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iOS 7 concept video shows off ‘jailbroken’ interface

ios 7 Frederick Bianco, an industrious designer, has created an interesting concept video for Apple’s upcoming iOS 7. Bianco gets to work in this video, demoing both the iPad and iPhone versions of his iOS 7 concept. The best part? Most users with a Jailbroken iThing can achieve the same look and feel Bianco has achieved. The White Stripes never sounded so good It’s a peculiar video, as it envisions an iOS that is very much in line with what the jailbreaking community has rolled ...

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Samsung reveals S III’s second cousin, Galaxy Win

Galaxy Win Let’s all welcome the Samsung Galaxy Win, a smartphone with a 4.7-inch screen, 5-megapixel camera and 1.2Ghz CPU. If it sounds deridingly average, that’s because it is. With no word on pricing or local availability, we’ll have to immerse ourselves in the specs for now. Samsung says that the Galaxy Win is “[an] intuitive new smartphone designed to balance the needs of the on-the-go user with massive processing power, multitasking capabilities, and a compact design for ultimate portability.” A 1.2Ghz CPU ...


If you’re kidnapped this wristband will send messages to FB, Twitter

Kidnap bracelets If you've watched enough news bulletins in your life time, you'll know that being a human rights or aid worker comes with the risk of kidnapping. Enter a new wristband from the Civil Rights Defenders action group, which will send out a distress call to Twitter and Facebook if activated. The wristband can be activated manually or automatically if it is ripped off. The wristband uses cellular and GPS technology to track its wearers and the first batch is set ...

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Facebook launches ‘FB Home’ app, HTC First tags along

HTC First The Facebook Phone event is over, and left smoking in the ruins is this, the HTC First. The social network's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, took the stage, spoke a lot but finally got to the meat of it. Facebook Home is the cleanest Android experience we’ve ever seen. Home looks competent, simple but above all, functional. “We want to bring the experience of having a home, of having everything you need right around you… to your phone.” said Zuckerberg. The phone turns ...

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Microsoft creative director: If next Xbox is always-online we must ‘#dealwithit’

Orth This is fairly weird, funny and fantastic at the same time. Adam Orth, the creative director at Microsoft Studios took to Twitter and ranted about the fate of the next “always-online” Xbox. Microsoft has confirmed nothing about the next Xbox, but most of the rumours point towards it being a constantly connected device that will require the internet for authentication. Much like with the upcoming PS4. Here’s Orth’s fascinating twitter exchange: Please excuse the poor screen capture. Orth has to confirm ...

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HTC First hands on review: Meet the Facebook Home phone

HTC Say hello to the HTC First, the first phone to highlight Facebook Home, an Android overlay newly introduced by the social network. This is not a Facebook phone, nor is it not a Facebook phone. Confusing? Sorry, but what we mean is that this is a phone built by HTC with a quasi-Facebook skin. You can turn Home off, but that sort of defeats the First's purpose. Immediately upon turning on the First (well, after the obligatory Android opening), users are greeted with ...

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BlackBerry ‘R-series’ images reveal external SIM slot

BB R-series Pictured above, care of, the new budget BlackBerry 10 model, “BlackBerry R”. It’s the answer to those looking for a cheaper way to get their hands on BB10 OS. First we get the Z10, next up is the Q10. Is the “R10” next? When the first of the R-series makes its way into the public, it’s said that it’ll have less RAM, an 1800mAh battery (exactly the same as the Z10), 8GB internal memory and is said to be ...


Disney shutters LucasArts but it’s good news for gamers

Disney Lead Earlier today, Gameinformer received an email from a rep at Lucasart, stating Disney’s intention to shut down one of the oldest and most successful gaming developers of all time. Here’s Disney’s official statement: After evaluating our position in the games market, we've decided to shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company's risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games. As a result of this change, we've had layoffs across the organization. We are incredibly ...

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Facebook Home could be the best version of Android yet

HTC first I wrote a news piece earlier this week where I just reported on the Facebook phone, and it didn’t really strike a chord with me. But after reading this recently on 9to5Google (which is mostly spot on with any leak), HTC’s Facebook phone, the HTC First, is going to potentially slaughter the competition. That's if it’s priced well. What nails it for me is the user interface. The HTC First isn’t the most powerful smartphone in the world, but this minimal ...

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Bye bye BBM Music

BBM music As of 2 June 2013 BlackBerry Music will be discontinued, according to an email posted by For those who are still paying the US$4.99 monthly service fee, April will be the final billable month. From May, the BBM contacts won’t be able to access BBM  Music and shortly after playlists will grey out and the sun will finally set on BlackBerry’s cancelled streaming music service. Poor performance for a service that’s barely 18-months old. Please delete BlackBerry advises all users of ...


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