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Alcatel 2000X review: the new Nokia 3310

2000x Here's a strange one, a phone that's not a phone, but is only a phone. Meet Alcatel's 2000X, a phone with a bright and cheery 2.4-inch screen, a radio, charging cradle and... well, it makes calls and sends texts? The 2000X isn't your usual smartphone, because it's not a smartphone. What we have here, is a throwback to the good old days. But ladies and gentlefolk, what we have here is a phone with a two-week long battery life. Plus, ...


The instant messaging shootout: BBM, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Viber

BBM Instant Messaging apps would be great material for a spaghetti western. You can almost picture it; the five big guns in the west are set to meet in a sunset duel to the death. Each one brings its all to the table, staring down its four contenders in a steely eyed Mexican stand-off. As the old saying goes –"this town simply isn't big enough for the five of us." But let’s head back to reality: In the real world, a duel between ...


Office 365 Android SDK ready for eager developers to tinker with

office 365 Microsoft's being extra generous today and is offering the Office 365 Android SDK, for free. Users can download it directly from GitHub, as announced today by Microsoft from its SharePoint conference. With the Office 365 SDK, developers can integrate Office functionality into any Android app, provided they have the requisite SharePoint programming chops. There's a blog post to get developers started with, which suggests a few cool ideas such as placing an interactive quiz inside a polling app, and using SharePoint ...

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Take that, Nokia: Oppo teases a 50MP camera on its new phone

Find 7 Nokia's been king of the smartphone cameras with its 41MP PureView creation for a while now... but it seems Chinese manufacturer Oppo wants to change that. In the run up to the launch of its Find 7 smartphone, the company has shared a test shot to show off the phone's camera -- and it's quite an image. While the subject matter isn't as impressive as the type of aerial shots Nokia took to showcase the Lumia 1020's abilities, it is a ...

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Xbox Live features reportedly coming to iOS and Android games

xbox live In a post first spotted by The Verge, Microsoft is flirting with the idea of pushing Xbox Live functionality to iOS and Android games, making it an alternative (and competitor) to Google's Play games and Apple's Game Center. Xbox Live is currently limited to Xbox consoles and Windows Phone games with one exception. As it stands, the only app available on iOS and Android which has Xbox Live features is the free-to-play word puzzle game Wordament. iOS and Android users can ...


PS4 has sold 6-million consoles, 13.7-million games so far

PS4 main console Since the inception and launch of Sony's next-gen console, the PS4 has sold a staggering 6-million units and 13.7-million games in a scant four months across 57 countries says Venturebeat. Sony's got even more stats to share, mostly to do with the "Share" button embedded into the new gamepad. Over 100-million shares have been "captured" by gamers, with 56-million Twitch feeds viewed. For something that we doubted would work (especially in this hellish quagmire of South African internet), we're glad to ...

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The iPhone 1: Apple’s sour start

Apple lead When the first iPhone launched in 2007, most of us who remember owning one can attest to its (at the time) revolutionary features. It was a touchscreen phone that worked well, looked great and did stuff others phones couldn't at the time. In 2014, we have choice now, a choice largely broadened by the iPhone 1. It had issues though, ones that Bob Borchers, its former senior director of product marketing even going as far as to call it "okay" ...


Details emerge for Cortana, the ‘Siri’ for Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana 1 "So you did miss me." says neon-blue computer AI Cortana to Master Chief. And soon, she'll say it to us as well. Cortana's making the leap from fiction to fact as Microsoft prepares to introduce its answer to Apple's Siri, a voice-controlled personal assistant, namely the titular Cortana. Thanks to The Verge, we now know how Cortana will look and how we'll interact with it. So say goodbye to the built-in Bing voice search as this is what Microsoft will replace ...

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New Samsung Chromebook gets faux cowhide facelift

Leather chromebook Samsung's design influences are now going to extend from the Galaxy Note III to the new Chromebook 2, as we've seen some sneaky shots of the new leather wrapped internet-only laptop, and it's a sight to behold. These images come directly from EVleaks, a twitter account that's been mostly spot-on when it's come to leaky products shots. The picture was accompanied by this tweet: Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 design language marches on... — @evleaks (@evleaks) March 1, 2014 Chromebook's are laptops that only ...

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Google Glass updates end as KitKat approaches

Oogle Glasses lead Bad and good news approaches Google Glass wearers. Glass owners who are seemingly puzzled about the lack of a February XE software update can rest easy, because the world's most coveted wearable gains an upgrade from Ice Cream Sandwich to KitKat, says Glass Almanac. In a private forum posting, which we can't access due to the sad fact that we're not Glass Explorers, Glass Guide Teresa Zazenski says, The pace isn’t changing and we’re still committed to regular updates for Glass – ...


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