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4 ways GPS tech is better than ever

Car Tech The GPS used to be a luxury item, reserved for the rich who couldn't use maps, but with basically everyone owning a smartphone, the GPS is now as common as a pigeon in a city. For that same reason, it's become a bit strange to have a standalone GPS when there's a perfectly good one in your pocket. That may not be the case any longer, because the GPS seems to have taken off in a few new directions that ...


Notable for Android review: simple note taking

lead image for notable When it comes to remembering what I need to do, and when I need to do it, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m rubbish at it. Sure, I’ll remember what happened ten years ago, one miserable night in a foreign town, but trying to remember to draw cash before walking home is something which has more often than I’d like to admit got the better of me. That’s where another useful app, which I found comes in, ladies ...

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Sony Xperia L hands on review: a low-end smartphone with charm

Xperia L The Sony Xperia L is the latest smartphone to slide in at the bottom end of the Japanese firm's range, launching alongside the mid-range Xperia SP to complete a trio of handsets headlined by the Sony Xperia Z. It's the natural replacement for the Xperia J, which launched at IFA 2012 alongside 007's Sony Xperia T - handsets which bare a strong resemblance to the Xperia L in terms of design. There's no exact Sony Xperia L release date for now, all we've been told is ...

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Lenovo rethinks the ThinkPad with the surprisingly sleek T431s

ThinkPad T431 Lenovo is overhauling its latest ThinkPad, the T431s and, according to an official blog post, it “combed the world for user input during its most ambitious project yet.” Lenovo is clearly looking to change its exceptionally boring, yet business-friendly ThinkPad lineup. The official blog post goes into plenty of detail about the people, and how Lenovo sourced the people for ideas or as it puts it “the continual process of refinement.” The PR babble hurts, but Lenovo does outline some ...

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Samsung: we’re working on a smartwatch too you guys!

The success of the Pebble Smartwatch on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter seems to have triggered a revolution. Along with a slew of competitors from bit players, the big boys have started getting into the space. Apple is rumoured to be readying an iWatch and now Samsung has confirmed that it is launching its own Smart Watch. The Smart Watch will form part of its Galaxy range, and if a Bloomberg interview with Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile ...

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7 hot games for the BlackBerry Z10

Asami Maybe I should change the title to “7 games worth playing”, as there’s a fortune of rubbish titles on BlackBerry World. The seven games below though are the pick of the crop. Sadly, none of these are Z10 exclusive titles, with most of them being upscaled Android games. Regardless, the Z10 is an excellent gaming machine, with an ultra-responsive screen and a rather powerful CPU capable of smoothly running most titles. On that note, here’s 7 of the best for ...

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Koenigsegg Triplex Suspension plans outed

Image of the Koenigsegg-Agera-R Koenigsegg is one of a handful of supercar manufacturers that are small, produce a limited number of cars each year and are actually still around. Every year we see more and more supercar concepts from obscure companies that are never heard from again. What makes Koenigsegg different is the craftsmanship that goes into every car, not to mention that everything that goes into a Koenigsegg is built in-house; a feat that Ferrari may not even be able to claim. I think ...

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Sony outs ultra-affordable Xperia SP and L: HD has a new home

Xperia L Sony makes some excellent phones. Namely the Xperia range that is known for beefy cameras and above average screens. The new Sony Xperia L and SP are more of the same, but we’ll try to make it interesting enough to keep you hooked into Sony’s smartphone plans. The Xperia is, as we said, mostly about looks. A marriage between sharp design aesthetics and brilliantly sharp screens. Sure, Jellybean is inside but Xperia messages our eyes in an effort to empty pockets ...

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ThinkPad T431 hands on review: a boldly stripped-down look

When it comes to Windows machines for the enterprise market, Lenovo's line of ThinkPad laptops and ultrabooks are proven contenders. They have a fine reputation that's made them a top choice for IT professionals looking for minimal headaches. They also have a distinct look, one that's changing with the new ThinkPad T431. This new ultrabook has a sleek, minimalist face that has as much in common with a MacBook Pro as it does with the previous ThinkPad T430. The speaker grills, volume rocker ...

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Win Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 for Xbox

Naruto Competition Competition time. Keen on winning a copy of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 for the Xbox? We’re excited to give it away. This is, after all, a game that is good, simple fun. Who needs the complex backstories of Far Cry 3 or the slow progression of exploration seen in Tomb Raider? No sir, it’s all about pleasant times, easy achievement points and games that the family can enjoy. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is one of these and we’re ...


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