the monitoring app and hardware combo your car has waited for

    While there are plenty of apps that measure fuel economy and help with remembering maintenance matters, there isn’t one that actually tells you what’s happening under the hood. Automatic is an app and hardware combo that does exactly that: connects to your car’s computer and relays all that info straight to your iPhone. All this for hardware that is priced at US$70. It’s as simple as plugging the little "A" labelled “box" into the car’s OBD-II Data Link Connector and it’s set. Now, you may not know what that is, or where it’s found, but rest assured that it is...

  • New Mercedes S-Class packs in the safety tech

    Luxury is always a top priority with Mercedes, particularly with the S-Class, and with the Ghost as a benchmark of sorts, you can expect nothing short of exorbitant, leather-seat smelling opulence. And for the true drivers who care not for what people think, Mercedes is even making a convertible version so they can put themselves under exhibition. A mostly autonomous system This will be the first ever autonomous vehicle produced for the public, beating Google and those Oxford guys to the punch. Or does it? While this system is the next step in the completely automatic vehicle, following acts like cruise...