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All posts by Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty
Robin-Leigh is Joburg native whose education to date has been both dynamic and wide-ranging. With a degree in Psychology and passion for Philosophy, Technology and anything Japanese, Robin has now turned his efforts to becoming a well-rounded online journalist. Armed with an insatiable desire for information, Robin is a life-sized "Chappies" wrapper constantly honing his writing skills for the digital medium.
  • Tech predictions for 2013: Apple’s ‘iTV’

    With 2012 done and dusted, our attention turns to the upcoming year and what innovation the major players will bring to the table. One of our tech predictions for 2013, may see Apple entering the television manufacturing market with a self-branded TV set. The idea of Apple producing a line of televisions shouldn’t seem that foreign a notion, considering the Cupertino based company have all the necessary components to build one. Current Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at the possibility of the company heading into an industry that he described as “left behind”. In this same interview he also...

  • Why the Wii U is the best console of 2012

    This past year has been pretty barren in terms of consoles hitting the market. Sony released yet another PS3 that went on a diet and the PS Vita has only succeeded in segmenting the company’s handheld market share. Microsoft opted to shift its attention to redesigning the user interface and media services of Xbox, in an attempt to increase the cross-platform appeal of Windows 8. It therefore fell to Nintendo to give the public a well needed “junk-punch”, and that’s why the Wii U is our pick for console of the year. The reason stretches far further than the Wii...

  • BlackBerry’s flagship maybe christened the ‘Z10′, comes in black and white

    With RIM’s BlackBerry 10 event a little over a month away, we’ve been referring to the company’s flagship full touch device as the “L-Series”. According to a leaked image courtesy of Unwired View, that’s no longer the case. The leaked image refers to the new BB10 smartphone as the “Z10″. Not groundbreaking news we know, but it does roll off the tongue slightly better than “L-Series”. It’s also a streamlined shift from the pedantic alpha-numeric handset titles of the past. The far more interesting aspect of this leak, shows off the colour variants the Z10 will be available in. We’re all...

  • Samsung Display to demo 5.5-inch flexible screens at CES 2013

    According to CNET, Samsung Display, a spin-off from Samsung Electronics, is set to showcase a range of 5.5-inch flexible smartphone screens at CES 2013. The development of flexible screens is something that Gearburn has known about for some time, however this demo will be one of the rare occasions where the public would be able to experience these screens first-hand. The demo displays will offer 1280×720 HD resolution, at an impressive 276 PPI. Samsung Display have stated that these screens are intended for smartphone usage. This got us thinking about which device Samsung would be integrated. The 5.5-inch dimensions is...

  • Nokia rumoured to release Windows RT styled tablet at WMC 2013

    It appears rumours surrounding a Nokia branded 10-inch tablet running Windows RT have re(surface)d. Rumours had initially started doing the rounds back in May 2012. The Finnish manufacturer has teamed up with Qualcomm and Compal Electronics, resulting in a 10-inch Windows RT tablet according to Digi Times, who cite Taiwanese supply chain sources. This tablet is said to be making its official debut at the World Mobile Congress, held 25-28 February 2013 in Spain. Nokia had some initial reservations in releasing a Windows RT styled tablet, mainly with the consumer reaction and uptake, which was further exacerbated by the poor first...

  • Gradiente unveil ‘iphone’ handset powered by Android

    Brazilian manufacturer Gradiente has recently shown off its latest smartphone, the “iphone Neo One”. We know what you’re thinking — this will be the newest addition to a growing list of lawsuits that Apple is involved in. But the interesting thing is, the Brazilian company owns the rights to the name, “iphone”, so Apple will have to find another means of attack. The one thing that Apple will not have to worry about is competition from a spec and performance standpoint, as the Neo One is somewhat lacking when put up against the major players. It runs Android 2.3...

  • WP8 powered Samsung Ativ S finally makes 2012 release deadline

    It appears that Samsung’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device, the Ativ S is finally set to make its 2012 release deadline. We initially reported that the Ativ S’ release had been delayed due to Samsung prioritising Galaxy S III production. That is no longer the case, as retailers in Canada and the UK have listed the Ativ S for release on 14 December at the US$599 mark. The Canadian details came courtesy of an internal document leak from Mobile Syrup, who also say three national carriers have a similar availability timeline of 14 December. The Great White North is not the...

  • BlackBerry 10 L-Series images leaked, looks damn fine

    With RIM‘s BlackBerry 10 event coming 30 January 2013, more and more details are coming to the fore regarding the new OS and product lineup. Vietnamese site, Tinh te posted a plethora of images showcasing the new L-Series smartphone, which is set to be the flagship device on which RIM will pin its hopes for the new BlackBerry 10 OS. Looking at the beautiful close-ups, the device looks polished and we’d be surprised if this wasn’t the final hardware set to debut early next year. The L-Series obviously hinges off the design of the Dev Alpha B units that...

  • Windows Phone 8 Portico update begins OTA roll out to HTC 8X

    The rumoured Windows Phone 8 update has begun rolling out to select HTC 8X users according to WP Central. The update which we initially thought to be named Apollo Plus, is now dubbed “Portico”, keeping in line with the Windows Phone OS trend of names ending in “O”. This update was also believed to be rolling out in early 2013, but it appears 8X users will experience the love before others. The new features seem to extend exclusively to text messaging with SMS Drafts, SMS Call Reject and Mass SMS Deletion. None of these additions are ground breaking, but...

  • Samsung to reveal ’Something Big’ at CES 2013

    A promotional video that is possibly teasing the Galaxy S IV, Galaxy Tab III, a rocket-powered NFC fridge or anything else for that matter, was posted on Sammy’s official blog, Samsung Tomorrow. The video bombards viewers with a lot of marketing jargon, but offers little in terms of substance for a definitive product release. The video ends with Samsung telling users to ready themselves for “something new” to be shown January 8 −11, or CES 2013. There’s a pretty broad spectrum in terms of new products that Samsung could unveil but given the nature of the CES, one product keeps springing to...

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