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Tesla releases app for its Models S electric car on iOS and Android

tesla app 1 Tesla has announced an app for its Tesla Model S that will monitor aspects of the car, change settings and honk the horn if you can't find it. Electric cars, especially the Tesla models, are technological marvels, perfectly suited for the gadget-obsessed and the addition of an app that lets you remote control your car adds to that. The app has various features that will allow owners to fully communicate with the car, allowing them to precondition the temperature while not ...

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5 mobile apps perfect for the new Pope

Lead image pope apps Memeburn’s Stuart Thomas covered some pretty hilarious tweets regarding the Pope’s resignation, but what about the new Pope? How will he cope in a world filled with digital believers? Here are five apps ideal for the new Pope’s phone, which we bet is an iPhone 5. Simply because it looks like a holy artefact. But to be fair, we’ve mixed the list with both Android and iPhone apps. Just remember to set your phone to silent if downloading apps in ...

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Razer Chimaera 5.1 headset review: aural pleasures

lead image of the Razer The Razer Chimaera 5.1 gaming headphones are pure auditory nirvana. I’m rarely blown away by sound, as the 2.1 stereo mix of my 40" flat screen is passable at best. So nothing could prepare me for the deep, rich 5.1 sound coming from the Razer wireless headset. Setup was a bitch though, endless cords that had to be plugged into my left and right audio jack and then synced and re-synced endlessly until eventual success. There’s an option for any sound ...

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Highlights from the 2013 Chicago Auto Show

Image of the new beetle In the windy city of Chicago, muscle car crazed Americans had their chance to show off some new metal to the world this weekend. Now, bearing in mind that most of the cars produced in America never see the light in any other country, let's find out what kind of vehicles we could be driving around in, should we be so fortunate. "Turbo" Camaro Coupe

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HP Envy Sleekbook: getting the balance right

Image of the HP Envy Sleekbook 61126sa TR-900-75 AMD is enjoying something of a resurgence in its laptop fortunes lately. The HP Envy Sleekbook 6-1126sa is the second computer we've seen recently that employs the 'other' manufacturer's processor, the other being the Samsung Series 5 NP535U3C-A02UK. The question is, despite these design wins, can AMD hold its own against intel's third generation Core processors that seem to dominate the laptop space? And if it can, why aren't we seeing more of its mobile processors in the wild? The first question ...

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Near-legendary glass smartphones coming ‘end of 2013′

poltroon glass smartphone A glass smartphone could happen as soon as “the end of 2013” according to Michael Kan of Techhive. Sam Yu, a rep from Polytron Technologies, says “trust me” but won’t mention any specifics, such as the affiliated handset makers. The proposed glass smartphone uses practically invisible embedded wiring inside the patented glass, but not every part of the smartphone can be transparent. This is where Polytron plans to use standard plastics to cover up exposed bits. That’s the bone, here’s ...

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The ‘iWatch’: is Apple working on a bendable smartwatch? [Rumour]

Apple smartwatch 1 Apple should start patenting rumours, as yet another one is leaking from its offices. This time the Cupertino tech giant is working on a smartwatch concept, the New York Times reports. The "smartwatch" concept is nothing new as Gearburn has reported previously, but with Apple stepping to the front it should be considered as major news. According to people-in-the-know, Apple is dabbling with a wrist-like device made of bendable glass. Could it be Corning Willow Glass? Corning Incorporated recently announced ...

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The hottest electric cars and technologies of 2013

New Ferarri Enzo It's hard to believe that the electric car has been around for over a hundred years. If Nicola Tesla had his way (and I wish he did) then we would all be driving electric cars that were completely energetically sustainable. Alas, his dream was not realised and we all have paid the price. The electric car has seen better days, namely those of Tesla's time, but if it is ever going to become a viable alternative to the combustion engine ...

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Nokia Lumia 620 review: welcome a new baby in the family

Lumia620-Press-04-900-75 The Nokia Lumia 620 is Nokia's third foray into Windows Phone 8 territory, but while the previous two - the Nokia Lumia 820 and the Nokia Lumia 920 - were both fairly high-end affairs, this is a decidedly budget handset. Really its closest competitor is the HTC Windows Phone 8S, since the two phones have pretty similar specs. They both have a dual-core 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera with 720p video and a 480 x 800 resolution display. The Nokia Lumia 620 has a fairly ...

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BMW’s new baby giant: enter the 3-Series Gran Turismo

The BMW 3 Series GT 12 The motor industry likes to expand upon itself, always looking for new cracks and crevices to fit mixed up multi-genre cars into. What happened to the good old saloon? Or even the hatchback? Nowadays we get hatchback supercars, four-door coupes and 4x4 sports cars. It's a mess, frankly. And to commemorate this mess, here is the new 3-Series Gran Turismo. A mix between, what? A 4x4, a saloon and a hatchback? Or is it a wagon? It's hard to say, because ...


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