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4 electric cars you’d actually want to own

image of the XL 1 The improvements around electric cars over the last decade have been phenomenal. As the world begins to understand the need for alternate energy sources, electric cars lower in price and end up sitting driveways, just like a regular car would. While Top Gear pretty much hates the electric car, we love them, so let’s get stuck into four electric cars that you should consider owning. Volkswagon XL1: When choosing a car, people tend to decide based on a a combination of factors: ...


Philips USB monitor review: average is a compliment

philips usb monitor I must say I am pretty happy that Philips decided to introduce an eco-friendly LED monitor into the market with the added ease of a USB connection. The days of clunky extra power cables need to be put behind us. Philips, when designing this monitor, thought about simplicity. It has no buttons and relies solely on the power of the computer it is plugged into. The USB monitor has a “special" low-power LED backlight and consumes approximately nine watts. According ...

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PS4 interface revealed and it looks slick as hell

PS4 UI 1 Just a quick one for now. Sony, care of has released screenshots focused on the user interface of the upcoming PS4. While we didn’t get to see much of the interface at the PS4 launch event two weeks ago, we certainly are spoiled for choice now. Here’s our selection of the juiciest PS4 user interface shots and a brief explanation for each one. Relish. This is the tablet version of the PS4 UI, which looks exactly like the fully fledged version. ...

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Samsung Galaxy Grand hands-on review: ‘Note’ impressive

GalaxyGrand-Press-01-900-75 The Samsung Galaxy Grand is the phone that promises to bring the best of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 in a more affordable smartphone, while not skimping too much on the specs. Well, actually that's a little misleading, since the specs on the Grand are nowhere near those on the flagship range, but it does strike a nice design balance between the two top-end marvels. The Galaxy Grand comes with a 5-inch screen, for instance, which means users who are fans of the ...

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Huawei Ascend G710 could be the middle brother of the Ascend family

huawei-ascend-g710-leak The Huawei Ascend family of smartphones is getting another sibling with the Ascend G710. Although details are scarce (and unconfirmed) it looks like it won't be the older sibling of the bunch, but more so the middle child due to its display specs. According to Engadget, and their source Evleaks, the G710 will sport a 5-inch display running a 1.5GHz processor, exactly the same as the Ascend D2. Unlike the D2 though, the resolution has been dropped to 720p, an unusual ...

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LG Hecto projector pumps out 100 inches of cinematic glory

This is an image of LG's new product the Hecto laser projector The next generation projector is here, as LG introduces one of its latest products: the ‘HECTO’ laser projector. From a distance, this neat offering looks like just another huge TV, but this product is said to perform , with a 100-inch screen the HECTO puts through 1080p images from just 22-inches away. The HECTO has a 1 000 000:1 contrast ratio and accepts video via WiDi or Miracast for wireless streaming from a PC or mobile device, the projector is ...

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Koenigsegg’s crazy new camshaft-free engine tech

Koenigseg Engine When one of the big car manufacturers comes out with a new technology, you don’t really bat an eye; it happens all the time, and with much accompanying media hype. But Koenigsegg, a small and wonderful Swedish supercar maker, has envisioned something truly revolutionary; and this from a company that builds only a handful of cars each year. You have to love Koenigsegg. The owner, Christian von Koenigsegg first started his venture at the ridiculous age of 22, and now builds ...

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Adobe launches mobile-friendly Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS

photoshop touch 1 After more than a year on iOS and Android tablets, Adobe has released a crunched version of Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS. Photoshop Touch for smartphones incorporates almost all of the image editing tools available on the tablet version, and is available for purchase at Google Play and the App Store for US$10. Available for versions upwards of iOS 6 (iPhone 4S and 5) and Android 4, the app can be synced with Adobe Creative Cloud, which means a ...

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Grab Leap for $80 when it launches on 13 May

leap motion image Leap from Leap Motion is the innovative, Kinect-like device that costs US$80 and lets PC owners control use pinch-to-zoom functions and other hands-free gestures, all care of Leap’s App store, called Airspace. Users who pre-ordered Leap would only spend US$70 on the device and will have it shipped to them on 13 May. Everyone else only gets it 19 May. There will be two places to purchase Leap online, mainly through Leap Motion's Web site, and at one of any of ...

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The iPhone case that will cost you a minimum of $11 610

iphone brikk case 3 Yes dear reader, that's correct. An iPhone casing made from solid gold that will cost you US$11 610. Or if you have just a little more spare change lying around, get the platinum case for US$14 325 to add even more of a bling factor to your attire. The casings are made by Brikk, a Los Angeles company specialising in handmade luxury products. You need to be a "Brikk" anyway to fall for this. Luxury (or stupidity) is the keyword here. ...


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