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Google’s smart home is now open as Nest API seeds to eager devs

nest developer Nest Labs, the smart thermostat manufacturer, today opened its hardware platform for developers, making Nest the centre of Google's smart home ecosystem. Purchased by Google for a hefty US$3.2-billion earlier this year, Nest has chiefly produced smoke detectors and smart thermostats connected to the internet. But thanks to the rapidly growing home automation market that includes Apple's HomeKit and Quirky's Wink among others, Nest will be the de facto Google command hub in the home. Google, curiously enough, is labeled by WSJ ...

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Nokia X2 versus Nokia X: here’s whats new

Nokia X2 lead Anyone purchase the Nokia X? For those who held out, well done. For today Nokia announces the X2, a shinier, slightly bigger sequel to the X, the company's first Android phone. We didn't really know what the differences were between the Nokia X and the X2, but a quick comparison (via GSMArena) sorted us out. Display: the resolution remains the same at 800x430, but screen size increases from 4 to 4.3". Memory: RAM jumps from 512MB to 1GB Mobile internet: It's the same HSDPA ...

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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition $5 right now on the Steam Summer Sale

Steam summer sale The best part of the Steam Summer Sale could be happening right now. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition has been discounted from US$19.99 to US$4.99. It's an incredible bargain for what is a brilliant game, one that many have arguably agreed is better than its sequel, Dark Souls II (there's a great comparison article on INCgamers). Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition contains the full Dark Souls game, which is fair but difficult -- and I say this only as a player whose sunk well ...

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10 Samsung Galaxy S6 features we’d love to see

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint Samsung's rolled out its flagship phone of 2014, the Galaxy S5 - a smartphone that will place a sales headlock on most of the existing top brands in the smartphone market. Of course, the Galaxy S5’s lifespan is far from over but then, change is key in the world of technology. So Samsung won't remain complacent with its 2014 innovations. With Apple set to unfurl the iPhone 6 this year, Samsung has more reason to heat the market up with its ...

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Pre-orders for Japan’s Xbox One ‘Day One’ edition gone with the wind

XB1D1 Microsoft's story in Japan is a bitter one. Both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 performed poorly in the land of the rising sun, and were unable to compete with Japan's console champion, Sony's PlayStation. The Xbox One, Microsoft's latest console may fare a little better, as there's already reports of the machine selling out (of pre-orders), says Dualshockers (via a Japanese blog featuring a cute dog in a sweater). The following statement from Japanese retail store Games Maya says how ...

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Nintendo used Phillips gesture-control patents, rules UK court

wii remotes A UK court has officially ruled Nintendo guilty of infringing two patents belonging to Philips, both inherent in its Wii range of consoles. This is the first of four lawsuits filed against the gaming giant. The judgement, handed down by the High Court of Justice (of England and Wales) last week, ruled that Nintendo's Wii and Wii U consoles use technologies that Dutch electronics company Philips owns. The first regards a motion and gesture-controlled tracking system while the second covers devices ...

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Nvidia-powered HTC Volantis is the new and possibly last Nexus tablet

HTC Volantis Nexus 9 After an epic weekend leak, multiple sources are now reporting that HTC will manufacture Google's latest Nexus tablet. In fact, the device dubbed the HTC "Volantis" already exists, according to Android Police. The Android-centric blog claims the tablets will start at US$399, pitting it directly against the 8.4" Samsung Galaxy Tab S. HTC's Volantis (codenamed "Flounder") -- which will likely be called the Nexus 9 prior to release -- will pack some sterling hardware too. Nvidia's Logan SoC will be at the ...


5 ways Apple’s smart home will drastically affect your life

Apple home 1 Recently, Apple held its much-awaited Worldwide Developers Conference 2014, which has put a stop to a lot of rumour and speculation. The Cupertino-based giant was expected to introduce a ground-breaking innovation designed to improve all of our lives.. so another stock-standard Apple product, basically. Or so we thought. Now we know that the new set of gizmos is known as "HomeKit". With the release of iOS 8 bundled with HomeKit, we can say for sure (without laying the drama too thick) ...


6 iPad Air 2 mockup photos that could be real

ipad air 2 lead Are these photos real, does it even matter at this point? As the weeks tick by, we inch ever closer to a new Apple product, be it an iWatch, iPhone or another iPad. Today, care of the usually reliable french tech site Nowhereelse, we have these surprise shots of an iPad Air 2, a mockup according to the source. There's a lot of truth in these images, despite the shaky source material. Behold, TouchID now replaces the Home button and ...

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Valve’s Steam Summer Sale comes early, has added Adventure mode

farcry 3 steam summer Gamers upset that Valve hasn't actually officially launched its Steam Machine platform yet, can today take comfort in the company's massive annual Steam Summer Sale. Valve, through its Steam store, is offering discounts on "thousands" of gaming titles for the next ten days. Although the sale is earlier than last year's, the company will still be offering its customary daily deals, community choice sales and a sales-orientated meta-game, allowing members to win additional titles. This year, eight-hour flash sales also join the ...


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