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  • 8 3D printed foods that will change the future of cuisine

    Like it or not, 3D printed food will be at the forefront of future cuisine. The technology to print edible foodstuffs practically on demand is around the corner, but the real issue for companies will be ridding 3D printed food of its unnatural, synthetic taboo. Food supply is a global issue and as the population continues to balloon, alternative resources must be found. 3D-printing provides a potential solution to the problems of food and time wastage, by producing 3D-printed food that one can enjoy  immediately, without the added strain placed on the environment. As human existence moves closer to a fully-automated life,...

  • MOD-t: an affordable, stylish home 3D printer for under $300

    The US$249 New Matter MOD-t aims to bring 3D printing to the home, after its developers this week launched the machine on Indiegogo. The two-day old project, launched by a Pasadena, California upstart and co-developed with frog, has blown past its US$375 000 goal with more than four weeks left on the funding platform. “Breakthrough” technology featuring a “2-axis motion system that simultaneously moves and supports the build plate with very few components” allows a less expensive construction and in turn a much lower retail cost. This has allowed its developers to practically give away the machine to early backers for...

  • Mark One carbon fiber 3D printer can help you create strong, light objects

    Ever wanted to build your own super strong, light-weight toy airplanes from scratch? Created by MarkForged, the Mark One is the world’s first commercial 3D printer that can create parts using carbon fiber. The main goal of this contraption is to overcome the strength limitations of other 3D printed PARTS by using the right material. The strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber would allow you to 3D print lighter, stronger toy airplanes, toy cars and other durable tools. The 3D printer can print using different materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, nylon and PLA. The latter is thermoplastic...

  • 3D printers pumping out colourful stuff, scanners being all ‘CSI’

    Some two-in-one news today. 3D printers are good fun, printing out toys, artificial limbs, even (why not?) pizza. The limitations of the technology, so far, has been that all 3D printed matter is rigid and mostly one colour. Enter Objet500 Connex3, a 3D printer that can control different levels of rigidity, transparency and opacity, reports Engadget. This cool new 3D printer comes from Stratasys, which has priced the gizmo at US$330 000, a snip when you consider how useful it’s going to be. By combining plastic and rubber 3D printing materials, stuff like the silly sunglasses pictured above can be whipped up. The...

  • ‘Peachy Printer’ is world’s ‘first’ $100 3D printer

    3D printing is “cool”. It’s the type of stuff we dreamed about ever since Star Wars and matter replicators were a thing. But, price has prohibited almost all of us from owning a slice of the future. Good news everyone! A Kickstarter project called “Peachy Printer” aims to sort us out with a R1000 (US$100) 3D printer which apparently even your grandma can use. It’s also from Canada. Will the Peachy Printer be annoyingly friendly, ey? No, just useful. Rinnovated Design reinvented how the 3D printer works, using completely new methods that don’t require the same expensive parts....

  • ASUS surprises us with VivoMouse: touchpad and mouse combined

    From ASUS comes VivoMouse, the “world’s first” combination of a touchpad and mouse. ASUS is a busy bee and has been unveiling products at a rate of knots at this weeks Computex 2013 in Taipei. So about the world first wireless mouse, it comes with an integrated multi-touch touchpad and provides “full desktop and handheld control.” It can be used in two ways: as a default optical mouse and as a Windows 8-compatible touchpad with multi-touch capabilities. ASUS also says that it’s the ideal control for the living room PC, which is ideally the VivoPC. The VivoMouse is launched alongside the...

  • $150 3D-printed prosthetic hand changes one young boy’s life

    Rich Van As, a South African carpenter had a horrific accident, chopping off four fingers in a workshop related incident. On the other end of the scale was a South African boy named Liam, who was born without fingers on his right hand. Throw in Ian Owen, a mechanical special effects artist from Bellingham, Washington, and you get a 3D printed mechanical hand for about US$150 that has changed the boy’s life. After...

  • Brother MFC review: an innovative A3 printer

    This new multifunction printer has a twist. Specifically, it has a 90-degree twist. Instead of feeding the paper through the printer in portrait mode, with the short edge emerging first, the Brother MFC-J4510DW turns it sideways so it prints in landscape orientation. This offers several advantages over the more traditional setup. It can print on A3-sized (11 x 17-inch) paper by taking the page through the printer short end first. A3 pages have to be hand-fed, one at a time through the manual feed slot at the rear of the printer, so it’s not suitable for heavy-volume A3 printing. Instead, think...

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