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This handmade silk leaf produces oxygen and is ideal for space travel

Silk-Leaf-by-Julian-Melchiorri_dezeen_03_644 Plants are those useful green things humans cultivate from seed for food, or chop down to provide materials like paper. Most importantly, we also need the oxygen they provide to survive. A new development led by an RCA graduate student has blossomed the first oxygen-producing "man-made biological" leaf, which could be used for future space travel or to fight climate change. The "synthetic biological" leaf created by Julian Melchiorri may be a glaring oxymoron, but is perhaps the only way to explain ...

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EA Access is Netflix for games: $5 monthly and exclusively for Xbox One

ea access Electronic Arts is betting big on their latest Netflix-like service with Microsoft, by offering a US$5 a month or US$30 a year service for "unlimited acess to four great EA games" via Xbox Live. Calling the service EA Access, the plan grants subscribers keys to games like FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4 while paying a fraction of the usual fee. Essentially, instead of purchasing one game for the price of one game, the service allows access ...

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Russian Twitter source didn’t guess August PlayStation Plus lineup, copied it instead

PS Plus I accidentally mislead a lot of people when I wrote this article earlier today on August's PlayStation Plus lineup, based on this enthusiastic source: Leak PS+ August: PS4 Octodad, The Swapper, PS3 Saints Row 4, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, PSV 1001 Spikes, Atelier Rorona Plus — Drew Sher (@gray_dev) July 22, 2014 Like many other gaming journalists I wanted this to be true. The games are excellent and mysterious twitter sources sometimes, and often shine with insight. But Drew Sher's tip was ...

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LG G3 review: third time’s the charm

G3-front The G2’s design was a bit too boring. The G Flex’s curved body and display was way too extravagant. Now, LG's latest flagship, the G3, puts simplicity right in your hands while giving you enough power to back-up whatever you’d want to make it out to be. It’s almost like a chocolate cake. Its outer layer spells style and simplicity, though dig just a little deeper, and you’ll find plenty more surprising treats and nuances. You can't help but feel ...

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August PlayStation Plus lineup spills: Octodad, Far Cry 3, Saints Row 4 and The Swapper

Octodad Update:The twitter source incorrectly copied from a previous article dated 14 July, and it's been confirmed that The Swapper won't be coming to PlayStation Plus this August. Read all about it here. We apologise if we mislead anyone in any way. Original story: August's PlayStation Plus lineup of games has been leaked by Russian twitter tipster gray_dev, and includes two excellent games for PS4, namely Octodad and The Swapper, as well as the brilliant Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Saints Row ...


Apple refreshes 2014 MacBook Pro range with Retina Displays, 3.7Ghz CPUs

new macbook pros Ahead of the iPhone 6's rumoured September launch, Apple has quelled fan's need for new hardware by releasing a refreshed MacBook Pro range, featuring faster processors and Retina displays priced between US$1299 and US$2499. The initial rumour, courtesy of French website MacG, cited information from (what it deemed) were reliable sources. Today, those sources seemed reliable enough. The upgrades see all MacBook Pros receive Retina displays and Intel's new refreshed line of Haswell processors, with a 100MHz clockspeed boost. The 15" models ...

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Smouldering smartphones: a brief history of mobile phone fires and how to avoid them

samsung s4 fire xda Smartphones are a mixture of electronic circuitry and potentially volatile substances, or at least that's what victims of spontaneous cellphone combustion believe. There's a dotted history of sparking, fiery smartphones while simply sitting on a desk or plugged into the wall charging. Most recently, a 13-year-old American girl woke to find her Samsung Galaxy S4 smouldering under her pillow in the middle of the night. Covering the device may not be a good idea in any situation, as all electrical devices require ...


The flash and the furious: 11 of the internet’s greatest custom computers

custom computer desk peter brands There are few things in this world more entertaining than stripping a device of its guts, just to put it back together again. Building something from scratch also comes pretty close. Fun turns to dread (or in some cases, panicked laughter) when the power button's flick fails to lurch it into life. Failing miserably is, thankfully largely part of the experience. These PC customisers and builders have definitely not failed by any means. From adorning their machines with glowing LEDs and ...


Sly Stallone should thank you for not downloading ‘The Expendables 3′ DVD screener

E3 Inside each and every one of us is a metaphorical compass that guides our actions. When we perceive something to be rotten, the compass guides us towards a better path. The internet tests us daily with "NSFW" links begging to be clicked but most of the time, it's the illegal game and film downloads that truly test us. Earlier last week, millions of online users failed this moral test when a DVD screener (a promotional copy of a motion picture sent ...

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Nanospheres to make lithium batteries four times juicier

vintage battery Batteries are wonderful creatures, powering our digital lives for days at a time. But as thirsty mobile devices' need for power grows, the current generation of lithium ion packs just can't keep up. Researchers have now discovered a novel way to squeeze more juice from the modules, promising up to four times longer lasting charges in the process. Lithium is dubbed the "Holy Grail" substance, but it's traditionally too troublesome to use as a solitary substance in a battery. The negative ...


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