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Rumoured Galaxy S IV spotted in Nenamark benchmarking tests

galaxy s IV 1 The much debated but yet to be confirmed Samsung Galaxy S IV has seen plenty of rumours, from specs to release dates. The latest development comes from Nenamark, a benchmark site for the Samsung model SCH-i545 device, with a 1920 x 1080 full-HD display. The Galaxy S III has a similar model number, SCH-i535 which gives the idea that this could have been a new Samsung model tested. Maybe the Galaxy S IV? Yes, it's a rather sketchy and unsupported rumour, but there ...

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New LG Optimus G Pro finally unveiled, will go on sale this week in Korea

LG Optimus G Pro 2 Back in January 2013, Gearburn reported on the LG Optimus G Pro with specs that made us sit up straight and take notice. LG has now finally unveiled this potential Galaxy Note II killer, with all the rumoured specs front and present. The device goes on sale this week in Korea, with a release later in Q2 for North America, Japan and other markets, according to the LG Newsroom (translated). At first glance it look much like its predecessor -- the ...


Some nut renders 9600×7211 screenshot of FPS-legend Doom

Image of newly-rendered doom Someone with too much time on their hands created this, an insane upscale of a 320x240 screenshot from the original FPS hit Doom, now beefed up to 9600×7211. That’s an image which spans seven PSD files. It took him 35-hours, eight days, and comes complete with fancy lightning and new-age textures and is a sight to behold. Video time. The demon is called “Pinky”, FYI. The barrel is nameless DeviantArt user Elemental79 explains the process, plus the thought behind the creation: This ...

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Logitech T620 Touch Mouse review: yet another Windows 8 mouse

Image of the T620 touch mouse To say we weren't completely enamoured with Logitech's earlier M600 Touch Mouse would be a bit of an understatement, so it was with a slight hint of trepidation that we opened the packaging for the touch-responsive Logitech T620 Touch Mouse. We liked what Logitech was attempting with the M600, but a muddled design and cheap feel got in the way. But is the Logitech T620 Touch Mouse any better? The good news is that for the most part the Logitech T620 Touch Mouse is ...

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‘Back to the Future’ De Lorean restored, returned to Universal Studios

Back to the future Dr. Emmet "Doc" Brown's DeLorean time travel machine is one of the most iconic cars of the silver screen. And also the only distinction the car ever achieved. The original, screen-used DeLorean from Back to the Future, known as the "A" car, has been expertly restored to complete museum quality standards over the last year and is now on display at Universal Studio. Back to the Future geeks... Sit up straight! The Time Machine Restoration team, spearheaded by Back to the ...

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Apple TV review: for those with money to burn

Apple TV I’m lucky enough to own a Samsung Smart TV. I bought it because I believe in converged devices: I want to watch TV and hop in and out of the web and my apps seamlessly. That is our TV experience of the future. Samsung got that right with its Android-based TV OS and is streaks ahead of the competition. Unfortunately Samsung got it right in concept only: the execution of that vision leaves much to be desired, meaning I never used ...

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HTC One outed days before official launch

Image of the HTC one in Black Our ever reliable buddies at Evleaks, a Twitter-based rumour-busting account that is usually spot on, have revealed a picture of the HTC One in black. Before we reveal some specs, here’s what it looks like. It kind of reminds of this, the recently launched BlackBerry Z10. Shameful. Anyway, on to the specs and pricing. For US$300 (64GB internal memory) or US$200 (32GB), users can snap up this very Z10-looking HTC One, which according to HTC’s website is under a week away from ...

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An OS in every car, a chicken in every pot

Image of Ford Sync Cars have always been on the forefront of technology, but only recently have they begun to integrate into the consumer electronics fold. Cars will soon be as much of your digital life as your smartphone is. In fact cars are ever-increasingly becoming like smartphones. Android, Linux, Windows, Tizen and QNX; all of these are operating systems that you would find on cellphones but are now found in some of the latest cars from some of the biggest manufacturers in the ...

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The Tesla war of words heats up in the California cold

tesla model s Tesla seems to like making a fuss if it doesn't like what people have to say about its cars. This is not the first time we have seen Tesla throwing its toys out of the cot because a review of one of its cars hasn't gone exactly as it wanted. Top Gear -- who the first case was against -- is known for ripping cars to shreds with its reviews. It's the way the game goes. Taking an angle of how ...

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Logitech T650 Wireless Touchpad review: Windows 8 love

Logitech touchpad It's no secret that Windows 8 is an operating system that's geared towards touchscreen devices. This means if you haven't got a touch-enabled computer then you'll miss out on quite a few features and shortcuts of Windows 8. Logitech's T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad is a solution to this, since it enables you to perform Windows 8 gestures no matter what your hardware is. Connecting it up to a PC is perfectly simple, and it comes with a Logitech Unifying USB dongle, which enables you ...


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