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Your next Windows Phone update is hopefully coming Xmas 2013

Windows Phone 8 According to a job posting asking for a Microsoft Phone engineer, the next Windows Phone update is set for a Christmas release. Unless you care for technical jargon, here’s the entry in the Microsoft job posting that drops the fresh details: This is a great time to join as we’re completing our current release are getting ready for our next release targeting the holiday of this year and we’re chartered with keeping the momentum for Windows Phone by bringing new killer ...

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ASUS Transformer Pad snags Android 4.2 update

Asus transformer pad Thought Android 4.2 was only for the Nexus 7? Asus has just issued a press release saying that the Android 4.2 update has hit its Transformer Pad TF300, “one of the most successful ASUS tablets to date”. The TF300 is also the first non-Nexus 7 tablet to receive Android 4.2. Android 4.2, amongst other things offers "enhanced performance and stability, improves the user experience with new features as well as providing multiple user account logins.” Read everything new and shiny about ...

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Seagate says ‘cheers’ to 7 200rpm drives by the end of 2013

SSHD By year-end, Seagate will discontinue production of 7200rpm drives, says Anandtech. Seagate’s 2.5-inch 7200rpm will hit the skids, and there are currently four models Seagate adheres to: Momentus 7200.4, 7200.2, Momentus Thin 7200, and Momentus XT. This makes logical sense, both fiscally and on the hardware front. A 5 400rpm drive from Seagate costs on average US$60 (500MB). The same size in a 7 200rpm formate is US$10 dearer. With solid-state drives offering faster performance at veritably the same price, the 7 200rpm ...


7 reasons you might actually want a Chromebook

Image of Chromebook Pixel It's been nearly two years since the launch of the first ChromeOS laptop. With each new release, the platform is showing its mettle with a small, but growing number of disaffected Windows consumers. First it was the low price. Then it was the aspect of working in the cloud. Or maybe it's that ultra fast (seven second) start-up. In any case, today's tech manufacturers are coming up with new models of Google Chromebooks faster and faster -- and buyers will benefit. ...

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HP Envy X2 review: a laptop, a tablet, and no good as either

HP Envy X2 The HP Envy X2 is marketing type's dream. It’s small, sleek and portable. It has a shiny silver exterior done up in brushed aluminium with trendy tapered edges. In terms of simple aesthetics, it oozes appeal. And then there’s the X2’s trump card. It’s both a laptop and a tablet. By holding a switch in place the screen detaches from the keyboard. It’s the sort of gimmick to make an impressionable geek swoon. On first inspection alone, the Envy X2 really ...

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Samsung Galaxy Young hands-on review: super-budget smartphone

P2250319-900-75 Samsung knows there's a lot to be gained in the cheap phone game, so has released the basic Galaxy Young. Similar in many ways to the new Samsung Galaxy Fame, and likely to be sold side by side in some outlets, the Young skimps on a number of specs in order to bring an ultra-low price to consumers. As the name clearly suggests, this is a smartphone designed for the whippersnappers, those who don't want to do anything more than download a few ...

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Apple’s new cheaper iPhone to sport a plastic case [rumour]

Apple iPhone Just as you think you have the latest iPhone, Apple surprises us once again with a new more accessible or better offering in the pipeline. According to claims by Macotakara, Apple plans to manufacture a cheaper iPhone. The Japanese Blog says the device will sport a polycarbonate plastic enclosure much like the one found on the MacBook and iBook before it. Other rumored details include a 4.5-inch screen, which would be half an inch larger than the one found on ...

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4 electric cars you’d actually want to own

image of the XL 1 The improvements around electric cars over the last decade have been phenomenal. As the world begins to understand the need for alternate energy sources, electric cars lower in price and end up sitting driveways, just like a regular car would. While Top Gear pretty much hates the electric car, we love them, so let’s get stuck into four electric cars that you should consider owning. Volkswagon XL1: When choosing a car, people tend to decide based on a a combination of factors: ...


Philips USB monitor review: average is a compliment

philips usb monitor I must say I am pretty happy that Philips decided to introduce an eco-friendly LED monitor into the market with the added ease of a USB connection. The days of clunky extra power cables need to be put behind us. Philips, when designing this monitor, thought about simplicity. It has no buttons and relies solely on the power of the computer it is plugged into. The USB monitor has a “special" low-power LED backlight and consumes approximately nine watts. According ...

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PS4 interface revealed and it looks slick as hell

PS4 UI 1 Just a quick one for now. Sony, care of has released screenshots focused on the user interface of the upcoming PS4. While we didn’t get to see much of the interface at the PS4 launch event two weeks ago, we certainly are spoiled for choice now. Here’s our selection of the juiciest PS4 user interface shots and a brief explanation for each one. Relish. This is the tablet version of the PS4 UI, which looks exactly like the fully fledged version. ...


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