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  • LG BX327 projector review: the TV killer

    Plug your Xbox 360 or PC into a projector and you’re treated to a spectacle no television can rival. As the projector roars to life, funneling hot air through its innumerable vents, your lounge wall is transformed into a visual playground, home to a picture both bigger and more mesmerising than you could ever have imagined. For sheer size and spectacle, no television can contend against a machine that projects an image upwards of 200 inches. But projectors have never been the obvious choice for gadget lovers and gaming aficionados. Traditionally they have been expensive luxuries, saddled with a finite...

  • Samsung Mobile Beam projector: a little novelty, not much else

    The Samsung EAD-R10 Mobile Beam Projector is a nifty new device that compliments the Galaxy line of devices and is only compatible with devices that support MHL/HDMI . Displaying video and images at a resolution of 640x360 and with a brightness of 20 lumens will probably not get you ooh's and aah's, but imagine if you had to carry around the usual building brick sized projectors we're all used to. Some might say that it's a novelty item, and for the most part they would be correct. Yet as a pure accessory it could well just be the thing to...

  • Epson TW5500 review: quality is worth the cost

    We live in an age where small things are able to do a lot quickly. The Epson EH-TW5500 Home Projector (catchy name ain’t it?) is not one of those things. It’s absolutely bloody hulking. Despite the Gearburn editor’s assertion that I just needed to spend some time in the gym, calling this thing portable would be like calling Stephen Hawking an Olympic athlete. Plug it in, baby If you’re going to have this thing in your house then, it’ll more than likely be a semi-permanent fixture. And if that’s the case, you’d best make sure you have the right kind of...

  • FAVI J5 PICO HD projector review: smaller is brighter

    The FAVI J5 Pico projector that shipped in August of this year is another step in the right direction for the munchkin market. Small projector boxes by their very nature are restricted in the amount of kit they can cram into a small a small space and the FAVI J5 is no exception. This little sweetie pie, however, bangs out an impressive 400 ANSI lumen and considering its physical size, we are now verging on the edge of very respectable. The Lite fantastic The dimensions of the J5 are crazy small. At just 30mm x 100mm x 180mm and weighing only 500...

  • 6 things to consider before buying a projector

    So the boss stopped by your cubicle and told you to stop sharpening pencils and do some research on data projectors.  Like what they are all about and how much they cost.  And you had better have the info on his desk by the close of work today.  Don’t panic Slim. Help is at hand. The boss probably confused you to start off with by calling the projector by its code name: Proxima. Truth is, what he means is a data video projector, but Proxima is to projectors what Hoover is to vacuum cleaners.  Just goes to show the power...