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S IV teased by Samsung in sneaky shot

an actual image of the s4 Samsung’s official twitter account has dropped the first real image of the S IV, which will be revealed 14 March at a Samsung Unpacked Event. Tweet incoming: The countdown for #TheNextBigThing has begun. Who’s ready for the Global Unpacked Event on March 14?…— Samsung Mobile US (@SamsungMobileUS) March 12, 2013 And here’s the delectable phone itself, zoomed in a tad. It’s very different to the most popular image that has been making the rounds. We’ve already created a rumour roundup for the ...

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BlackBerry Z10 review: the best BB ever made

image of the BB z10 So here we are. BlackBerry gifts us with the Z10, one of two “10” models released into the wild, with the other being the touch-and-type Q10. The BlackBerry Z10 is an otherworldly treat, a combination of blood, sweat and gears combined into a user-friendly smartphone that is fast, accessible and brimming with a heady catalyst of ideas. Here’s a BlackBerry you can finally be proud to own. Pity about the apps though -- it really lets down the whole package, ...

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New Mercedes S-Class packs in the safety tech

Mercedes S-Class simulator Luxury is always a top priority with Mercedes, particularly with the S-Class, and with the Ghost as a benchmark of sorts, you can expect nothing short of exorbitant, leather-seat smelling opulence. And for the true drivers who care not for what people think, Mercedes is even making a convertible version so they can put themselves under exhibition. A mostly autonomous system This will be the first ever autonomous vehicle produced for the public, beating Google and those Oxford guys to the punch. ...

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ZTE Blade 3 review: mid-range phone at a bargain price

Blade 3 The ZTE Blade 3 is the latest smartphone from the Chinese firm intent on bringing customers great value for money at the bottom of the mobile market. While ZTE and its Chinese compatriot Huawei both say they're targeting the full smartphone spectrum with recent high-end handsets such as theGrand SandAscend D2, the reality is that they are still primarily considered budget handset manufacturers. The budget ethos rings true with the ZTE Blade 3 as it will only set you back £69.99, plus ...

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LG rolls out Optimus L5II in sunny Brazil

Optimus 5 LG’s Optimus L5II, a 4-inch Android 4.1.2 smartphone with 512MB RAM is now on sale in Brazil, for an as yet unknown price. The Optimus L5II comes in both a single and dual-sim option and offers... what exactly to make us purchase it? Until we’re certain of the price, we’ll have to go with the Optimus L5II being a well-designed iPhone/Z10 lookalike. Plus the Optimus L5II has the same alerts as the SIII, as in coloured LED lights that flash different hues depending on notification ...


The princess saves Mario in cutesy ‘Donkey Kong’ hack

image of Pauline Donkey Kong Gamer dads are the best. Look at the length one dad went to make his daughter happy. That’s Pauline (the name of the princess before Nintendo changed it to Peach) rescuing Mario in a hacked ROM of Donkey Kong. Mike Mika’s daughter loved Super Mario Bros 2, where one of the playable characters is the princess. It’s a very simple hack or hilariously complicated, no one knows as the details weren’t communicated over Reddit, where the hack was first discovered. Users ...


Makerbot’s 3D scanner: can it bring 3D printing home? [SXSW]

Makerbot 3D scanner Bre Pettis, founder and CEO of 3D printing wündercompany Makerbot, recently unveiled a new product line that will allow people to scan objects in high fidelity 3D. Shown as a prototype during his opening remarks at SxSW 2013, The Makerbot Digitizer uses a cheap combination of lasers and a webcam to translate the contours of any object into a printable 3D object. In other words: a 3D scanner. We are experiencing a revolution in affordable, 3D printing for the desktop, but the ...


5 of the most controversial PS3 and Xbox 360 games ever

Specs ops the line Every machine has an expiry date. Technology -- that ever-improving, ever-mutating entity -- has an unceremonious tendency to leap forward at a startling rate, leaving machines looking positively antiquated in its wake. Indeed, time is almost up for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. These consoles are, in animal years, doddering and senile. Yet they have remained relevant throughout their lifetimes and 2013 looks set to be a bumper year for these workhorses. It might be a fitting swan song too. To ...

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Sideload Android apps onto the BlackBerry Z10 with a PC

Image of the z 10 Personally, I think BlackBerry’s new Z10 full touch smartphone is the best product it's ever launched. Slick, fast, button-free and iPhone-pretty, the Z10 is a bold step for a company seen as locked in the past. There is one issue though, a glaring one that I’ll touch on in my review: there’s a serious lack of quality apps on BB10 OS. Skype, Whatsapp and Instagram are nowhere to be found. So what’s a geek to do? Easy, sideload Android apps ...

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Chromebook Pixel review: Google goes gunning for the premium market

Chromebook pixel Most companies make products because they want people to buy them, but Google doesn't give a fig if you buy a Chromebook Pixel or not. It wasn't made so that people would buy it, though doubtless some will; it's a learning exercise made flesh. Let us explain. Google's Chrome OS is a fast, secure, always-updated lightweight operating system whose only job is to give you a computer that has a web browser on it. Almost the only thing you can do on a ...


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