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Nexus 7 version 2 arriving July sources say

Nexus 7 Lead image Come July, Google plans to release the next version of the Nexus 7, according to Reuters sources. The next-gen Nexus 7 will have a Qualcomm CPU (replaces the might Nvidia Tegra 3), a higher screen resolution and will be thinner. Let’s hope Google keeps that incredible rubberized backing. Reuters sources declined to impart further details of the new Nexus 7 due to lack of media authorization. But we can guess what else the Nexus 7 mark 2 will have. We bet ...

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Ferrari, BMW partner with Apple, Glypse for safer social driving

Ferrari apple As further personal technology is integrated into our lives, it comes as no shock that it is getting even more integrated into the cars we drive. We spend so much of our time in cars, why shouldn't we be able to connect to our normal social networks while crawling in traffic? Ferrari has teamed up with Apple to do this exact thing, while BMW and MINI have partnered with Glypse to provide a convenient way to stalk your friends. Ferrari and ...

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HTC First image leaked, is latest ‘Facebook Phone’

HTC first Here it is, the smartphone vessel for Facebook Home (Android with deep Facebook integration). Ugly, isn't it?The leak, care of the usually spot-on Evleaks was tweeted twelve hours ago. HTC first, 2013…— @evleaks (@evleaks) April 2, 2013 So we have the name, HTC First. We even have specs of the new “deeply integrated” Facebook phone. The specifications are extremely generic, this phone is nothing to tweet about. But it’s the functionality Facebook Home will deliver which is most important. We’ll explain after the ...

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Sphero review: world’s first robot ball gaming system

Sphero The Sphero robot ball gaming system is a great new take on smart toys for smartphones - and big kids of all ages will love it. Launched last year by US company Orbotix, the Sphero comprises a 74mm diameter opaque ball made from tough polycarbonate, inside which lies a multi-axis gyro, an accelerometer and a bunch of motors that can send it speeding in any direction at up to 0.91m-per-second indoors or out. You can even dunk in the Sphero in water, ...


Win The Walking Dead, Survival Instinct for Xbox

The Walking Dead Competition time. Walking Dead Survival Instinct, is a pleasant distraction among the Bioshocks and Tomb Raiders of this world. We won't lie to you and say it's the best game ever, but for fans of the series it's a decent trip down memory lane, and for anyone who enjoys a few hours of walker killing. We're giving this game away. To enter, tell us how you would avoid a walker attack. The craziest/coolest/funniest story wins the game. How to enter: Tweet @gearburn ...

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Todoist app review: ultimate organisation

Todist lead I don’t often use productivity apps, but there’s been such an increase in the quality of these apps that my attitude towards them might be changing. That’s mostly to do with a wonderfully designed and fantastically functional personal organiser, Todoist. The interface of the app is clean, sophisticated and very professional looking. I will start by saying that although I love this app, it might be for people with more intense schedules than mine. I’m by no means a power-user when ...

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Ouya hands on review: not too bad

OUYA lead "Today I'm going to show you that we have delivered on that promise, and on that dream, of developing an accessible, open game console for gamers and developers." That's how Julie Uhrman, Founder &; CEO of Ouya, began our demonstration of her company's new console. The fact that our demo was taking place in a warehouse a dozen blocks away from the bustle of GDC 2013, the Game Developers Conference, only added to the Ouya's outsider mystique. After an explosive Kickstarter debut that ...


The Galaxy S IV isn’t even out yet, but it’s rooted

galaxy s IV 1 For those lucky enough to own a Galaxy S IV, which would be practically no-one as the phone is only up for preorder, you’ll be happy to know that Samsung’s mammoth phone can now be rooted. has released a rooted ROM and instructions for hacking the S IV and, as per usual, any modifications done to your phone are down at your own risk. Do not destroy that which you cannot control. This root will only work on the Exynos 5 ...

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Steve Jobs may have approved the designs for both upcoming iPhones

CC Apple Macworld According to the San Francisco Examiner, the next two iPhones may have been approved by the late Steve Jobs. During a talk on mobile phone thefts, San Francisco district attorney George Gascón said that he was told by Apple that the next two iPhones “preceded Tim Cook.” Gascón was in discussions with Apple’s government liaison. So if Jobs had his hand in upcoming iPhones, there’s a lot we can expect, and eliminate. This means that at least two decent phones were introduced ...

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China to launch ‘Smartisan’ a new and heavily revamped Android OS

S 1 When it comes to mobile OSes, we’re seemingly stuck in the past. Smartisan wants to shake this all up, with a “more appealing look, enhanced icons, a smaller four-by-three grid and hundreds of other simple modifications,” according to Engadget. There’s a very in-depth look into Smartisan, a two-hour video in fact that can be viewed below: A brief history: Smartisan was developed by Luo Yonghao, a well-known Chinese blogger, entrepreneur and consumer advocate. Yonghao said that Smartisan would “shame all manufacturers ...


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