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Leap Motion Vulcan mind melds with future HP gadgets

leap motion In the not-too-distant future, selected HP devices will be shipped Leap Motion Controller ready. In another major announcement of collaboration, the Kinect-like device will at first be bundled with selected software-ready HP devices, with further plans of integrating its hardware into future HP gadgets. As mentioned by Leap Motion’s CEO Michael Buckwald, the company wants to "fundamentally improve how people interact with their devices, and offer as many ways as possible to achieve that vision." The USB device allows you to ...

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Brand-spanking new GTA V screens

GTA V drops two new screenshots, which are essentially blown up art assets from the officially released box art. The new Grand Theft Auto V screens are from the “cash and carry” series or to put it in english, bank robberies. GTA V is set to launch on 17 September 2013 and it’s going to be a massively ambitious project, if the screenshots are videos are anything to go by. Three characters that the player can swap between at any ...

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Galaxy Note 8.0 review: the best Samsung tablet yet

Image of the Note 8 The Galaxy Note 8.0 is the very best Samsung tablet yet, which isn’t saying much, since the Galaxy tablets are (in my opinion) devices with loads of processing power but very little to offer in terms of desirability. Big screens, dual-core CPUs, just “moar” and it never seems to end. What Samsung needs is a tablet that gives people a reason to want to buy an 8-inch tablet over an iPad Mini or Nexus 7. Samsung though, has struck gold ...

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Facebook Home not coming to iOS or Windows Phone anytime soon

Facebook home lead The story of Facebook Home porting to Windows Phone and iOS broke earlier this week, and was quickly debunked as sources inside Facebook have confirmed that there are no porting plans for Microsoft and Apple’s platforms. Bloomberg originally reported that Facebook Home, the software hub for all things Facebook, was planned for iOS and Windows Phone platforms. While both companies allegedly have great working relationships with Facebook, Home simply won’t appear on either platform. Mark Zuckerberg kind of confirmed it when ...


Google Glass specs gets real: all-day battery, 5MP camera, 16GB storage

Glass 2 smaller Google Glass tech specs have been revealed, thanks to 9to5Google. Along with the release of the Glass API, today we can discover an exciting mix of new and old tech, so lets dig in: It’s wearable tech, so the fit is important. Glass has adjustable nosepads that will “fit any face”. Two extra nosepads are thrown in for those with smaller or bigger snouts. The exact pixel count of the screen hasn’t been revealed, but the screen will be “equivalent to a ...

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Kobo Aura HD hands-on review: the hottest eReader yet

Kobo The new Kobo Aura HD has been launched at an invite only event in Millbank Tower, Central London. The new eReader is being launched as not just the rival to the Amazon Kindle series, but also as an alternative to a multitude of multimedia tablet-computers that are now so prevalent in everyday life. There's an increasing crossover between tablet and eReader, with companies like Samsung, Apple, Amazon and even Kobo, offering each other's services. But the Aura HD looks to distance ...

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Sphero review: the robotic ball with serious potential

Sphero A robotic ball. Wait, wait, a robotic ball you can control with your phone or tablet. Sounds crazy, right? Well, that's what arrived at Gearburn HQ last week: a smart toy like no other, happily touching base with all the futuristic sci-fi-sounding tech we've been waiting to go mainstream: augmented reality, wireless charging, maybe even the Internet of Things. Tucked into its neat blue-and-white box was the tennis-ball sized device that robotics company Orbotix has carefully packed with some of ...


Panasonic TX-L42DT65B review: a high-end LED TV

Panasonic TX-L42DT65 Where once its smart TV platform was completely separate from the rest of the TV, Panasonic has at last put apps and widgets into its Viera TVs. It's something the other leading brands have been doing, too, though the appearance of the smart My Home Screen on the Panasonic TX-L42DT65B isn't the only big change for Panasonic in 2013. First on this 42-inch Edge LED-backlit LCD TV, there's the panel itself, a polarised 3D model that's now standard across the brand's ...

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‘Iconic Disk’ is stick on style for your Mac’s backlight

Iconic Disk Acrylic lens, aluminium ring, image layer, magnets, landing pads and adhesive. Sounds like the makings of the new iThing or a camera-something. It’s not. It’s the materials used to build the Kickstarter-funded, Iconic Disk that launched last week. By having designed a disk that effortlessly slides over your Mac’s backlight Apple logo, they have come up with a simple way you can customise your precious machine with illuminating graphics and designs. These guys, Tony Kern and Jeremiah Johnson, seem to have ...


Oculus Rift turns 90-year old granny into a believer

Granny playing VR Technology doesn’t have to be about candy-cutter devices pleasing the minds of bored hipsters. In this video, a 90-year old grandmother uses the Oculus Rift VR system, calling it “very beautiful. This is wonderful.” The user who posted the video says that he used the Tuscany demo. The VR-playing grandma says “I’ve been all the way to Tuscany and back. It’s so perfect”. Watch the heartwarming video below and try not to take technology for granted again. The Tuscany demo from ...


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