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Gorilla Glass 3 polished up at CES 2012

Put your trust in the Gorilla The most important part of our devices, namely the screen, is getting even tougher with the introduction of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Next week at CES 2012, Corning plans to launch the third iteration of its life-saving screen technology. Corning will also introduce a new range of Optic Cables which "extend data transmission range past the limits of copper-based cables”, whatever that means. Some digging reveals information for Gorilla Glass 3. Engadget says that the new ...

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Exynos vulnerability patch start rolling out for Samsung Galaxy S3

A security issue that leaves certain Samsung devices, powered by the Exynos processor, vulnerable to hacking has been patched. The patch was released today for Galaxy owners in the UK, and should soon be available in other countries. This security issue was first discovered in December 2012 and after a couple of days Samsung acknowledged the issue, promising a resolution as soon as possible. According to SamMobile the issue caused a Samsung device's physical memory to be open to almost any ...

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‘Lightest and most efficient’ solar chargers developed for military use

Alta Devices is one of two US startups that have been producing lightweight solar charging devices for a few years now. While breaking some records along the way, it has now produced what it claims is the lightest solar charging mat available. Weighing no more than 0.11 kgs and a little larger than an A4 piece of paper, it is durable and military strong. But it won’t be long before this type of solar charging mobility finds its way to ...


Get stuck into the top games of 2013

gta5cover2-1 After a year in which almost no original titles came out, 2013 brings the gaming industry back to good form with a strong mix of sequels, expansions and original titles. Watch Dogs (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Watch Dogs could get overlooked as a futuristic GTA, and that would be a huge shame. Its core mechanic is hacking -- and the ability to control the city unlike anything you’ve seen before. Tap into cellphones, control traffic lights and bridges, turn off surveillance ...

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Android no more: Samsung devices get Tizen in 2013

For certain new Samsung phones, 2013 is going to be the year of Tizen, a newish mobile OS developed by Samsung, Linux and Intel. Samsung had very little to say, issuing a lean sliver information for us to work off. “We plan to release new, competitive Tizen devices within this year and will keep expanding the lineup depending on market conditions,” said the South Korean electronic giant. Tizen, like Android and the upcoming Ubuntu mobile, is an open-source OS that’ll run ...

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25 of the most addictive Android games, old and new

Machinarium Death Rally - Free There's a damn good reason Death Race has been knocking around for so long. It's an intensely addictive title with very little fluff, just good 'ol gameplay. Death Race is an effortless joy to play and on higher-specced Android devices it approaches arcade perfection. Race, shoot, kill, standard stuff but done with a lick of class. Cafeteria Nipponica - US$5 The insane geniuses behind Game Dev Story have popped out Cafeteria Nipponica and guess what? It's as addictive as ...

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CuBox Pro: The square fit-in-your-pocket computer

Israeli start-up SolidRun has produced the CuBox, a square, cramped version of a “real" PC. An open-source mini computer, it has an 800-megahertz dual-issue ARM PJ4 processor that uses the ARMv7 chip design and codes in 32-bit. Using just three watts of power it can display full high-definition video at 1080p and would be perfect with its small size as a media center, thin client, XBMC console, network attached storage device, or anything else you want, according to the SolidRun ...

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Tech predictions for 2013: Apple’s ‘iTV’

Apple 'iTV' With 2012 done and dusted, our attention turns to the upcoming year and what innovation the major players will bring to the table. One of our tech predictions for 2013, may see Apple entering the television manufacturing market with a self-branded TV set. The idea of Apple producing a line of televisions shouldn't seem that foreign a notion, considering the Cupertino based company have all the necessary components to build one. Current Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at the possibility ...

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LG Optimus L5 review: a mid-range smartphone

LG Optimus L5 The LG Optimus L5 is the second of three LG Optimus smartphones that increase in specs, flanked either side by the LG Optimus L3 and LG Optimus L7. With this middle phone weighing in at around £10 (around AU$15/US$16) per month, or £140/US$190 (around AU$213) SIM-free, does it give enough bang for your buck (or punch for your pound)? You'll note straight away that the LG Optimus L5, or E610, is light, at just 125g (4.4oz) and seemingly slim, with a smooth ...

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Ubuntu’s now a mobile OS and destined for Android phones come 2014

Mark Shuttleworth's legacy will extend to the mobile sphere as Ubuntu looks to release a "full PC" version for Android phones. Memeburn, our big brother has already reported on the story, so you can snag the full details there. But in short, Ubuntu for Android will be the complete OS experience, which will even "run well on entry-level smartphones" according to the site. What we're going to do right now though, is fill you lot in on the hardware side of life. ...


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