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All posts by Tarryn van der Byl

Tarryn van der Byl
After discovering that a career as a space pirate was not yet supported by current advances in technology, Tarryn decided to write about space pirates instead. Or anything else people would pay her to write about, really. The point is to make enough money to get off this rock and into space pirating where she belongs.
  • The girl’s guide to gaming

    If you’re a girl reading this, it's probably because you've heard about video games from your boyfriend or the nice guy you’re totally friendzoning right now, or maybe you've decided you want to become one of those hot new “fake geek girls” that are all the rage right now – and as everybody knows, girls are all into fashion, right? Exactly. Anyway, whatever your reasons for putting your next shoe shopping trip on hold, I've put together this helpful guide based on my very own extensive experience as a girl gamer to get you started. Gaming is hard, and being...

  • 10 gadgets you never knew you always wanted

    Geeks, we love our gadgets and in honour of 2013, and just because it’s so damn cool, we’ve creates a list of the hottest, weirdest and coolest gadgets. Onwards to glory. JetLev Flyer It’s a jetpack, but instead of using weapons-grade rocket fuel, it uses regular water which is obviously much cheaper and can be acquired without some sort of government agency interference. It’ll cost you about R2-million (with free delivery, what a deal), but think of all the cash and bureaucratic inconvenience you’ll save in the longer term. Plus you’ll always be remembered as that guy who spent a couple...

  • 10 retro games for iPad that you have to play (again)

    Much like wine, cheese, and those lingering feelings of resentful hostility towards your grade 9 maths teacher, some games just get better with age. And even if they haven’t strictly improved, at least you’ll be able to play them on your iPad without your 5.25” floppy disk failing to read properly in the drive because you spilled cream soda on it. Technology! Another World You might remember Eric Chahi’s impossibly hard platformer from the busted Amiga or Mega Drive somewhere in the back of your cupboard, and now it’s available on your very expensive iPad with an added difficulty level that’s...

  • Razer Ouroboros mouse: high-performance gaming

    I’m a left-handed gamer, and unlike those treacherous left-handed gamers who play games right-handed instead because THEY HAVE NO SELF-RESPECT (or whatever), I play games left-handed. In fact, I’ve been using a left-handed Razer DeathAdder mouse for about six months now, and before that I used the now tragically discontinued Logitech MX610, but before that I used a right-handed something-or-other because, honestly, left-handed gaming mice are not exactly available in abundance and right-handed people expect everything to be made exclusively for them anyway. It’s true, just look at scissors. It’s nothing if not striking to look atSo the nice people...