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  • 8 new iOS designs that are better than Apple’s

    Apple has placed design guru Jony Ive in charge of the look and feel of iOS, and speculation has never been hotter. The upcoming iOS 7 will likely feature the most significant visual upgrade of the platform ever. One rumor says that privacy filters are required during field testing to prevent onlookers from catching a glimpse of the new design. But we don’t have to wait until Apple’s announcement to imagine what could be in store: users of Dribbble, a “show-and-tell” for designers, have been hard at work reimagining iOS with a clean new design. This article by Joshua Merrill originally appeared...

  • HTC profits sink 98%, the One isn’t to blame

    HTC’s Q1 profits have plummeted to their lowest mark since 2004, falling from US$$152-million to US$2.85-million in one year. This represents a 98% drop in profit. HTC’s revenue also fell from US$2.3-billion to US$1.45-billion. This was confirmed earlier this week during an audited earnings call, says CNET. But is it the HTC One, which is yet to release sales figures, that caused the niche gadget makers to sink so deeply into loss? Released too late The HTC One saw global shortages and bizarre release dates. While this may not have been the cause of HTC’s drop in profits, it certainly contributed...

  • 13 of the best tablet apps for graphic designers

    Everyone’s using tablet computers these days, even graphic designers. But designers need maximum functionality on the go, including sophisticated graphics capabilities, vector graphics, image manipulation and drawing tools. Here are a few of the best tablet applications that will make even the most advanced graphic designers swoon. ColorStrokes HD: Add Colors to Monochrome Images with a Click — US$2.99 Some of the coolest images to hit the market today are monochrome images with a splash of bright colors. The ColorStrokes HD app lets graphic designers make a color splash from the train, plane or bus, without the usual hassle of using...

  • ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ viral website reveals mystery skull mask

    The upcoming Call of Duty (COD), possibly named “Ghosts” lands a spooky viral teaser that seems to create a skull made of Twitter and Facebook profiles. Users who visit Callofduty.com are instantly redirected to “callofduty.com/______” where they are asked to “find me”. Users can then add their details to the giant Ghost mask. Those who tweet or update their status with the #callofduty hashtag will possibly get their names added to the mask. Here’s the current state of said mask: A skull belonging to a ghost, maybe We’re COD fans here, and it’s clear that this is a skull, even more clear...

  • ‘Game Dev Tycoon’ hits back with in-game anti-piracy features

    Here’s an interesting way to approach piracy as a game developer. Patrick Klug from Greenheart Games lets players fill his shoes as a struggling game developer in a world of piracy. The cracked version of the indie game Game Dev Tycoon has embedded catchy features to remind players of what pirating does to the gaming industry. Only minutes after being made available in the Greenheart Games store, the cracked version was uploaded on to popular torrent sites by the developer himself. As suspected, cracked downloads soared, but there’s a catch… Game Dev Tycoon is very similar to 2010 Game...

  • Watch ‘GTA V’ trailer 3 right here at 5pm (CAT) today

    Here it is, the third trailer for Rockstars upcoming GTA V. GTA V is the next entry in a series that practically wrote the book on open-world gaming. The third trailer, named “MICHAEL. FRANKLIN. TREVOR.” lands 11am ET, or 5PM CAT. By the time you’ve fought the traffic and made your way home, you should be able to watch the trailer below as soon as it unlocks. Best of all, the trailer is said to show off new gameplay footage, which is about as good as it gets for a GTA fan. It’s a magical time to be a...

  • Nokia to possibly add Lytro-style cameras to future phones

    Nokia, a company that is struggling to find its footing against Apple and Samsung, is now reportedly pinning its hopes on array cameras, best known as the technology behind the focus-free Lytro cameras. According to Bloomberg, Nokia aims to “win back” customers by pairing with California-based startup Pelican Imaging and investing in array camera technology. Array cameras aren’t the exact same as the technology used in Lytro, but it’s very close. The blanket name is a “light-field” camera: images are captured in a 4D light field, with the image sensor positioned behind the microlenses. With this setup, it’s possible to...

  • 6 classic games that deserve a remake

    Games play a crucial part in our lives, allowing us to explore parts of the world, and snippets of our imagination that would otherwise be unreachable. The classics live on forever in our brains though as cherished memories, as titles that are flawless. Even the best of the best age over time and begin to show their years through dated graphics or gameplay. And then there are some that deserve a remake, games that are so crucial to our lives that a re-imagined version is needed. Image via MyAbandonware.com Image via Interplay.com Image via Xblafans.com

  • MiniStation Air review: a wireless hard drive with your smartphone, sir?

    The Buffalo MiniStation Air HDW-PU3 isn’t a unique product – we’ve seen wireless external hard drives such as the Kingston Wi-Drive andSeagate GoFlex Satellite use Wi-Fi connections as a means of expanding smartphone and tablet capacities. While they’ve promised much, we have often been disappointed by the awkward interfaces and sluggish media playback of the drives and the apps that are used to access your content via Wi-Fi. So does the Buffalo MiniStation Air break with the disappointing tradition? First off, as an average external hard drive, the Buffalo MiniStation Air is a solid performer, which is no surprise, judging by Buffalo’s pedigree with impressive...

  • OS X 10.9 ‘Cabernet’ adds tabbed Finder and new Safari

    OS X 10.9, lovingly known as “Cabernet” will most likely see a mid-year release as it prepares to make its debut at this year’s WWDC, says 9to5mac.com. Take note though, this won’t be a major upgrade, just a series of improvements and tweaks to the existing OS. OS X 10.8 was a major leap forward for the sparkly OS, version 10.9 will take a sideways step though as it shuffles enhancements such as tabbed Finder, a new Safari, the ability to run a second app in full screen on a second monitor plus “improved page loading, speed, and efficiency”. Tabbed...

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