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Fun-sized Portabee GO 3D printer costs a mere $595

portabee_go_1 3D printers are not known for their ease of portability, up until now perhaps. The Portabee GO is a new fully-portable, foldable 3D printer that claims to be the tiniest of its kind thus far. It's fully portable, which means users can transport the device much like one can with laptops and other electronics. When the US$595 GO is folded, it looks more like an extravagant cigarette lighter than a printer. Although not as compact as a smartphone, it's less bulky ...


The human factor: Japan’s hyper-realistic androids breach the digital divide

robo The idea of human-like robots have always been the stuff of tech legend. The theme of robots acting as humans and containing a consciousness, a concept that is still abstract to us and science, has been explored in the narratives of many books, movies and games (A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Bicentennial Man, I Robot, Terminator) and is no longer a subject of fiction, but now a concern of reality. Until now, attempts to create such androids have been rather disappointing. Yet now, ...

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Someone leaked 42 screenshots from ‘The Last of Us: Remastered’

TLOUR The Last of Us: Remastered drops 29 July 2014, or next week Tuesday. Therefore, excuse me if I become giddier than usual. To add fuel to an already roaring fire, gaming forum NeoGAF has gone and added 42 screenshots from The Last of Us: Remastered.  Inspecting the dimensions of each screenshot reveals a 1920x1080 (full HD) image resolution, which is what development house Naughty Dog has promised that The Last of Us: Remastered will natively run at. Some of the images ...

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Xbox One August update turns console into Facebook, also adds 3D Blu-ray playback

xbox august update It's Xbox One update time again and this August the new Xbox Feedback portal has been put to good use, according to Larry Hyrb and Jeff Rubenstein. Painstakingly sifting through these suggestions and complaints, Microsoft's Xbox crew is now tending to its customers needs, improving the gameplay, social experience and user-friendliness of the Xbox One and its backend, in the forthcoming patch. Alongside the console's new 3D Blu-ray playback superpower (turning it into the all-conquering media player it ought to be), ...


Games without borders: 9 heroes who break the ‘gruff white guy’ mould

ISS Ah, diversity. That often neglected, yet all important topic that is jumping to the forefront of many a gaming argument these days. Following the recent E3 2014 showcase, it was incredibly obvious that many game developers still don’t get it. Oh what’s that Ubisoft? It was just too hard to include a female assassin in Assassins Creed: Unity? Yes, you’re right, we’re mysterious creatures that require years of research before we could possibly be included in any video game (especially since ...

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PS4 becomes June’s best-selling next-gen console as software sales slide

sony wins For six months in a row, Sony's PS4 has been the best-selling next-generation console in the U.S., reads a self-congratulatory tweet from the official PlayStation twitter account. Despite Xbox One sales "more than doubling" in June, the PS4 still beats Microsoft's console in hardware sales. This tweet comes in hot-on-the-heels of the latest NDP Group report, says Venturebeat. Breaking news: PS4 is #1 top-selling US next-gen console in June, 6th month in a row. Thanks for your support! <3 — PlayStation ...

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Killstreak confirmed: Microsoft shuttering Xbox Entertainment Studios

Xbox Originals Logo The 18 000 job cuts announced by Satya Nadella earlier this week weren't going to go unnoticed, but Microsoft, for all intents and purposes, is on one massive rampage. After the newly-bought Nokia Devices and Services division suffered the first blow, the company is now slaying its under-performing Xbox Entertainment Studios. Just like the Nokia-Android X debacle, this move doesn't seem much of a surprise either. The division has been at pains to draw interest or projects in its relatively brief ...

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7 improvements that would make Windows 9 the best Microsoft OS ever

windows 9 leaked start menu There's a myth around the tech world that Microsoft follows up its blockbuster OS with universally hated sequels. This theory seems to bear true when looking at its dismal track record. Starting at Windows 95, the crash-happy 98 soon followed. Windows XP, in turn, was ceded by the unstable and heavily bloated Windows Vista. And now, Microsoft's most successful OS of all, Windows 7, is overthrown by Windows 8, a version destined to become its most hated OS ever. It's not ...

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13-year old kid makes most adorable ‘Google Glass’ clone yet

DIY Glass Google Glass, one of the best-known and desirable examples of wearable tech is sadly, also the most lambasted. But what if there was a cutesy, hobbyist version to fall in love with? That's where 13-year old inventor Clay Haight's DIY "Google Glass" comes into play. With an Arduino microboard, a battery and a 3D-printed glass frame, Haight's done something that Google Glass might never accomplish: made wearable tech cool. After following instructions from hobbyist site Makezine, Haight quickly went to work on his ...

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Dying Nokia X range ditches Android for Windows as Microsoft cull continues

Nokia X2 lead Well, here's an unsurprising surprise. Microsoft's big boss, Satya Nadella has announced that Nokia's Android-based X range will ditch Android as its OS in favour of Windows. This means that the Nokia X2 will be the last Android phone the company will (likely ever) offer. Microsoft, in its bid to "evolve", has lined up some 18 000 job cuts in the coming months, with more than a third of those coming from the newly integrated Nokia Devices and Services division. Another ...


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