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Xbox One has stellar February sales, still narrowly beaten by PS4

Xbox One new Slowly, the Xbox One begins to creep up to the sales of Sony's PS4, which has beaten Microsoft's console in sales month after month. Xbox recently released its NDP sales figures for February 2014, which includes "record-breaking" sales of 258 000 Xbox One units shifted in the US. It's a 61% improvement over Xbox 360 sales recorded in the same time period. Despite this, Sony continues to win the sales war, with Wall Street Journal games reporter Ian Sherr tweeting: Sony confirms ...


5 player vs player games that are still worth playing

pvp In a world increasingly connected by the internet, it might sound redundant to point out the popularity of online gaming. After all, few games are completely devoid of multiplayer in one form or another. That said, PC gamers have always been streets ahead in their online gaming habits, and depending on your tastes and budgets there are a number of options available to you if you’re looking for something new or just starting out on the online circuit. Of course one ...

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Analogue Nt is the hot as hell, aluminium NES made with love

A NT The best NES emulator isn't Jnes, VirtualNES or Nestopia. No sir, it's precision fabricated from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium and it's called the Analogue Nt. It's so much more than an emulator -- it's the NES, redesigned. Actually, it's not an emulator at all, according to the company. It's simply the best version of the NES ever made. Or as the company says "[It's] an NES/Famicom. It’s Videophile. It’s Audiophile. And there is no emulation" We know ...


VLC beta for Windows 8 now out, get downloading

VLC windows 8 Looking for a reason to watch films on Windows 8? VLC's the answer. Today, the VLC beta finally launches and is available right now for download from the Microsoft Store. If you can believe it, VLC for Windows began as a Kickstarter project almost 18 months ago by VideoLAN. VLC for Windows 8 plays "any kind of video" and features MKV (1080p vide0) plus FLAC (lossless audio) support, two high-definition formats. One of the goals of the project was to ensure x86 ...

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Xbox gamer Stallion83 first to get 1-million Achievement Points

1-million Some of us try in vain to get 10 000 gamer points on Xbox Live. Imagine getting a cool million? One man has done it after eight years of work. His name is Stallion83, or Rox Cox IV, and this is his real-life achievement: — Ray Cox IV (@Stallion83) March 13, 2014 The Xbox One-exclusive shooter, Titanfall got him there. Xbox One and Titan Achievement used for 1,000,000. — Ray Cox IV (@Stallion83) March 13, 2014   Major Nelson himself, Director of Programming for the Microsoft ...

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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 vs Xolo Q1100: battle of the budget beaters

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 vs. Xolo Q1100 In the wake the launch of the ultra popular Motorola Moto G, there have been some great launches for the mid-range dual SIM market. Even smaller brands like Xolo have been targeting the Moto G since its official launch throughout the world. Samsung announced the Galaxy Grand 2, the successor to last year's mid-range best seller, but held off its price disclosure till the Moto G was made available. Clearly, it was waiting for Motorola to reveal its hand in ...

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‘Flappy Bird’ creator Dong Nguyen speaks out, considers bringing it back

Flappy Bird Remember the Flappy Bird phenomenon earlier this year? This simple one-tap-and-survive game became an unexpected mega-hit, which eventually forced its creator, developer Dong Nguyen, to pull the game, citing that he "cannot take this anymore". I am sorry 'Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down. I cannot take this anymore. — Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) February 8, 2014   But Nguyen lives on and has dropped some enticing details about his creation and the ultimately death of Flappy Bird, ...

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20W: a cheap-as-chips South African-made, solar-powered Android PC

20W Two things computers, smartphones and tablets rely on most are power and the internet. That's expensive. This South African-made Android desktop computer only uses 24 Watts of power and is built to run on solar energy. Developed by Capsule Technologies with the poverty-stricken in mind, the 20W is designed to give people a cheap and effective option to further work, play and educate themselves. It's just the box, you'll need to fork out for the display, keyboard, etc. As seen in ...

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6 apps that have proven themselves awesome for streaming film and TV

Streaming Streaming movies and TV are the future when it comes to entertainment, no doubt. People love the ability to watch their favourite films and series while they're on the go, waiting in line, lying in bed, or traveling. Recognising this, many developers now have free and paid apps that allow streaming. Whatever your device and wherever you are, you too can use these apps to get your favourite flick fix or binge-watch House of Cards, Game of Thrones or True ...


WiseButton to become the universal remote for our phones

WiseButton gold There are a lot of things we lose in our lives. Our sanity comes second to keys and our phones, which vanish at an alarming rate. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a magic button that could solve these problems? That's what the WiseButton wants to become, and will be as it's fully funded on Indiegogo. WiseButton is a small radial button on a keychain fob which connects to "any" mobile OS: Android, Windows Phone or iOS (no BB 10 ...


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