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Google Glass finally available on Play Store but remains overpriced

Google Glass Google Glass, the wearable everyone loves to hate, is now available to purchase via the Google Play Store. But it should be noted that the US$1500 gadget will only be available for those in the US and a few other countries. South Africans, you'll have to wait a little longer. Previously, Glass hopefuls had to apply for "Explorer" (or beta) status, and were then handed the glorious gadget but now it's available to all, Explorer, developer or not. Those hoping that ...

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iPhone 6 rumour round-up: two days until Apple reveals its secrets

Apple iPhone The iPhone 6, the phone everyone simultaneously hates and loves, is coming. But when will it launch, what will it look like and will you have the money to afford one? We've rounded up the more interesting iPhone 6 rumours floating in the sticky net of the interwebs, so keep coming back to this page as we update it when a rumour decides to pan out. All news at the top of the post is the latest development the iPhone ...

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AOC 29″ UltraWide Monitor Review: wide, beautiful but expensive

Widescreen 1 The Philips 29" P-Line monitor spoiled me in terms of the ultra widescreen experience, so I was delighted to be offered the chance to review a competitive model, the 29" AOC Q2963PM UltraWide. I had only vaguely heard of AOC to be honest, and had never used any of their products, so the opportunity to explore yet another brand I hadn't much experience with was a welcome one. You wouldn't think you would need something as big as a 21:9 widescreen until ...

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Indie survival horror Among the Sleep might not come to Xbox One

Among the sleep If there's one console the internet likes to hate on, it's the Xbox One, cheekily referred to as "Xbone" by internet trolls, haters and Buzzfeed readers. These feelings are not baseless, and stem from Microsoft's poor handling of the Xbox One upon launch, as well as hundreds of other gaffs. Now, stringent Xbox One policies (revealed by GamingBolt) has prohibited independent gaming studio Krillbrite Studios from publishing its startlingly good game Among the Sleep on Microsoft's console. Microsoft's policy is as such: for ...

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Motorola family welcomes Moto X, G, 360 plus ‘near invisible’ Bluetooth earpiece for funsies

moto X launch Samsung, Sony and now Motorola is next in the month of continuous launches. The former Google-owned brand has increased its mobile family by three, adding the X, the G and (finally) the Moto 360 to its stable. Alongside the important additions, the company has also unveiled a Bluetooth earpiece (yes, one of those things) and a mini-power brick -- which works like any other external power brick. But to the interesting hardware we go. The Moto X is by far the most ...

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Samsung launches Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Gear S and Gear VR

Note Lead Samsung, bless its soul, always puts so much effort into its launches and the arrival of the Note 4 is no different. From the moment the show begun at IFA 2014, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that this was a Samsung event, as a music band played the Samsung jingle with a Note 4 music app. Then, an entire orchestra joined in, all to play that jingle. I fully expect neon covered dancers to appear later on. Samsung's ...


Dyson launches robot vacuum cleaner that knows where it needs to clean

Dyson You know too well how the advertorial goes, a new product that thinks highly of itself ridicules an old one and accuses it of being incompetent, outdated and obsolete. The advertorial will show you the product being manufactured by many hands just to make the point that the product is a superior product than its predecessor. But, often, it is all just antics to kick dust into the eyes of the consumer. Dyson 360 inventor James Dyson spews his own ...

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Sony launches sleek smartphone & tablet Z3 series: fat cameras, waterproof, beefy batteries

Xperia-Familia Just confirming rumours of old, Sony just launched a fresh duo of sleek smartphones -- the 5.2” flagship Xperia Z3 and the 4.6” Compact. Both phones scream premium with their aluminium frames and snazzy tempered glass panels. There's also the Z3 Tablet Compact which is a slim 8-incher. As presented in the press video (see below), the Z3 series focuses on a couple of key features: the devices are waterproof, have fat cameras, and strong battery life. Before we discuss the ...

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Intel, Opening Ceremony unveil $1000 smartband for supermodels

MICA intel smartband Guess who just crashed the wearable party? Intel, partnering with fashion company Open Ceremony, has finally unveiled the MICA fashion-first smartband that was announced back in January. The microchip maker was largely in charge of the electronics while Open Ceremony's design team took care of aesthetics. The result is something so snazzy that the companies needed a pair of supermodels to showcase it. And what's more -- it'll likely set buyers back a full US$1000 once its released. It seems just as ...

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Chinese vision: Baidu reveals Google Glass-killer to the public

baidu eye Google Glass has caused more than a bit of a stir in both the technological and social spheres recently. As if the social stigma wasn't enought, the device was found to cost nearly ten times its manufacturing cost, rendering it even less appealing. This is where Baidu and its "Eye" comes in. The Chinese search engine's answer to the smart wearable is anything unlike Glass. It has no screen, it has no stigma (not yet anyway) and it won't likely creep ...


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