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  • ‘GTA V’ online trailer and gameplay preview coming 15 August

    Rockstar’s upcoming open-world game, GTA Vhas seen loads of pictures and videos since it was announced. Rockstar has now said that it will release an ultra-hyper-cool online gameplay trailer and preview 15 August 2013. That’s this Thursday GTA fans. No time has been specified, but there’s this page we can visit for further details. There’s not much to go on, with the official page saying: “Look for the world premiere of the official GTA Online Gameplay Video as well as coverage of first press previews here at the Newswire and at rockstargames.com/GTAOnline – this Thursday, August 15th.” Not much at all then. We...

  • Turn any Android device into a Chromecast with Cheapcast [video]

    If the early reviews and crazy sales are anything to go by, Google’s Chromecast is set to be game-changing device. But if you can’t wait to get your hands on one there is another, potentially cheaper, workaround. Cheapcast is an app that mimics the hit device’s functionality by giving any tablet or phone running Android 2.2 or higher the ability to stream from Chromecast-enabled apps to other devices on the same network. And if the device acting as a receiver has a small screen, you can even plug it in to your TV with an HDMI cable, effectively giving...

  • This is the BlackBerry Z30, not the A10

    This video is of the BlackBerry Z30, not the heavily rumoured A10 (hell we even called it that). It’s very much the same video we reported on a few weeks back, only this time there’s some far better shots of the Z30. Nothing has changed from our last report, and this video only drops on new hint: that the Z30 is scheduled for a Q3 release, so that’s some time after September. Looks a lot like a cheaper version of the S4, if such a thing is even possible. BlackBerry has been suffering from some abysmal sales, so will a Q3...

  • SnappyCam Pro review: a faster, better camera for iOS

    About three months ago, after years of waiting for the right time in our lives, my wife and I became the proud ‘parents’ of two Jack Russell puppies. Born on the same day and from a litter of three, Lily and Skipper are the most adorable little animals that I’ve ever seen, and this is immediately apparent if you look through camera roll on my iPhone.  Right now, out of the measly 16 gigs available to me on the device, just under 10 consists of pictures and videos of the little critters. If you’ve ever had the wonderful experience of...

  • iPhone 5S and 5C rumours: sapphire home button?

    According to the often spot-on Apple rumour site, Macotakaro, the upcoming budget iPhone 5 — which most of us have taken to calling the “Budget iPhone” — will actually be called the “5C”.  The site’s sources also stress that the iPhone 5S will have an A7 CPU, with the A6 CPU being pushed into the new iPad Mini, if IBTimes has anything to say about it. Let’s stick with the 5S for a bit though. Concave sapphire Most sites have all but confirmed that the next home button, the physical key that brings users back to the home screen, will be...

  • Don’t waste your time with these 5 pointless apps

    Because we’ve done it for you. Now, I have an obsession with apps, which is fairly common knowledge for anyone who has ever read the stuff I write. In my app travels, I tend to come across some real gems, supplemented by some real sh… uh, rubbish. Yes, rubbish. Because of the fact that Apple has some ridiculous restrictions on the kind of apps that can and can’t appear on its App Store, many developers are finding the Google Play Store a haven for their “brilliant” yet misunderstood app. And so, you end up with apps such as “The Worst App Ever”....

  • Players before profit: how gaming companies can hang on to their fans

    Most mobile users have experienced the frustration that arises when a supposedly free gaming app turns out to be nothing more than a pick-pocketing scheme. You come across an app that’s free to download, fire it up, and then suddenly find yourself assaulted by a slew of varied attempts at digging into your wallet. Whether you enjoy gaming online or using an app, I can state with near certainty that you have encountered at least one of the following ploys: A free game turns out to be a trial version, offering perhaps one free level, or it’s riddled with a...

  • Firefox for Android hits Beta 23, loves sharing

    It’s Firefox for Android (Beta 23) and its even cooler than before, because today Mozilla has released a slew of updates for this very promising yet young mobile OS. Even better, it’s ready for download and testing right bloody now. Can’t ask for better than that. Beta 23 of Firefox for Android helps us to “share content quickly and easily” with the new updates. There’s support for more languages, such as Catalan-Spanish, British-English and Swedish. Sharing is front and center, especially with updates like “Quickshare” which creates that social sharing/shortcut menu seen on the other OS’. NFC brings the sharing home with...

  • Exclusive: we interview ‘Snailboy’ creators Thoopid

    Cape Town-based mobile gaming developers Thoopid are onto something special with Snailboy. Clearly there’s heart and passion behind the project and in this exclusive video, we’ve interviewed two of the brainy snail-lovers behind Snailboy. Snailboy is a charming little platform/puzzle game with an interesting control scheme and incredible graphics. Truly, the work put behind the presentation of Snailboy is something else. We interviewed Rw Liebenberg and Luqman Achmat, the creative geniuses who, alongside their equally talented team, spun Snailboy into life in under a year. This is their story.

  • Snailboy review: visually stunning, but needs to come out of its shell

    Snailboy: an epic adventure (beta version), a platform-puzzler from Cape Town-based mobile company Thoopid is mediocre fun. It has issues, like every other game out there (well, except for Infinity Blade II, that sucker’s perfect) but that didn’t stop me from having a fairly relaxed time as I flicked the game’s snail protagonist across the screen, collecting lumo-balls of slime and eventually, one of Snailboy’s many shells. The graphics are world-class for a mobile game, the sound is decent and the controls could be better. Also, the story is horribly presented and seems disconnected from the game. Over the two to four...

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