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  • 7 things we know about The Order: 1886 so far

    A huge part of the traditional console war is the list of exclusives each console can boast. Microsoft’s Xbox One can attest to titles like Forza Horizon 2 and the hilariously fun Sunset Overdrive. Some will say Redmond’s console shades it going into the new year, but those in love with Sony’s PS4 will obviously say otherwise. And they should, especially with a title like The Order: 1886 coming up (and let me not get started on Bloodborne too). Set in 18th century alternative history England, the game follows a linear story line of The Order — a group of powerful...

  • Sony debuts PlayStation Vue: PS4 and PS3 cloud-based, cable-like service

    We thought the Xbox One was meant to this current generation’s all-powerful home media box and games console, but it turns out that Sony wants a piece of the non-gaming living room pie too. It today launched its own cloud-based internet streaming service dubbed Vue, which will be taking over TV screens in early 2015. Rumoured for a good while, Sony was always considering bringing more than just gaming content to its consoles, especially since internet-driven content is becoming something of the norm in the States. Will it be available in South Africa however? Sony hasn’t said a thing thus far but...

  • Here’s the coding surprise lurking inside every PS4

    Here’s a funny story. In every PS4 right now, there’s the name of an ex-Sony engineer scrawled inside them. Kazuya Sakakihara, according to a Kotaku report, had worked at Sony for well over a decade on both the PS4 and PS3. He’s “written” his name inside every current PS4, even yours. For those who don’t know (us included) that’s a snippet of the hard drive code. There’s a few more things that makes this so strange. Namely that Sakakihara misspelled his own surname, and that text like this should be in the comments section — where other coders usually leave notes for each other. Take a...

  • PlayStation Plus games of November (PS4) review: digging, crying, escaping

    The chatter on the internet when November’s free PlayStation Plus games were announced was fairly hostile. Users moaned about the games but when I heard what was being released — Escape Plan, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and SteamWorld Dig are three excellent games, all for the price of nothing at all (if you don’t count the PSN subscription fee). While all have been out for quite some time, they’re now free on PSN so, how do they still hold up? The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Let’s begin with the strongest game of the trio, and perhaps one of the best Rouge-like adventures...

  • PS4 update 2.00 placing some Sony consoles into ‘Coma Mode’

    Firmware updates for the PS4 are lovely (and free). Most of the time, we get some decent changes such as themes, software fixes and bolstered online stability. This was the crux of PS4 update 2.00, which hit our machines late October. But, the update added a feature that’s leaving most PS4 owners quite frustrated. The new “Rest Mode” replaces Standby Mode and lets users turn their PS4’s off while still allowing their games to download, and their controllers to charge. The issue though is that some PS4’s (like mine) wouldn’t wake up or ever worse, it prompts a disc scan when it...

  • Shadow Warrior (PS4) review: fun-tastic

    Games take themselves too seriously. Between the serious death and destruction of Mass Effect, Shadow of Mordor and Advanced Warfare, games like Hotline Miami, Sunset Overdrive and yes, the titular Shadow Warrior stand out as titles that just wanna have fun. So I’m here to tell you that Shadow Warrior, a remake of a fairly racist Nineties classic by 3D Realms, is fantastic fun. Here’s a game that doesn’t take itself seriously for even a split-second, even while you’re spinning through crowds of exploding demons with a fiery Katana. (As an aside, is Devolver Digital the best games publisher of...

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare meta-review: a return to form

    Today’s the day: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases and there’s a few reviews currently out and about. Is this the next-generation shooter we’ve all been hoping for? Let’s see what these lucky publications have to say (spoiler alert: the game’s good): Let’s begin with Joe Anderson’s review (on PS4), off the lesser-known site ShopTo.net. In Anderson’s opinion, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a solid return to form, with excellent use of the new EXO suit, lifelike graphics and addictive multiplayer. The new shooter isn’t going to convert non-fans though. “Whether Advanced Warfare is for you or not will be down...

  • PS Plus November lineup leaks: includes ‘The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’, ‘Escape Plan’ and ‘Luftrausers’

    It’s that time of the month again when the free PlayStation Plus games are leaked. What’s on the cards for November? We’ve got the full list of games below, as well as a leaky games lineup video care of All Trailers. Remember, you’ll need an active PS Plus subscription to play these or any “free” games downloaded in the past. Without PS Plus, your games are locked behind Sony’s paywall. PS4 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Steamworld Dig. PS3 Luftrausers and  Frozen Synapse Prime. PS Vita Escape Plan and The Hungry Horde.

  • PS4 update 2.0 is here and we can (finally) change themes, play MP3s

    The PS3 is a fantastic media device, as well as a stellar games machine. The PS4 is top-notch gaming console, but a poor media player, chiefly because it can’t stream video and audio like the PS3 can. Hell, the PS4 couldn’t even play MP3s, up until today that is. With the launch of PS4 firmware update 2.0, Sony’s machine can finally play MP3s, change themes, upload video clips direct to YouTube and use a mouse to control certain games. This seems like Sony’s first step in turning the PS4 into a gaming PC, minus the infinite possibilities only a PC can...

  • PS4 2.0 Masamune update coming, includes SharePlay and USB Music Player

    It might not involve mythical swords and uncomfortable iron thrones, but Sony and Microsoft‘s current-gen consoles are engaging in a little private game of updates. After Xbox’s Major Nelson gave the world a comprehensive (and exciting) rundown of the updates coming to the Xbox One console next month, the PlayStation 4’s upcoming update is in less than a week. Although Sony doesn’t update the console’s firmware as frequently as Microsoft’s Xbox monthly release cycle — which gives Redmond a tight timeframe to heed the public’s annoyances and act accordingly — the last memorable PS4 update was pushed nearly three months...

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