Android L cometh: everything you need to know about Google’s latest OS

5-io-photo-purple It's here. The most anticipated release of Android for quite sometime, codenamed "L" was showcased earlier at Google's I/O conference in San Francisco. One-billion devices worldwide run a version of Android, and L may further increase that number. Launched to much fanfare, and an unwanted protestor, Android L hasn't been given a name or version number yet, but Google's Sandar Pichai notes that this is "one of the most comprehensive releases" of Android ever made. The iOS- and Windows Phone-beating platform comes with ...


Android TV brings casual games, videos and ‘okay Google’ to the big screen

Google TV Android TV joins the roughly billion-and-a-half smart TV and streaming set-top boxes on the market, such as Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV but with one small difference: namely that Google's positioning Android TV as a casual gaming console too, in the hope that it will decimate the Ouyas of the world. Those familiar with set-top boxes like Roku's will know what Android TV's all about. Download apps from Google Play, stream video from YouTube or Netflix and play games ...

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Google showcases Android Wear on Samsung, LG, Moto360 smartwatches

android wear g Alongside the much anticipated launch of Android L, Google's wearables-specific OS dubbed Android Wear also had its moment in the San Francisco spotlight. Although announced back in March with developer access shortly before that, the platform was officially unveiled last night running on the gorgeous Moto360, Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch, the latter two available for pre-order from today. Both will retail for under US$230, while the Moto360 will only launch in the "Northern Summer" (the North remember). Google, ...

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Sony Xperia Z2 review [video]

GearTV thumbnail - Xperia Z2 review 800 One of the best Android phones, or smartphones of the year is the Sony Xperia Z2 and we've got an in-depth review of it. From its all-metal frame to a fantastic camera, the Xperia Z2 is the sort of Android phone everyone loves to use and we have an exclusive review of it. GearTV is a weekly show that features gadget and game reviews, tips, how-to's and anything useful that we think can help you improve your connected life. It's a ...

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7 things you really ought to know about Apple’s iPhone 6

iphone 1 In 2007, a Steve Jobs-led Apple announced "Project Purple," the codenamed operation that would eventually spawn the original iPhone. After its official launch a year later, the device became a mixed bag of sweet sales success and salty near-sighted design flaws. The world has since seen four additional iPhone models, with the sixth and most important version since coming later this year. Thanks to the usual barrage of Apple stories both fictitious and fact, we have a pretty fair idea of ...

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The Last of Us: Remastered ‘looks like it was originally created for the PS4′ tweets Naughty Dog

TLOUR Remastered games on the PS4 have been both limited in success and volume. Tomb Raider and Call of Duty: Ghosts are two of the more successful PS3 upgrades, but what gamers have been salivating for is The Last of Us Remastered, a visually upgraded port of one of the best games to come from Sony's ageing console. The Last of Us Remastered is currently being tested by creators Naughty Dog and the company's senior designer, Benson Russell, tweeted out a ...

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Meet Cardboard: Google’s free VR headset for anyone with an Android phone

Cardboard main Google's sidestepped Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and a bucket-load of other virtual reality headsets by doing the impossible: it's released Cardboard, the DIY VR headset everyone can build right bloody now. With an Android smartphone and "everyday items you can find in your garage, online or at your local hardware store," says the official site. Announced on Wednesday at Google's I/O Conference, Cardboard looks like a late April Fool's joke but is cold-stone reality. Most users reading this article, in ...

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Upgraded Google Glass ships 2GB RAM, longer battery life

Google Glass Jun Google Glass is today getting a much-needed hardware upgrade, thanks to the Explorer Program's findings. Ironically though, Google will not be letting those Explorers trade up anytime soon. The original edition of the Glass packed a lowly 682MB RAM for the developers exclusive use and a battery that died after just 6 hours without the camera. New adopters can bask in the joy of 2GB RAM, "improved battery life by over 20%" and over a dozen software improvements, according to Google. ...

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Tom Happ, creator of indie game Axiom Verge, on his ‘vessel of consciousness and reality’

AV lead Axiom Verge is the sort of retro, independently created game anyone with a heart and an itching for exploration should take note of. Its lone creator, Tom Happ, is a one-man band who developed, scripted, designed and tested the rather fantastic Axiom Verge. For those who aren't aware, Axiom Verge looks and plays like an moody Super Metroid, but has the design and soul of modern game. I managed to get my hands on the PS4 version of Axiom Verge at E3 2014 ...

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Google’s smart home is now open as Nest API seeds to eager devs

nest developer Nest Labs, the smart thermostat manufacturer, today opened its hardware platform for developers, making Nest the centre of Google's smart home ecosystem. Purchased by Google for a hefty US$3.2-billion earlier this year, Nest has chiefly produced smoke detectors and smart thermostats connected to the internet. But thanks to the rapidly growing home automation market that includes Apple's HomeKit and Quirky's Wink among others, Nest will be the de facto Google command hub in the home. Google, curiously enough, is labeled by WSJ ...


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