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  • Microsoft Band is a cross-platform fitness coach with sensors galore

    After what seems like months of speculation and rumours, Microsoft has finally outed its smart wearable to the world and well, its lazily named. The “Microsoft Band” claims its tiny piece of the overcrowded wearables market by working with all major mobile operating systems, and we love Microsoft for this. Android, iOS and Windows Phone are all compatible with the wristwear, while retailing for a considerably scant US$200. Sensors galore Although the device looks more like a futuristic festival pass, it harbours some interesting features, including the “Intelligence Engine”, or Cortana’s mute little text-projecting sibling. The band hasn’t a speaker, so any...

  • PS Plus November lineup leaks: includes ‘The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’, ‘Escape Plan’ and ‘Luftrausers’

    It’s that time of the month again when the free PlayStation Plus games are leaked. What’s on the cards for November? We’ve got the full list of games below, as well as a leaky games lineup video care of All Trailers. Remember, you’ll need an active PS Plus subscription to play these or any “free” games downloaded in the past. Without PS Plus, your games are locked behind Sony’s paywall. PS4 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Steamworld Dig. PS3 Luftrausers and  Frozen Synapse Prime. PS Vita Escape Plan and The Hungry Horde.

  • The Xbook Duo is the first, and only backwards compatible Xbox One

    We’ve seen some Frankenstein monster consoles in the wild before, with tinkerers shoving every conceivable system into one tiny box, but what if one doesn’t want Sony or Nintendo crashing the party? Well, here’s the latest DIY attempt at solving the Xbox One’s backward compatibility hate once and for all, and it’s epic. The Xbook Duo melds the power of the Xbox One with the post-gen fun of the Xbox 360 into a portable, relatively compact (compared to the Xbox One’s case, at least) form factor. Its father, Eddie Zarick, merely constructed it as proof of concept and the system...

  • Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse review: weapon of choice

    Input is important. Without a keyboard and mouse (two extremely antiquated but necessary forms of input we’re still clinging onto), a computer is next to useless. Sure, there are gamepads, Kinect and a whack of other peripherals, but computer control is defined by the humble mouse and keyboard. These are also the two objects that are rarely upgraded by the user. Well, Logitech’s impressively named G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse is here to change that as it’s most definitely the best mouse for gaming or serious business shite. What I liked The G402 is above all, one of the most responsive...

  • PS4 update 2.0 is here and we can (finally) change themes, play MP3s

    The PS3 is a fantastic media device, as well as a stellar games machine. The PS4 is top-notch gaming console, but a poor media player, chiefly because it can’t stream video and audio like the PS3 can. Hell, the PS4 couldn’t even play MP3s, up until today that is. With the launch of PS4 firmware update 2.0, Sony’s machine can finally play MP3s, change themes, upload video clips direct to YouTube and use a mouse to control certain games. This seems like Sony’s first step in turning the PS4 into a gaming PC, minus the infinite possibilities only a PC can...

  • Google X plans to take over you bloodstream with disease-detecting nanotechnology

    Remember Osmosis Jones — the movie in which Chris Rock plays an animated white blood cell hunting down a germ within Bill Murray’s body? It sounds gross, but it was pretty awesome. Google X, the Mountain View giant’s mad scientist division, clearly gained some inspiration from this flick, because it is now developing blood-borne nanotechnology that will seek out some of the most destructive diseases known to human beings, before the diseases have time to cause major damage. Google X isn’t exactly a stranger to sci-fi advances in the medical field either. Remember the glucose-monitoring contact lenses that were developed a...

  • Meet Alice’s Dystopia: South Africa’s first all-female ‘League of Legends’ team

    In a world dominated by males between the age of 15 and 25, League of Legends suffers from an identity crisis. Although it’s one of the world’s most popular MMORPGs, about 90% of the user base roots itself in this static demographic, so coming across a group that bucks this trend is both refreshing and groundbreaking. MaDHatter’s Alice’s Dystopia, as noted on the team’s offical page, is “the first all female League of Legends team in South Africa to climb their way up the ranks of the League elo,” and my, they kick ass. At rAge 2014‘s three exhibition matches,...

  • Amiko launches wearable device for medicine bottles, asthma inhalers

    We’re pretty sick of wearables all doing the same things, like pretending to be watches or turn spectacle wearers into obnoxious, privacy-violating trolls. But a new startup, Amiko, may have just developed the most important wearable we’ve seen thus far. It’s a unique wearable activity tracker that “wraps around medicine packaging” — essentially a personal medication assistant. While other wearables monitor patient’s health, Amiko aims to inform, alert and remind the patient to take the right dosage of medication and alerts the patient should the medication run low. This all sounds pretty pointless, and frankly, it isn’t exactly a wearable in...

  • iPod Classic axed ’cause costs and lack of parts says Apple CEO Tim Cook

    This is a quick story, but a good one. Want to know why the iPod Classic was discontinued? We’ve got the answer right from Apple CEO Tim Cook. Well, a tweet that quotes Cook at the WSJD event held earlier this week. Tweet is at the bottom of the article. Tim Cook: iPod Classic was discontinued because they couldn’t get the parts. And not worth designing a whole new one. — Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) October 28, 2014 Fascinating stuff but it’s horrible for public relations. As The Verge says, Apple could force any company to keep producing parts for it but Cook...

  • Windows 93 is Windows 95’s drunk cousin, but we love it anyway

    What was your first version of Windows? I remember it like it was yesterday — good old, unreliable, crash-prone Windows 98. For those who remember a time when Windows 95 was top of the pops, this might make you a bit nostalgic. A webpage uncovered by one of The Verge‘s employees when they were supposed to be hard at work, displays and runs the lost version of Windows — Windows 93. Built with JavaScript and CSS, this looks suspiciously like a rather elaborate coding project. Featuring gems like an ASCII rendition of Star Wars, countless memes of hamsters with machine guns,...

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