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‘It’s time’ as Google launches Android Wear, Moto 360 and LG G Watch revealed

Moto-360-Cafe "It's time," says Motorola cheekily. The company's first smartwatch, the Moto 360, has been announced and is one of the first wearables, together with LG's G Watch to run Google's new Android Wearable operating system. What can we expect from these devices? Given its name, the Moto 360's touch display is circular -- a welcome form factor sticking to the traditional familiarity of most of the world's wristwatches. There are two versions: one with a leather strap and another made of ...

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Oppo Find 7 has qHD display, takes insane 50MP shots

Find 7 Phones are taking a turn for the insane. Just look at Oppo's new Find 7, which was launched today in Beijing. It's one of the first smartphones to have both a qHD, 2560x1440 pixel display (that's 538PPI), plus a 50MP camera. The tech inside this enormous and, to be frank, obscenely fast phone is a Snapdragon 801 SoC running a 2.5Ghz CPU with 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and expansion space via the SD card. That's a whole lotta phone. It's the ...

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft review: digital opium for the masses

hearthstone cover Blizzard’s free-to-play collectible online card game has recently snuck out of beta. The final product of an already popular game is in the wild, which means that critics can finally say what they think of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Personally, I've been an avid Blizzard fan since the days of yore, so the thought of a comical dwarf narrator swinging around mugs of beer in the once holy Warcraft universe turned my world completely upside down. The idea of the ...


Amazon’s Chromecast-like dongle may stream PC games too

SAMSUNG CSC Amazon will enter one of the fiercest battlegrounds of 2014 as it prepares to release a media streaming gadget of its own making, says The Wall Street Journal. The unnamed device should ship in April says the report, and will be sold on Amazon, as well as in US retail stores like Staples and Best Buy. But will it cost as little as the US$35 Chromecast or the US$50 Roku stick and other streaming devices crowding the market? Like Chromecast, Amazon's ...

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Xbox One finally coming to SA and 25 other markets in September

Xbox-One Fashionably late or worth the wait? The console hailed as becoming Microsoft's most successful to date has just been confirmed for 26 markets across the globe including South Africa. The Xbox One was first launched in the US, UK and a handful of other markets November last year. Xbox fans from the "rest of the world" were pretty bleak though as they were left in the dark of when the next-gen console will be launching in their regions. The Xbox ...

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Apple’s 8GB iPhone 5c official, is significantly cheaper

iPhone 5C Poor sales of the iPhone 5c, a re-skinned version of the iPhone 5, (compare for yourself) have seemingly spurred Apple to release a cheaper 8GB version. The official announcement from Apple has happened, but UK telecom O2 has dropped the ball early, offering the 8GB iPhone 5c for £409.99, £100 cheaper than the 16GB model. Apple UK's official pricing is a little dearer than O2's. There are no differences between the 8 and 16GB model, outside of the reduced storage size. The discontinued ...

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LG G Flex review: curve appeal

SAMSUNG CSC The world's first curved phone, the LG G Flex, is not great. It's an average Android phone with a major issue: the display. Also, it's sluggish in places where it really shouldn't be. And its one selling point, the curved screen, is average at best. What I have in my hand is a cool template, or prototype for a phone that will one day be a must-buy. But what LG's trying to sell here is proof-of-concept, and I for one ...

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New Samsung accessories turn Galaxy Core Advance into personal radar

OS Samsung's Galaxy Core Advance isn't the latest phone but it is the first in our knowledge to get hearing and visual aids like these. Here's the three brand new accessories for the Galaxy Core Advanced: an ultrasonic cover that "detects obstacles and navigate unfamiliar places", an optical scan stand and a Voice Label assistant. These three accessories may look odd to us, but each one does what it sets out to. Firstly, the Ultrasonic Cover. This ones the most ingenious of the lot, ...

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It’s ‘final testing’ time for Sim City’s fabled offline mode

New New York "Almost there Mayors" tweeted Sim City, signifying that yes, the time for offline city building is nigh. Update 10 is in final testing. Almost there Mayors.— SimCity (@simcity) March 12, 2014 For Sim City players, this is where the real news begins. Update 10 is the legendary offline mode, which allows players to play Sim City offline. It's how it should have always been, but great things come to those who wait. Offline mode was first discussed back in January 2014 ...

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iOS 7.1 makes iPhone 4 faster, fitter, happier

iPhone 4 Well, nothing can make hardware happier, but we'll be happier, and that's what counts. Is everything old, new again? According to independent tests run by ArsTechnica, iOS 7.1 should make the iPhone 4 a little nippier. The site says that "Apple does it's best", but there's only so much that can be done with the now ancient (in tech terms) CPU. ArsTechnica's results: No one was fazed when iOS 7 hit the older iPhones such as the 4 and 4S. Performance ...


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