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The WOW factor toy any child, or adult, would want

puzzlebox_orbit-helicopter a Puzzlebox Brainstorms, an open source software suite supporting school projects, has developed a brain-controlled toy helicopter. No, this is not an April Fools joke and you have read that correctly. This toy helicopter flies directly through the control of your brainwaves. As Puzzlebox chief technical officer Steve Castellotti said: "Power up the controller, slip on the headset, and start concentrating." The Orbit has already been tested in classrooms, and there are two types: one that can be controlled via mobile devices ...

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Ordered an Asus Taichi? Expect shipping delays until next year

ASUS Taichi When we first heard that ASUS were going to release a dual screen full HD touch enabled tablet-hybrid, our interest was definitely piqued. The Taichi 21 was originally scheduled for distribution in November following the release of Windows 8 in late October. We're now headed into December and still no word for frustrated consumers who have already shelled out more than US$1200 for the device. ASUS now say customers can expect delivery some time in December or later for the 11.6-inch ...

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On Android 4.2 and why Google should’ve waited

Android 4.2 I get that people want the latest and greatest on their handsets, I am equally guilty of this, however, Google’s recent update to Android really boggles my mind. Android 4.2 was recently pushed to Nexus devices across the globe and all was well, for a day or two. Then the bugs started to emerge, and there are a bunch of them. I hate to admit that Google fluffed the release, but it did. Here's why. Seen it all I’ve used every version ...

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Dell XPS 12 review: Windows 8 enters flip-screen territory

Dell XPS 12 Windows 8 has a shaken up the design of laptops and tablets, with the new emphasis on touchscreen technology resulting in some of the best hybrids we've ever seen. With this in mind, there was little surprise when Dell announced that its new 12.5-inch Ultrabook, the Dell XPS 12 convertible, would be another shape-shifting device. But there were a few raised eyebrows when we learned that the screen-swivelling design of the Dell Inspiron Duo from 2010 was making a return. Available for £1,299 /AU$1,499/US$1,199, it's ...

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How to get Windows 8 Start Menu… kinda

Windows 8 Start Screen It appears that Windows 8 has become a polarising OS as far as users are concerned. One thing they do seem to agree on though, is a hankering for an old-school Start Menu akin to previous OSes. There is however a handy little trick that Windows 8 users can put to use that offers some a little Live Tile respite. According to The Next Web, users can bring up a start menu of sorts. The method works across all platforms, excluding ...

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Wii Mini revealed ‘accidentally’ on Best Buy website

Wii-Mini God, no. What is this? Update: Best Buy has just confirmed it. The Wii Mini is US$99 and is the ugly stepsister of consoles. "Big Fun, for a Mini Price" says Nintendo. We say, "old system, ugly shape". But for under US$100 it's a decent starter console with a great selection of first-party titles. There's a manual release top loading system, last seen on the PS2 Slim. The Wii Mini comes with one red MotionPlus Nunchuck controller, the sensor bar and not ...

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Nintendo TVii set for 8 December launch in Japan, Europe and US to wait until 2013

Wii-U-NintendoTVii Nintendo unveiled its new Wii U console to the American public on 18 November, the reception was strong with the company reporting an estimated 400 000 units sold during its first week. The console is now set to make its debut in Japan 8 December. The Wii U's Japanese release will also see the inclusion of the heavily toted TVii feature. This includes the IR Remote functionality which is only accessible if users cough up a little over US$1. This multimedia viewing ...

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Windows Phone 8 update, Apollo Plus rumoured for early 2013 release

Windows Phone 8 Microsoft is rumoured to release the first Windows Phone 8 update during first quarter 2013. The rumoured update is named Apollo Plus (we can just smell the patriotism), this information comes courtesy of a tweet from @Football4PDA. I know what you're thinking, doesn't sound like the most credible of Twitter handles, but this account is pretty legit. It released the design specs for the HTC Accord (now Windows Phone 8X) a couple of months before its official release, so the tweet ...

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Lenovo steps up battery power with Ideaphone P770

lenovo p770 a Lenovo has crammed more into its budget smartphone than any other manufacturer to date. The new Lenovo IdeaPhone P770 has a battery with 3 500 mAh capacity, giving it a claimed battery life of 29 hours of talk time. For the uninformed, mAh relates to the capacity of a battery and the power delivery that it exudes. Simply put in layman's terms, the more mAh, the longer your battery lasts. Battery power has always been an issue with smartphones. With ...

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Logitech Touch Mouse review: Beautiful, but not Bluetooth

logitech touch mouse windows 8 I guess I’m one of the stranger users of technology. I’m not an Apple zombie, insisting everything has to be Apple “just because” or an unwavering, die-hard Microsoft zealot based on Apple hatred. I like to use best-of-breed and what suits me, irrelevant of silly branding and ideology. So for a long while I have been using a mighty mouse (Apple) and Vaio PC laptop combination. And it worked well for about three years. Then Windows 8 came along and ...


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