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It’s $1699 for a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro: Interested?

Here's a delicious piece of information. The 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro is being priced at US$1 699. Sorry, prices start from US$1 699. That's for the base model then. As specs escalate, so does the price by a reported US$200-300. The smaller MacPro with Retina Display will launch 23 October and is a far less expensive than the 15-inch daddy, which starts from US$2199. Resolution is 2560x1600, which is part and parcel of that fantastic Retina Display. What is still ...

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Microsoft Surface hands-on review: up close with Microsoft’s own Windows RT tablet

Magnesium chassis, vapour deposition coating, cutaway edges, ClearType HD display; the design credentials and the specs for the Microsoft Surface Windows RT tablet are impressive. In the flesh this is a delightful piece of hardware that looks good – and is practical too. Check out our Windows 8 review It's thin, it's light, it's comfortable to hold, it runs Windows RT as excellently as you'd expect, it makes you want to touch it but it's also designed so you can snap the magnetically ...

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Samsung Chromebook is $249, skinny and already outdated

Samsung_Chromebook_backview_webres Samsung and Google have lifted the lid on the new Chromebook, an exceptionally underpowered device for US$249. For those who watched the video above, this online-only laptop really is "for everyone". Just not for us. Underwhelming specs The new Samsung Chromebook has an 11.6-inch screen, is two-inches (5.08cm) thick and weighs a mere 1.1Kg. It runs Chrome OS, an operating system that has to be online to operate. All information is stored on the cloud, the Chromebook saves nothing save for ...


Enjoy the amazing, David Fincher-directed Halo 4 launch trailer

Now that's magic. Despite Halo 4 already being leaked out for the pirate world to enjoy, trailers like this still gets our blood pumping. It's an epic trailer of note. Expertly directed by Fight Club and Se7en scribe David Fincher, the trailer shows the birth of Master Chief in a scant two minutes. Near the end, the Forerunners are shown and shit hits the fan in one epic, expensive-looking way. Halo 4 releases in November.


The Mercedes-Benz A-Class will cost 8 medals of bravery… In SimCity Social

simcity-social-logo German automotive company, Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with EA's SimCity Social to offer users a unique quest. The promotion sees SimCity Social users given access to a four-part quest to experience the 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The SimCity Social fansite gives a full breakdown of the ingredients needed to complete construction, which include 18 business cards, 12 robot workers and three X-rays. The rewards of which allow users to build Mercedes-Benz branded factories, dealerships, and billboards. The final pay off will ...

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Interview with the Dev: Franco.Kernel paves the way

franco logo Now, I have interviewed a couple of folks for the ‘Burn already and I have to be honest, I was a lot more familiar with their work than I am with today’s interviewee. I’ve read about Franco’s kernels, heck, I’ve even tried them on my Nexus S, and earlier on my Galaxy Nexus, and they’ve always been good, but there has always been something stopping me from using them full-time. Don’t let my lack of adventurous spirit fool you though, Francisco ...

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Delta Six: the gun-shaped controller hits Kickstarter, gets a makeover

delta six You know you've got something going for you when you actually have to redesign your custom-designed controller because it looks too much like a real gun. That's what's happened to the inventor of the Delta Six: the rifle-shaped controller that will make using a conventional chunk of plastic seem archaic. David Kotkin, the man behind the controller, changed the prototype after some reports suggested it it looked too threatening and not enough like a toy. After a few potential investors ...

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Win Dishonored for PS3 [competition closed]

dishonored Update: the winner is ANDREA. Congratulations! Neck cutting, rat mutilations, silent assassinations, magic and arcane gadgetry. Yes sir, it's Dishonored, one of the best games of the year and we're giving it away for PS3. Rejoice. Plus, it's not only our game of the year, but it's bursting with star appeal. Celebrity voices in Dishonored include Susan Sarandon, Brad Dourif, Carrie Fisher, and Chloë Grace Moretz, "Hit Girl" of Kick Ass fame. The devil's in the details, though. Dishonored is practically dripping ...

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Google ‘Android Event’ reveals its juicy secret 29 October

Google Android Event The invitation is scant on detail. "The playground is open. Join us for an Android event" it says. On 29 October, whatever Google has planned will be known to us, and our best guess is a new Nexus device. Perhaps the Nexus 10, or 4? There are some eerie coincidences though. Microsoft is holding a Window 8 Phone launch event on the same day. The majority of the rumours point towards a new Nexus, built by LG. But a safer ...

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Sony Xperia Miro review: a budget handset, does it do enough to stand out?

It seems like only yesterday that we were putting the Sony Xperia Tipothrough its paces, but here already, with just the smallest of spec boosts, is the Sony Xperia Miro. The entry-level smartphone market is becoming increasingly crowded as it is, so it's a surprise that Sony has seen fit to release two handsets that, on paper at any rate, are incredibly similar. That it has launched them so close together is even more baffling, and surely risks rendering one of them obsolete. It's ...


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