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  • Control matters: which next-gen gamepad fares better?

    In the world of online gaming, your enemy is a faceless entity halfway across the world. He or she is unseen, and often (mercifully) unheard. But in the heat of battle you might as well both be in the ring, gloves laced and tied. You see, online gaming is war and a soldier needs to choose his armaments carefully. Your console is your engine room; your game is your vehicle; your controller is your gun. The game that whisks me into this world of vitriol and l33t speak is Fifa 13, while my weapon of choice is Microsoft’s Xbox 360...

  • Windows 8.1 preview is here, and it’s free

    Guess what? Windows 8.1 Preview is here. If you still care about Windows 8, you should attempt a download. As of right now though, Microsoft is saying that the ISO files needed to install it will only be available “within the next day”. But that’s what we’re here for, to show you why and if Windows 8.1 Preview is worth a download, or not. Windows! It’s “more you” now Look, the video above was fine but all we noticed out of the “more you” features was the Start button, which is back after Microsoft removed it for no reason at all. Well,...

  • Kinect for Xbox One incompatible with PCs: why?

    When Kinect for Xbox 360 first came out, hackers loved it for its ability to easily connect to a Windows PC via USB. For Kinect on Xbox One, there’s no such plans though, as the propriety connector for the next-gen Kinect is Xbox One-only, and Microsoft says that it isn’t going to release an adaptor either. What’s a geek to do? Microsoft spoke to ArsTechnica (via email) who confirmed the lack of PC compatibility. The Kinect for Xbox One sensor will not have an adaptor that allows it to plug into a computer. the new generation Kinect for Windows sensor will connect to computers using...

  • Sony mends PS3 with v4.46 update

    Sony just released a new mandatory update, v4.46, in an attempt to mend fences. The update comes after last week’s scary v4.45 resulted in some PS3 gamers’ consoles having software issued. Gamers took to the forums and Twitter threads to express their concern. Although the number of users affected was reported being quite small, it still made a lot of gamers skittish. After installing the update, users were simply left stuck on their home screens. Some PS3 owners said that the update made it impossible to load the system’s XMB (Xross Media Bar) or ribbon screens. A massive amount...

  • Feedly review: Google Reader’s best replacement

    When Google announced that it would be shutting down its very own RSS reader, I was outraged and immediately started looking for reasons why it would commit such an atrocity, to me, in this day and age. Some in the know were saying that it was shutdown in an effort to make sure Google didn’t screw it up while trying to update it. Others around the web said that there weren’t enough consumers using the service to warrant its ongoing maintenance. If those rumors were true, we should be seeing Google Plus go the same way (we can only hope). According to...

  • Sync iTunes with your Android device the easy way

    Syncing iTunes with your iDevice is simple and straightforward enough, but what happens when you want to do the same with your Android phone? While some people believe incompatibilities abound, it’s important to note that where there’s a USB cord, there’s a way. The trick lies in knowing how, or reading articles like these that show the correct way to do it. Onwards! Harnessing the Power of Google Play Music If you enjoy accessing your iTunes playlist wherever you are with whatever device you are using, including an Android, then Google Play Music is a must. Google Play Music is effectively the...

  • Quick hands-on with the brand-new Sony Smartwatch 2

    Sony revealed the second-generation of its wearable tech flagship gadget, the Sony Smartwatch 2, yesterday. This afternoon at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai we got the chance to actually wear the thing and give it a quick hands-on. What has changed since the critically panned first version? The screen is a bit bigger (now 1.6-inch) and the newest version feels more premium with an aluminium and steel case, and there’s even the choice of a metal strap. Pretty in pink But the rest is as before. It’s still a small screen that gets information pushed to it from your Android...

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 delivers high-end graphics for only US$250

    NVIDIA’s GTX 760 is the perfect GPU card for the mid-range graphics market. The performance is way above average and the price, sitting around the US$250 mark, is well worth it. As NVDIA’s keeps on rolling out its mainstream GeForce 700 series, the GTX 760 is probably the most relevant graphics card for gamers who are seeking an upgrade today. As NVIDIA’s General Manager of its GeForce GPU unit, Scott Herkelman puts it: “Gamers seeking insanely fast performance and smooth frame rates for their favorite games, the choice is clear.” “ GeForce GTX 760 ushers in a new level...

  • First Motorola X photo blinks into existence

    Motorola is banking on an August 1st release date for it’s latest flagship device, the Motorola X. Phonearena has managed to snap not only a sneaky shot of the upcoming Motorola X, but snagged some specs as well. Check this sucker out in an enormous and detailed screenshot that reveals a very fetching Android phone.

  • 6 insanely cool medical apps and gadgets

    Technology plays a vital role in the medical industry, and the ever-advancing stream of medical gadgets and apps are making the lives of our health practitioners increasingly easy. Bionic limbs are one thing, but there are more practical tools out there that don’t require major surgery to enjoy. And in that vein (your exclusive pun of the day), here are six gadgets and apps out there fighting the good, healthy fight. The medical industry is always searching for new technologies to make their work quicker and more effective, and there are plenty of app developers working on great solutions for...

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