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  • Monster Sports MVP Carbon headset review: cute looks, poor sound

    With EA Sports and Monster Products teaming up, you’d think they’ll conjure up some truly epic sound experience that inspires adrenaline and adventure. Think Aston Martin’s pure rumbling engine and loud screeching tyres as you blast away from the starting line in Need for Speed or the spine-chilling roar of a crowd as you score a corner goal, do a backflip and then the satisfying chicken dance in FIFA. That’s what I hoped for when I received the MVP Carbon headset. The design is calm and refined, though it fails to make up for the poor sound and practicality. The...

  • Oculus Rift nemesis Glyph projects images directly onto your retina

    The Avegant Glyph at first looks like a humble pair of gaming headphones. It’s actually an incredibly subtle-looking virtual reality gadget that’s managed to shoot pass its funding goal on Kickstarter recently and currently raised more than half a million dollars. Instead of having a tiny display that’s most commonly used by other virtual reality gear such as Oculus Rift, Google Glass or Sony’s HUD, the Glyph uses what is called Virtual Retinal Display — projecting images directly onto your retina, creating sharp, stark images. The campaign page details the technicalities of the visual tech: “The Glyph’s Virtual Retinal Display...

  • Suffer from gamer rage? This sleek-looking Immersion headset might help

    There’s a growing phenomenon in the gaming community characterized by an intense frustration resulting from playing a video game. The same way, you find those people carrying baseball bats and golf clubs in their cars in case of being overcome by road rage, you’ll find gamers screaming at their screens for hours on end. Immersion is a headset that aims to tackle this issue by integrating biometrics and video games. In order to control gamers’ vine-popping fun, Immersion uses an optical pulse sensor built into the earpiece to record the gamers heart rate. The sensor reads minute colour changes...

  • Razer Hammerhead Pro review: a lean, green, mean sound machine

    The Razer Hammerhead Pro in-ear headphones are great. I’m just going to jump right into it. They are extremely loud, colourful and well-built. They go for a mid-range US$70 (R700) and, apart from being an actual full-on headset, will fulfill your gaming needs and could almost double-up as a multipurpose casual music peripheral. In the box you’ll find three extra sizes of ear-tips for all shapes and sizes, as well as a little zip bag that would become your trusty and sturdy carrier pouch. Neat, right? Only Razer I tell you. Inside this pouch there’s an optional mic jack...

  • Jabra Revo Wireless review: next-gen headphones

    There are a lot of things I hate in life, but wireless headphones aren’t one of them. So when I got the Jabra Revo Wireless in the mail, I was happy. Not “here’s free 100MB broadband for life” happy, but happy nonetheless. Wires absolutely suck and the Revo Wireless not only cut the cord on cables, but introduce a gesture-based volume control which essentially cuts all connections to the music player. I can’t ask for anything more than that. Well, I can ask for Dolby Digital Plus headphones which the Revo Wireless also happens to be. Pity they’re so expensive....

  • Razer Carcharias review: bargain price, premium sound

    When I hear “Razer,” I think “dedicated gamer.” The two are almost synonymous. This headset brushes by this brittle but crucial association. The Razer Carcharias slogan reads “Command in Comfort.” and rightfully so. This is a headset that delivers a reliable experience well worth exploring. It’s designed and priced for the gaming crowd with a budget who still need an immersive, quality gaming experience. It’s both PC and Xbox 360 compatible and great for co-op games. Its products scream “hardcore gamer”. What sets it apart? If there is such a thing as an entry-level gamer headset market, this device definitely fills that...

  • Razer Chimaera 5.1 headset review: aural pleasures

    The Razer Chimaera 5.1 gaming headphones are pure auditory nirvana. I’m rarely blown away by sound, as the 2.1 stereo mix of my 40″ flat screen is passable at best. So nothing could prepare me for the deep, rich 5.1 sound coming from the Razer wireless headset. Setup was a bitch though, endless cords that had to be plugged into my left and right audio jack and then synced and re-synced endlessly until eventual success. There’s an option for any sound system though. The wireless receiver plugs directly into a TV, Xbox, Mac or PC for pin-sharp sound. And as it...

  • Bowers & Wilkins C5: best in-ear phones for gym ever?

    This is the one article you can safely ignore Betteridge’s Law of Headlines. The answer in this case is, yes. Or mostly yes. But first I have to come clean. I have a shameful secret. I have a kink. It’s not just a kink, it’s an aural kink. I’m not proud of it, that’s just how I’m made. I don’t judge other’s kinks, I’d ask you’re GGG in turn. Since I was a baby I’ve had this kink, and it’s not going away. Maybe with surgery, but it doesn’t hurt anyone, so I don’t want to go there. Truth is, my...

  • Logitech Stereo Headset H130: it gets the job done

    This entry-level offering from Logitech is a headset whose simplistic design and minimalist features offer everything that one would expect for R200. Its back-of-the-neck wrap around design, sure to keep ones carefully styled “faux-hawk” in place, gives the H130 a distinctive look. Its most important feature however, is its noise-cancelling microphone, which rotates and twists for optimal positioning. The H130 is not designed to listen to music, the sound is decent, but definitely struggles when the volume gets turned up. In the world of Dre, Gaga and “Bieber-fever” endorsed headphones, the H130 lacks the ability to lure Beats toting youths...

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