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All posts by Edward Love

Edward Love
Born and raised in Cape Town, Edward is a keen writer who has experience in the worlds of media and advertising. He's been published in a variety of print and online media outlets, including Europe's leading gaming website, Eurogamer.net, and works as a copywriter for a leading South African firm.
  • Alcatel One Touch Pixi review: cheap, cheery and useful

    There’s something refreshing about the Alcatel One Touch Pixi. It’s a feature-rich phone that packs a great deal into its small frame, and by skimping on bells and whistles, it costs about as much as a trip to the supermarket. Indeed, at R550, this is one of the best value buys I can remember reviewing. There’s definitely a market for this sort of smartphone too. For instance, an elderly grandparent – one who’s scared of spending money on technology (ooh, what a dirty word) – will find the Pixi a delight, and since it runs on Android v2.3 (Gingerbread), it’s...

  • Hisense HS-X1 review: a smartphone you might as well call a tablet

    Whenever I’m called to pick up a new phone for review, I expect to find something small, economical and light. These are, after all, fairly standard smartphone traits. Not so this time. The Hisense X1 is enormous, and picking it up for the first time I asked a question that I would soon get from other people time and time again. “Is this really a phone?” Indeed, with a 6.8″ screen the X1 looks more like a tablet. Hisense might describe it as a phone but it’s so large you can call it what you like: a tablet, a phone...

  • ‘Alien Isolation’ preview: prepare for fear

    The release of Ridley Scott’s Alien in 1979 was a major moment in the history of cinema. It was the artisan’s horror film. A beautifully crafted work of art that managed to make science fiction credible in the eyes of the moviegoing public. Hollywood sniffed a goldmine and soon several more films were hatched from its nest. But these later incarnations diverged from the original by preferring bombast over subtlety. The scripts were suddenly accommodating gun-toting mercenaries, hives of aliens and high-powered guns like the pulse rifle, which became a staple of the spinoff videogames bearing the Alien name. In...

  • Thief review: pilfered problems

    When the original Thief arrived on PCs in 1998, it was something of a revelation. Understated yet involved, quiet yet resonant, you were Garrett the master thief. The world you explored was oozing in atmosphere and informed by rich mythology. You had water arrows to extinguish flickering candlelight from afar, moss arrows to quieten your step and a sword lest you came face to face with a guard. It was simply made, but beautifully conceived, and the onus was on you to find the right path and execute your plan. Yet two sequels later, both Looking Glass and the franchise...

  • ‘Wolfenstein: New Order’ preview: old-school thrills

    Back in the 1990s, Wolfenstein was king. It was the first true first-person shooter of its time and placed you in the shoes of American hero B.J. Blazkowicz during the height of World War II. Between you and the hundreds of Nazis you slayed was the ultimate prize of all: the death of the Führer himself. Many, many moons later, Wolfenstein feels awfully dated – and understandably so. Still, while there have been several attempts to reboot the series since, no developer has quite been able to capture the essence of the original while still giving the formula a modern...

  • 10 unforgettable Dark Souls moments (and how to beat them)

    Anyone who has played Dark Souls and has been lured in by its charms knows this is not a game you play half-heartedly. Once it sinks its tendrils into you, there’s no escaping the addiction. And why would you want to leave? This is a world stuffed with memorable moments. Lordran is a bedevilling place with dark catacombs, rat-infested sewers, abandoned towns, lush gardens, knightly towers and gladiatorial battlegrounds. Every new location offers something new. The only constant is that you will die – again and again and again. Let’s look back at some of the unforgettable memories that...

  • Why 2014 is the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s best year

    The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are shiny and new, but that doesn’t mean you should run out and buy them right away. No, there’s still a lot of life to glean from the old PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In fact, if you’re new to consoles altogether, there are compelling reasons why you should go for one of these older consoles instead of forking out considerably more for their successors. Outside of the games, the differences between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are largely negligible, but there are a few worth mentioning. First, here is what the PS3 has...

  • Do we even need Steam Machines?

    While the world continues to mourn the lack of information on Half-Life 3, Valve has decided that it hasn’t quite finished playing with our hearts. Though it’s decreed 2014 a big year for gamers, it’s not quite for the reasons we’d hoped (read: more Half-Life). No, Valve has instead unveiled a machine that combines the power of the traditional PC with the portability of the everyday console. Except Valve isn’t going to make it — at least not entirely. So let’s get this straight. Valve is readying the Steam Machine, a console that works on its proprietary Steam operating system....

  • 5 more of our favourite tablets of 2013

    It’s hard to deny the appeal of a tablet. Light, fast and loaded with apps, these devices often represent companies at the pinnacle of their technological capabilities. Tablets like the ones we’ve listed below are the best that 2013 had to offer. 5. Amazon Fire HDX 7 Amazon is the king of E-readers, but what about 7” tablets? As it turns out, it’s pretty good at those too. Its best offering of 2013 is the budget-priced HDX 7, which comes with a great screen and speedy performance to boot. The HDX 7 doubles up as a portal of all things Amazon, with...

  • 5 of the most addictive social games of 2013

    2013 was an excellent year for social games on Facebook, with some titles keeping us addicted all too heavily. Listed below are the five games that were hardest to put down. Subway Surfers Subway Surfers is an “endless running” game that largely imitates Temple Run. Only this time you’re playing as a young boy dressed in street garb and brandishing a spray can. Admittedly it’s not a good start, but once the action gets going Subway Surfers proves that “endlessly running” doesn’t get old and that dashing through colourful worlds while snatching coins and avoiding obstacles at high-speed is an intoxicating...

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