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  • LG brings ALL the robots to CES 2017

    CES often sees smartphones, appliances and the like being revealed, but you just know that there'll be a few innovative gadgets around. LG did just that, revealing a slew of robots and its own take on the Google Home speaker. Starting with the speaker, the South Korean firm revealed the Hub Robot, using Amazon's Alexa voice technology as its backbone. Unlike Amazon's Echo speaker and Google Home, the device has a display, allowing users to do things like check the contents of their smart fridge, LG explained on its website. Then there's the robot-like functionality, being able to nod its head...

  • LG G5 joins Samsung Galaxy S7 in shirking microSD card app installs

    There's no such thing as a perfect phone, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 is probably the best recent example. After Samsung righted its wrongs by placing a microSD card slot on the phone, it goes and disables app installs onto the card, effectively crippling the device's capabilities. Now, not to be outdone, LG has done exactly the same thing with the LG G5. Android's Marshmallow OS boasts a feature that allows users to install apps onto the microSD card. It's particularly useful if you happen to install a ton of games (something the Samsung Galaxy S7 was punting profusely at launch)....

  • LG G5 announced with ‘LG Friends’ peripherals, bold new smartphone vision

    The first big MWC 2016 device launch is over, and LG has drawn first blood. The company officially unveiled it's LG G5 smartphone in Barcelona, which boasts an incredible swathe of design improvements and new features. A stark departure from the plastic and leather LG G4, the LG G5 is now almost entirely metal, with a removable battery slot at its bottom. Alongside the battery, the previously leaked Magic Slot lurks, which allegedly adds functionality to the device's established components. Some Magic Slot modules can increase battery life, improve audio quality and even improve the camera quality. The latter module, dubbed...

  • LG G5 in pictures: the ‘world’s first’ modular phone [Gallery]

    The LG G5 is the company's refreshed take on the smartphone's future, and that future is largely of a modular nature. It makes sense, sure, but it's even more impressive in pictures. If you happened to miss the LG G5 announcement, catch our recap here detailing all of its specifications and features, but if you're interested in seeing the phone, and indeed the new LG Friends lineup in the flesh, have a look at the gallery with explainers below. Related: LG G5 announced with ‘LG Friends’ peripherals, bold new smartphone vision

  • Bang & Olufsen to bring Hi-Fi sound to LG G5

    For all MWC 2016 previews, news and analysis, have a look at our MWC 2016 Cheat Sheet and our dedicated MWC 2016 portal. On the back of its K series, X series and incoming LG G5, the company has announced a partnership which could yield yet another smartphone. LG has struck a deal with Scandinavian audio masters Bang & Olufsen to produce a smartphone that will set audio quality as the primary feature. For LG, and indeed other manufacturers, smartphone audio is a bit of a grey area. There hasn't been a marked increase in perceptive quality in smartphone audio in recent...

  • LG G5 rumour roundup: ‘Magic Slot’ with removable battery pictured

    We're gearing up for MWC 2016, and with it comes a lot of smartphone rumours and tidbits. While LG devices don't usually pique the interest of the mass media to the extent of Samsung and Apple's launches, the Korean company seems like it has a pretty impressive device on its hands. And with that said, have a look at the rumours, news and confirmations regarding the company's latest yet-to-be-launched flagship, the LG G5. Likely specifications (based on previous rumours): Display: (Primary) 5.5-inch, 2560×1440, 534ppi; (Secondary) +/- 2.1-inch, 160x1040, 501ppi, always-on with possible OLED technology Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core | quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm...

  • LG X Cam, X Screen unveiled in time for MWC 2016

    For all MWC 2016 previews, news and analysis, have a look at our MWC 2016 Cheat Sheet and our dedicated MWC 2016 portal. While we expect a titanic battle between the giants of the smartphone world's flagship offerings, the war's rarely ever won by the biggest dude on the battlefield. With that in mind, LG is preparing to launch a new mid-range smartphone series -- LG X -- at MWC 2016. LG notes that the two phones -- the LG X Cam and the LG X Screen -- will offer "key premium features without the premium price" and will be unveiled...

  • LG G4 Stylus review: a gentle giant

    If there's one thing LG hasn't done this year, it's launch a mid-range device that I would actually buy. They've all been decidedly ordinary, or worst of all, overpriced. Take the LG G4 Beat for instance. It wasn't the speediest, most efficient or practical device at the best of times, and it retailed for around R5000 when it was launched. While it was better than the LG G3 Beat, I'll give it that, it didn't exactly beat anything in is price range. That's not something we can say from the company's real big surprise of 2015. And yes, I meant that big...

  • LG G4 Stylus hands-on preview: yep, yet another G4 variant

    It's safe to say that LG's recent mid-range phones have suffered from an identity crisis, well, largely because most of them have been awful when compared to their flagships. I only have to think about the LG G4 Beat, and it's predecessor the G3 Beat, and the number of awkwardly named devices as well. But sometimes, naming a device after its parent flagship is a good idea. Although I don't endorse it. The LG G4 Stylus is one such example of a slight bucking of the trend, and it follows the other trend that the Samsung Galaxy Note pioneered all those...

  • LG G4 Beat review: the G4’s expensive, underachieving sibling

    It's easy to punt a flagship smartphone to the masses. Give it a fast processor, cram it with an oversized camera sensor and huge screen and lastly, make sure it has heaps of sex appeal. But mid range devices are a little more tricky than that. Manufacturers can launch smaller phones with completely different names that have nothing to do with the flagships at all, or they can reproduce the flagship but shrink practically everything down. This is what LG has largely done with the Beat range. But is this such a bad thing? The LG G4 is an immense piece...