KNOMO Warwick briefcase review: not any old bag

Knomo Lead I’m a sucker for luxury. Fine cars, shiny shoes, drinks that don’t burn as they trickle down my throat, that sort of thing. So KNOMO’s ultra-luxurious Warwick briefcase, essentially the greatest laptop bag ever made, is right up my gold-coated ally. For £285 (US$371) though, it’s not priced for everyone. For those who can afford it, the KNOMO Warwick is an absolute must have. Devil may care I had an excellent, but very worn out satchel. It’s print was fun, and the ...

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Breathometer launches world’s first iPhone breathalyser

image of the breath test app for iPhone Road accidents are fierce, and being arrested for drunk driving is as bad as a death sentence for some people. Jail man, it’s not a place for the pasty tech geek. That’s why the Breathometer, a tiny piece of hardware that connects to the iPhone and measures blood alcohol levels, is ideal for most post tech event situations. Here’s how it looks, works and saves lives. The Breathometer is about the size of a BMW car key and fits snugly onto ...

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HTC One review: all hail the king

HTC one Samsung and Apple better beware – the HTC One combines stunning design, a supreme screen and explosive power to offer one of the best smartphones around. It's got a full HD screen crammed into 4.7-inches, which brings a 468ppi – well above what's needed for the eye to discern, but it does definitely bring sumptuous sharpness throughout the use of the phone. On top of that there's a CPU and RAM combo that is barely bettered, a more-than-enough 32GB of storage and ...

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‘Automatic’ is the monitoring app and hardware combo your car has waited for

image of the unit for the car While there are plenty of apps that measure fuel economy and help with remembering maintenance matters, there isn’t one that actually tells you what’s happening under the hood. Automatic is an app and hardware combo that does exactly that: connects to your car’s computer and relays all that info straight to your iPhone. All this for hardware that is priced at US$70. It’s as simple as plugging the little "A" labelled “box" into the car’s OBD-II Data Link Connector and it’s ...

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SimCity servers ‘not doing anything’ says Maxis insider

sim city 2013 Has EA lied to us? The SimCity DRM debacle is another fresh wound for the average gamer. Millions purchased SimCity, only to discover that a brutal “always-on” connection was required in order to play the game, much like with Diablo III. According to a source from Maxis, the company that developed SimCity, implanting an offline, single-player version of the game would be easy, as the servers “are not doing anything” to support the single-player mode. Rockpapershotgun spoke to the Maxis insider, ...


6 apps the BlackBerry Z10 needs right now

Gesture 650 The BlackBerry Z10 is an excellent new smartphone, in our opinion. But it’s lacking some of the quality apps that Android and iOS both share. Sure, BlackBerry will introduce these apps in the future, but we need them now. If you sideload these apps, you can have them, or you can simply wait for big brother BlackBerry to pass them onto us. Whatever the case, here are six apps that the BlackBerry Z10 needs right bloody now. Flipboard This guy is bearded ...

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Samsung Galaxy S IV rumour roundup

One of the most important smartphone launches in the recent times is about to happen this week, that of Samsung Galaxy S4. Galaxy S smartphone, which Samsung released way back in June 2010, spawned a family of amazing smartphones that were well-received. In Oct 2011, PC magazine reported that together Galaxy S and S II sold over 30 million units. After Galaxy S III was released in May 2012, it broke all records, as reported by CNET. The lawsuit between ...


How to sideload Android apps onto BlackBerry 10 with a Mac

image of the BB z10 Fascinating title, better subject. The BlackBerry Z10 is a finely crafted piece of art, and a phone that we hope manages to break BlackBerry's bad luck streak -- it just may if BlackBerry manages to push out the important apps in time. Skype, Spotify, Whatsapp, a good game besides Sonic 4 and many more are sadly still absent. There is however a way which, while legal, forces users to snatch sometimes pirated apps in order to get their fix. I’m ...

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Panasonic TZ35 review: best for budget

pana review lead image Panasonic's TZ series of compact cameras has always been popular with enthusiasts, because they offer plenty of flexibility both in terms of manual controls and a large zoom range. The Panasonic TZ35, known as the Panasonic ZS25 in the US, follows on from last year's Panasonic TZ25, but sees an increase in zoom ratio with a 20x optical offering. That gives it a very versatile range of 24-480mm in 35mm terms. A 16.1 million pixel sensor can be found onboard that, according to ...

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Flash now works on IE 10 as Microsoft softens software policies

internet-explorer-10-release-preview Microsoft wasn’t behind Flash when Windows 8 launched, and had blocked most flash sites on Internet Explorer (Metro version). Today however, Microsoft has overturned this verdict and will activate Flash for all sites, minus four percent of the sites that were tested and ran Flash on Windows 8 “poorly”. This activation comes in the form of an update for Internet Explorer 10, as highlighted in the official Microsoft blog. Arstechnica reports that all Flash sites were “whitelisted”. In other words, every ...


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