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  • Rockstar confirms GTA V First Person Mode with chaotic kickass new video

    If you thought you were excited for GTA V before, wait until you feast your face on this new video. First-person mode is something not associated with the GTA series, but my, it has been needing it — not because GTA is useless fun either. Since gaming has evolved, and the power of consoles has increased exponentially, first-person mode is the perfect way to immerse the gamer in the chaos — exactly what any GTA fan wants. GTA is really a drunk-on-freedom FPS in hiding. The video blurb highlights the new additions and features available on GTA V and GTA Online: …a new targeting...

  • The most definitive iPhone 6 ‘leak’ is here, and it’s scrumptious

    We’ve been covering the iPhone 6’s barrage of rumours and leaks for a good while now, documenting the phone’s transformation from concept, to dummy to (hopefully) the real thing in a few weeks time. But we can safely say that all the rumours of the iPhone’s purported sleek new body has been wrong thus far, at least judging by the latest video. The Gimli-bearded @Doldo411, YouTuber humorist extraordinaire, unveils the first live action shots of the iPhone 6, and what results is pure amazement. Not only is the iPhone slimmer and sleeker than we had previously believed, Apple is allegedly using...

  • Latest Destiny trailer kicks ass in more ways than one

    Destiny is coming, quickly. With less than three weeks before Bungie and Activision releases their flagship title, and perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated titles in gaming history, there’s a new gameplay trailer lighting up YouTube’s servers. Who knew post-apocalyptic scenes seem so inviting? Showcased in 1080p, the game will be available for current-gen and legacy Microsoft and Sony consoles, although the latter will be scaled down to 720p. The trailer itself highlights the multiplayer open-world shooter landscapes that Bungie and Activision spent around US$500-million developing. And while much will change from the current beta to the final product, the...

  • Grayson the fighting fish is Twitch’s latest Pokémon-playing star

    Usually cats are the creatures that makes the internet tick, but this time, all honours go to a fish — a Pokémon Red/Blue playing fish called Grayson Hopper. Get ready, it’s Fish Plays Pokemon. Two students, perhaps distressed at the thought that their beloved fighter fish would spend its life aimlessly swimming around its tank, have mapped the controls of the game to Grayson’s tank, using a symphony of motion sensing tech, allowing him to effectively play the game. And it turns out he’s a gamer after all. After 135 hours of gameplay, Grayson’s acquired a Charmander hilariously named “AAAABBK” and...

  • Big guns, big personalities: ‘Halo: Nightfall’ trailer debuts at Comic-Con

    Microsoft may have murdered Xbox Entertainment Studios earlier this week citing its massive restructuring plans, but this doesn’t signal the end for the projects that were in their infancy. Halo: Nightfall for example, showed off its first trailer to attendees of Comic-Con 2014. The San Diego-based popular culture and comic convention is usually the scene of unveilings and hilarious stunts, but Halo: Nightfall is serious as hell. Set between the events of Halo 4 and the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians, Halo: Nightfall is unfortunately not a new game in the franchise, but a Ridley Scott produced action-thriller with lots and lots of...

  • Mad scientist’s magnetic shoes unlock his inner Magneto

    Colin Furze is playing superhero again and this time, he’s strapping on some massively powerful microwave magnets to sneakers that allow him to walk on the ceiling. Previously, the mad scientist created his (much better) version of Wolverine’s claws that ejected and retracted thanks to an ingenious use of air pressure. Not only that, they sparked and sliced through watermelon. Now setting his sights on Magneto’s magnetism or Spiderman’s wall-crawling abilities, Furze has outdone logic itself by walking all over the ceiling of his shed without the help of CGI, or adamantium or radioactive spiders. Incredibly, Furze notes that creating the shoes was...

  • LG’s curved G Flex shows self-healing power in action [video]

    LG’s latest smartphone, the G Flex, is best known for its curved display and while that’s impressive to say the least, it isn’t the only thing that makes this an ground-breaking piece of tech. A video released this week, showcases the G Flex’s self-repair technology at work. Similar to what Wolverine went through, the G Flex undergoes some serious lab testing. Unlike the superhero, the Flex faces a wire brush rubbing its rear cover and a durability test of 8kg, 16kg and 32kg weights placed on its back. Not to sound too much like an infomercial but the scratches...

  • Gadget review: Samsung Galaxy S4 [video]

    The Galaxy S4 is a hard phone to like, but that’s exactly what Gearburn editor Steven Norris did. With great power, comes greater mobile phones and sadly Samsung seems to be unable to harness this great technology. What do you do with an insanely fast CPU and an incredible screen? Samsung seems to think that you need to cram it into the cheapest-looking case of all time. Here’s what we loved about the S4: we loved the screen, dug the speed and even liked a few of the backed-in apps. What we didn’t like was pretty much everything else, such...

  • Acer Iconia W510 unboxing

    The Acer Iconia W510 is two parts of a juicy whole. The screen is sharp, the tech specs are decent and the price is just right for a product that is easily worth US$800. In reality, it costs US$650 and it’s worth every cent of that. You’re essentially getting two devices in one: a great Windows 8 tablet and a laptop when docked into the very responsive keyboard. This is just an unboxing of the Iconia W510, but our review went live a few weeks back. We loved it and said that it’s one of the best hybrid laptops you...

  • Unboxing the Microsoft Surface [Video]

    It was a very exciting day when we received the Microsoft Surface tablet for review in the Gearburn office. Editor of Gearburn, Steven Norris, wasted no time and an unboxing was done on the spot. With its change over to more hardware related products, Microsoft tends to tackle Apple head-on in the battle for dominance since the move to more mobile computing has taken pace. It was inevitable for the software giant to make the change. Featuring an HD-ready screen with dimensions of 1366×768 pixels, Mr. Norris was eager to get it out of its box.