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  • This pee-powered device wants to charge your phone

    The semi-portable pee-power device is an appropriate yellow colour. Turning waste into power is a much sought after quest apparently. These UK scientists have been at work for 30 long years, trying to come up with a way of turning your pee into a mobile charger. Working long hours into the nights, the guys from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory demonstrate a method you can resort to in case of emergencies. They also hoped that powering up small devices in developing countries could become a welcome alternative. Now, for those wondering how one exactly goes about extracting legit power from...

  • Badland for iOS review: an instant, indie classic

    I follow a lot of app blogs online, and have tons of notifications going off everyday regarding apps that have been discounted or set as free for the day. The vast majority of these apps that go free though, are crap, and I end up deleting most of them after the first use, thankful that I didn’t waste any money on them, while feeling sorry for those who did. Recently though, in celebration of the App Store’s fifth birthday, the net went wild with the list of apps that had been made free. Among them was an indie game...

  • 9 super cool things you can do with the BlackBerry Q5

    BlackBerry’s latest, the Q5 isn’t the best phone ever made, but it’s got some decent hardware and software features that we like. If you’re in the market for a smartphone with a physical keyboard and can’t afford the Q10, then maybe these nine cool features of the Q5 can convince you to have a look at this weird hybrid device.

  • Here’s the new Nexus 7

    The original Nexus 7 is one of the most-loved 7-inch tablets of the past few years. It’s sold millions upon millions of units and now Google’s going to try and bottle lightning twice with this, the new and yet to be named next-gen Nexus 7. Nothing is confirmed, even the source site is careful to “legitimize” these images. With a pinch of salt, take these videos and images you must. Androidcentral delivers the goods with images and a sneaky video of Google’s upcoming Nexus 7, which is rumoured to show up at next weeks Google event, according to CNET. Google...

  • ‘Beyond Good and Evil 2′ to be next-gen and beyond ‘bigger’

    Ubisoft game director Michel Ancel recently spoke about the upcoming sequel to Beyond Good and Evil. The game will still follow the story of photographer-for-hire Jade but will focus more on elements such as emotion and enormity. Ancel has high hopes for the new title and plans for an open-world environment for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While in the original Jade had a hovercraft and a spaceship to travel around the world and stuff, the sequel will take this element of freedom to the next level. When asked about the scale of his expectations for Beyond Good and...

  • Android 4.3 leaks, only works on Nexus 4

    The new version of Android has been leaked and its code is running loose on the web. After a Google employee reportedly sold his newly updated 4.3 version Nexus 4, developers from around the web managed to extract most of Android 4.3’s code. Android 4.3 seems to be keeping its original title of Jelly Bean and doesn’t look to be that different from 4.2.2. Some users though have noted that there are a lot of significant changes behind the scenes. People have been suggested that among the new features are security updates, a multiple user feature and a general improved...

  • 9 gadgets every Doctor Who fan should have, seriously

    Calling all Doctor Who fans, please report on the mail room floor now. If you are a Whovian, you love the gadgets and you wish that you could have your own TARDIS. You want to travel time and space and make the impossible happen with your awesome sonic screwdriver. Alas, these things are not quite real. Or are they? Dedicated fans that we are however, we have gone through the piles of Doc Who gadgetry out there and picked a few that we think every Who fan should have. Hint: you can have a TARDIS. TARDIS Smart Safe The TARDIS Smart Safe,...

  • iPhone 5S leaks to have NFC, fingerprint scanner, 12MP camera and IGZO display

    Apparently the iPhone 5S has been leaked during its manufacturing process. The body and overall design seems to be the same as the original iPhone 5, though there are some other curious features. As the leaks and rumours go, these features include a much welcomed NFC, a finger print reader as well as a Sony 4-inch 1136×640 IGZO display. The display, however, could come from any display manufacturer from Japan. Though it’s more likely to be from Sony. We reported on the production last month. The IGZO display will bring superior display as well as power saving capabilities. The...

  • WhatsApp for iOS now free for first year of use

    WhatsApp, the messaging app we all know, love and continuously use is now free, sort of. Instead of the US$0.99 (R10) fee, there’s now a yearly dollar subscription model in place that kicks in after the first free 12-months of use. As reported by Techcrunch earlier this year, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum said that the app will shift to an annual payment model to bring it in line with “how it’s distributed on Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone platforms.” Smart move. The now free WhatsApp for iOS comes as version 2.0.1 launches on iTunes. New features include auto-backup of chats to iCloud and...

  • iOS loophole lets you play Zelda, Mario, Pokemon on iPhone

    In the past, playing any emulated game on an iOS device meant one thing: jailbreaking. But that’s the past and today’s news, care of Readwrite, shows us that a non-jailbroken iDevice can run a GameBoy Advance emulator, so games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Castlevania, all exclusive Nintendo properties, are now fully playable on Apple’s platform. It’s all from a loophole that “independent iOS developer” Riley Testut’s exploited.  His app, GBA4iOS is freely available and can be installed in a matter of minutes, if you know what you’re doing. The app is based on long-standing GBA emulator gpSphone. As for the installation...

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