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Sony testing new PS4 firmware and UI says twitter tipster Tidux

PS4 logo The user interface of the PS4 is about to change, says the often spot-on twitter tipster Tidux. Apparently "over 100 people" are working on the plain-jane UI of the PS4, but there's no word on what exactly will be tweaked. Tidux also mentions that he's currently testing PS4 firmware, according to a later tweet. Gamepur broke the news, and is in agreement with Tidux, saying that he has a great track record when it comes to leaking industry news. @SnakePLISSK3N Over ...


Blackberry phones gain Amazon’s Android app store with BB 10.3 OS launch

Blackberry Z30_02 WM BlackBerry sealed a deal with Amazon on Wednesday that will allow its mobile device users to access the online retail giant's Android app store. The agreement comes as a last ditch effort by the Ontario-based company to retain its ever-dwindling customer base. It just might work, but we're not holding our breath. The Amazon Android app store is set to launch on BlackBerry 10 devices as soon as the company rolls out its BlackBerry 10.3 operating system this fall. Although smartphone users ...

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AirDog action sports drone will let us view life in the third-person

airdog 1 The one feature dearly lacking on GoPro action cameras is a set of wings. But the developers behind the AirDog have likely solved that problem with the creation of the "world's first auto-follow action sports drone" designed to film the user from high above. The US$995 AirDog is a waterproof, foldable, quad-copter drone that has a quirkily attractive LEGO-like appearance, but features a gyro-stabilised gimbal that reduces camera shake while automatically adjusting pitch and yaw. It's serious machinery, developed by Helico ...

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Amazon’s Fire Phone: with Firefly, it scans and identifies real-world objects

amazon-firephone The Fire Phone has just been unveiled and it seems like one big party of goodies. It has interesting features such as Firefly, which uses the camera to recognise everyday objects like books, art, CDs, songs and product labels - and then show you how to buy them, and Dynamic Perspective, which creates the illusion of 3D visuals on the device. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who revealed the gadget on Wednesday, says the company has been in the hardware space for ...

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Murdered: Soul Suspect review | one foot in the grave

MSS 3 I had high hopes for Murdered: Soul Suspect when I saw the original trailers and gameplay demos -- it was what appeared to be a cross between a ghost story and an old school detective novel. A ghost detective bent on discovering the identity of his own murderer, who wouldn't love that idea? Unfortunately Murdered: Soul Suspect doesn’t quite live up to the fantasy. What could have been an intriguing and complex tale of murder coupled with the tragedy of dying ...

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This ingenious device lets you send scents and odours from your iPhone

LE LABORATOIRE / OPHONE If the world thought constant uploads of meals to the internet was a thing of the past, they may soon have to deal with more than just pictures. Cambridge-based start up Vapor Communications, has developed the oPhone, a device that literally allows its users to receive photographs with odours. The unique project this week launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, with inventors David Edwards and Rachel Field yesterday sending the first scent message across the Atlantic. The device is available to early ...

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Amazon 3D phones, thin Kindles: what to expect from the #AmazonEvent

amazon-logo Amazon is releasing an awesome new device. According to the guinea pigs shown in a teaser video released last week, it's also "super awesome," "amazing" and "very real life". Recent leaks suggest that the device has been built in a not-so-secret-anymore lab called Lab126 among other gadgets such as a "remarkably thin" Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and a Square-like credit-card reader. Bloomberg Businessweek have opened a can of worms when it started picking up the scent of Amazon's alleged secret R&D ...

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Hearthstone $10 000 tournament hit with chat message controversy

dreamhack hearthstone final Blizzard's mobile collectible card game, Hearthstone, has proven a wildly popular game, to the point that there are competitions where the prize money can be as much as US$10 000. One such tournament, hosted by DreamHack, ended yesterday, but the winner Radu 'RDU' Dima has come under a cloud judgement due to some dubious messages he received from friends during the finals. Here is the full match The final score was 3-0, but during the second game Dima received messages from his ...

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 review: a neat but flawed lens

Sony DSC QX10 The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 looks and sounds like something 007 might get in the next James Bond movie. However, the camera-in-a-lens might get Bond into some trouble, because what the device has in looks and design can not make up for some cumbersome performance issues. While Sony should be applauded for trying something new to bolster point-and-shoot camera sales, the device is unfortunately, found wanting. The QX10 is officially called a "lens-sensor module" by Sony -- an all-in-one camera in the form ...

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Glance turns any classic timepiece into a TV-controlling smartwatch

glance Smartwatches have saturated the wearables market this year, but many consumers won't part with their expensive and stylish timepieces just to receive a few notifications. Enter Glance, the wrist-mounted accessory that turns any old strap or watch into a wrist-mounted smart device. The US$70 Glance, developed by Toronto-based Kiwi Wearables Technology, has garnered only a third of its Kickstarter funding goal, but it's more promising than these statistics would suggest. The company's previous endeavour birthed the Kiwi Move, an app-centric wearable ...


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