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WhatsApp for Android increases security, lets us pay for friends’ subscriptions

WhatsApp large WhatsApp for Android gains a global update today which adds a fair number of time saving and security features. New additions include changing the "last seen" status, which will be handy for those who want to keep their last chat timestamps private from others. Also, the ability to add a nice, chunky Video thumbnail certainly makes the chats look more accessible. Other notable features include setting the privacy for statues and the option to pay for a friends WhatsApp subscription. Are ...

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Thief review: pilfered problems

Thief lead When the original Thief arrived on PCs in 1998, it was something of a revelation. Understated yet involved, quiet yet resonant, you were Garrett the master thief. The world you explored was oozing in atmosphere and informed by rich mythology. You had water arrows to extinguish flickering candlelight from afar, moss arrows to quieten your step and a sword lest you came face to face with a guard. It was simply made, but beautifully conceived, and the onus was on ...

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Neil Young launches US$399 Pono Music player to ‘save us from MP3s’

Pono MP3 players are all the rage, according to legendary musician Neil Young, who's about to launch his first US$399 (not a typo) music device, named PonoMusic. Unlike the US$10 MP3 player you can buy down at the Kwik-E-Mart, PonoMusic reportedly offers the best sound reproduction in an audio device yet, in conjunction with Ayre acoustics. For US$399 we're getting 128GB storage (with a slot for memory cards), equivalent to 1 000 to 2 000 high-resolution songs, give or take. PonoMusic's offering ...


Fujitsu’s X923 is the all-in-one business PC that’s always turned on

Fujitsu Imagine having a desktop PC you never have to turn off? Of course, many PC's since the late nineties have had a low-power or "sleep" mode but Fujitsu's Esprimo X923 range ramps it up a notch says Engadget. By turning off applications when not in use, these 23-inch touchscreen PCs enter LPAM (Low Power Active Mode) and consume close to nil-power. And this still beats traditional sleep modes as Fujitsu's PC is always accessing the network, even when in LPAM. Outside ...

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‘Titanfall’ won’t launch in South Africa: here’s why

Titanfall Titanfall is without a doubt, the most exciting online shooter of the next-gen consoles. Killzone: Shadowfall was generic nonsense while Call of Duty: Ghosts was simply an upscaled port. While Titanfall will soon see a release around the world, South Africa won't be joining in on the mech-related shooting. Why? Here's what EA says regarding Titanfall's South Africa release: This is only half the story though, because despite South Africa's reputation for having "terrible" internet (out of 188 countries, we're number 129 ...

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Fitbit Flex review: the smart fitness tracker that will get you off the couch

Flex and phone Today, I walked. I left my car at home and opted for the bus so I could sneak in some extra steps before work. When I was faced with the choice of the stairs or the escalator, I took the long way up. Last week, instead of faceplanting into the comforting embrace of YouTube and my couch, I opted for a walk along the beach front. There is just one thing to blame for this change in my routine: it’s ...


Miracle Machine really turns water to wine

MM Wine drinkers, smartphone owners, rejoice and drink in the fruits of your success. The Miracle Machine is real (pricey) and guaranteed to impress hipsters and wine imbibers. For roughly the price of an iPhone 5s, we can soon turn water into wine via our iOS or Android phones. Too good to be true? Not really. While the winemaking machine is still in the funding stages (so it may not make it to our reality), it'll cost US$499 when it eventually ...

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Latest OS X update enables native 4K resolution

Apple 4k Apple's OS X update 10.9.3 was released to developers last week who have now revealed that it will enable scaling to accommodate 4K monitors by default. This means that viewers will have a similar resolution to Apple's much-acclaimed Retina display, found in the iPad and iPhones, on a massive TV monitor. Given some technical knowhow, you'll be able to simulate Retina display also known as HiDPI. With this latest update, however, it seems Apple is hoping to push 4K resolution output ...

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K-Glass beats Google Glass by copying the way our brains work

K-Glass Want a faster, better, happier Google Glass clone? Then snatch up K-Glass, when it releases, as it's got CPU that's 30 times faster than Google Glass says BEtech. The boffins at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) say that the K-Glass has an insanely low-powered head-mounted display combined with an augmented reality chip and a running time that is 3 to 12 times longer than Google Glass. Also, K-Glass copies our brains. To decrease power usage, K-Glass' CPU imitates our brains ...

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5 Android/iOS games we can’t stop playing

addictive mobile games Addiction is a terrible thing. Except when it comes to games. We wholeheartedly support gaming and gear addiction, and these five games are still burning down our batteries. When will it ever end? Hopefully never. Flappy Bird (no longer available for download) Addictive is an understatement when it comes to Flappy Bird. You take control of a flying bird (more like a tennis ball with a face and wings), navigating it through the pixel-art retro world, taking caution not to hit the ...


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