5 of the most controversial PS3 and Xbox 360 games ever

Specs ops the line Every machine has an expiry date. Technology -- that ever-improving, ever-mutating entity -- has an unceremonious tendency to leap forward at a startling rate, leaving machines looking positively antiquated in its wake. Indeed, time is almost up for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. These consoles are, in animal years, doddering and senile. Yet they have remained relevant throughout their lifetimes and 2013 looks set to be a bumper year for these workhorses. It might be a fitting swan song too. To ...

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Sideload Android apps onto the BlackBerry Z10 with a PC

Image of the z 10 Personally, I think BlackBerry’s new Z10 full touch smartphone is the best product it's ever launched. Slick, fast, button-free and iPhone-pretty, the Z10 is a bold step for a company seen as locked in the past. There is one issue though, a glaring one that I’ll touch on in my review: there’s a serious lack of quality apps on BB10 OS. Skype, Whatsapp and Instagram are nowhere to be found. So what’s a geek to do? Easy, sideload Android apps ...

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Chromebook Pixel review: Google goes gunning for the premium market

Chromebook pixel Most companies make products because they want people to buy them, but Google doesn't give a fig if you buy a Chromebook Pixel or not. It wasn't made so that people would buy it, though doubtless some will; it's a learning exercise made flesh. Let us explain. Google's Chrome OS is a fast, secure, always-updated lightweight operating system whose only job is to give you a computer that has a web browser on it. Almost the only thing you can do on a ...

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Ferrari LaFerrari is the hybrid tech-powered future of supercars

LaFerrari Undoubtedly the star of the Geneva Motor Show 2013, the LaFerrari is a masterpiece to behold. Any Ferrari is something special, but when one of its limited production marvels is released, the automotive world really does have something to celebrate. But that name! Simply awful, especially coming off a name like 'Enzo'. However, hybrid engines, coupled with active aerodynamics make this a revolutionary car, not only for Ferrari, but for the whole world too. Say hello to the future of ...

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Dita Von Teese teases 3D-printed dress

Dita von Teese Have a look at this: The Verge reports that Dita Von Teese recently flaunted her figure in a 3D dress that contains “nearly 3, 000 joints.” The garment has been made specifically for Von Teese, a burlesque dancer and actress. Two design studios based in New York -- Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt -- teamed up to create the eye-catching garment, which is created using a 3D printer. Nylon powder is dispensed by the printer and subsequently hardened by a laser. ...

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Yearly releases of GTA ‘doesn’t make sense’ says Take-Two

image of Grand theft auto 5 Ever wondered why we don’t see an annual release of Grand Theft Auto in the vein of, say, Call of Duty? Take-Two’s “chief operating officer” Karl Slatoff believes it would “fatigue" the experience, as reported by Gamespot. Speaking at the Wedbush Transformational Technologies Conference, Slatoff said: "Often times people ask us 'Why don't you come out with Grand Theft Auto every two years?' To us, that doesn't make sense, because Grand Theft Auto, every single time it comes out, is a ...


Makerbot unveils 3D Scanner [SxSW]

3D printing specialist MakerBot today announced the development of a new Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner prototype at South by Southwest Interactive. The MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner adds to MakerBot’s 3D Ecosystem that includes MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers,, MakerWare, MakerCare, and the apps inside Thingiverse. The 3D Scanner shown at SXSW is a prototype model and MakerBot will spend time testing, scanning, and printing in 3D the items scanned with it. “We are super excited ...

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The tech survivor’s guide to the zombie apocalypse

rick By Pippa Tshabala and Steven Norris A zombie apocalypse is imminent, and as the Boy Scouts say, “be prepared.” Not zombies per say but it could be anything mindless and undead. Bored hipsters, frustrated iPhone users pushed to the brink, even a mass mobile phone infection as seen in Stephan King’s excellent book, Cell. It doesn’t matter, something can happen. That’s what our tech survivor's guide to a zombie apocalypse is about. Not all of these will be long-term solutions of course, especially ...

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Samsung UE32EH5000 review: basically brilliant pictures

Samsung UE32EH5000 The Samsung UE32EH5000 appears to have been designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to deliver good picture quality as cheaply as humanly possible. Let's look at the evidence - kicking off with its genuinely remarkable price. It's full recommended retail price is £429.99 (around US$646/AU$634), but at the time of writing it's available online for the frankly extraordinary sum of £270 (around US$406/AU$398). That's cheaper than many of the 32-inch TVs from self-consciously budget brands such as Finlux and ...

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‘World’s smallest phone’ has a 2.5cm display and won’t be sold outside Japan

the miniphone The Phone Strap 2 by Japanese firm Willcom is a 3.175 x 6.985cm feature phone and has the title of “world’s smallest mobile phone”. This mini-phone has an insanely small battery and screen. The display is a mere 2.5cm and battery life tops out at two hours, says The one-inch, 2.5cm colour screen has a shockingly insignificant resolution of 96x96 pixels plus an email app. That’s it. Well, besides the MicroUSB slot, a headphone socket and space for up ...


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