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Wii U

  • Wii U gets second system update, offers ‘further improvements’

    Today, Nintendo’s Wii U gets its second system update since launch. This is update 2.1.0 U. What’s the update for? "Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.” says Nintendo.

  • Wii Mini revealed ‘accidentally’ on Best Buy website

    God, no. What is this? Update: Best Buy has just confirmed it. The Wii Mini is US$99 and is the ugly stepsister of consoles. "Big Fun, for a Mini Price" says Nintendo. We say, "old system, ugly shape". But for under US$100 it's a decent starter console with a great selection of first-party titles. There's a manual release top loading system, last seen on the PS2 Slim. The Wii Mini comes with one red MotionPlus Nunchuck controller, the sensor bar and not even a single goddamn game. Disgustingly, this will be an internet free console and Gamecube titles will not be...

  • Nintendo TVii set for 8 December launch in Japan, Europe and US to wait until 2013

    Nintendo unveiled its new Wii U console to the American public on 18 November, the reception was strong with the company reporting an estimated 400 000 units sold during its first week. The console is now set to make its debut in Japan 8 December. The Wii U's Japanese release will also see the inclusion of the heavily toted TVii feature. This includes the IR Remote functionality which is only accessible if users cough up a little over US$1. This multimedia viewing functionality is one of the key areas that Nintendo has looked into as a way to gain an edge...

  • Amazon Instant Video app comes to the Wii U, 140k+ videos included

    Nintendo's latest console, the Wii U, is designed not only for games, but as a multimedia hub. One of the strongest features the Wii U boasts is Nintendo TVii, an interactive viewing option that grants users access to host of content, that now includes Amazon. Users already have access to the media libraries of Netflix and Hulu Plus. This latest development sees Amazon joining the party with its Instant Video app. The app is available for download from Nintendo's Wii U eShop. This gives registered Amazon users the ability to purchase or rent from a library of over 140 000 movies...

  • Wii U update giving you problems? Here’s two workarounds to ease the pain

    The release of Nintendo's Wii U has been somewhat bitter-sweet. Nintendo can definitely take solace in the fact its newest console sold out after one day in the US, but new Wii U owners were less than impressed by the one-hour-plus wait for the downloadable update. The update is essential, as it gives users access to all the internet-enabled features that make the Wii U extra appealing. In order to combat this frustration, this site has made users privy to a helpful bit of news. The download still needs to happen, there's no getting around it, but users can move the download...