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HTC M7, rumoured Android flagship stuffed to the gills with high-end specs

HTC M7-Leaked Specs It appears that Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is at it again. The smartphone developer has had details of its latest Android project leaked thanks to Unwired View. If this leak is legit, the M7 might be the one smartphone we can't wait to get our hands on. As far as we can tell, the listed specs would see the M7 usurp the HTC One X+ as the company's Android phone of choice. Let's run through the specs, the M7 is rumoured to be ...

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Samsung Galaxy Grand is the dual-sim middle child of the Jellybean family

Samsung Galaxy Grand This is who Samsung is targeting with its new S3-lite, the Galaxy Grand: “users with a fast-paced mobile lifestyles who demand more from their phone.” With a 5-inch screen, 1.2Ghz dual-core CPU and a dual-sim option, the Grand is looking mighty fine indeed. Here’s a picture. Let’s harp on about the specs for a wee bit. We’ve mentioned the tastiest bits up top, but the Grand still holds a few tasty treats for us. Obviously, Jellybean’s a must and is the OS ...

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Automatica: The WiFi music dongle for your car

automatica A European internet company, Inrete, has introduced a WiFi USB dongle that can plug into your car's port to play music stored on it. The device can connect to various cloud storage services such as Dropbox (or your personal stash of music) and download about 24 hours of music to its internal memory. The device has WiFi that allows it to piggyback on your smartphone's internet connection or from WiFi sources in its surrounds. This enables it to connect to the ...

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BlackBerry 10 UI screenshots, a preview of what’s to come

BB10 UI Screenshot-1 The Vietnamese are at it again, this time round with screenshots of the new BlackBerry 10 UI. The site initially released some beautiful shots of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series smartphone, which was then followed up by a hands-on video comparison against the Dev Alpha B handset. As far as we can tell this is only a Beta version, but there should be little change between this version and the one that will make its way to the public after RIM's BB10 ...

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Google Maps for iOS review: finally back on track

google maps When Google's new map app for iPhone was released, I could not have been more pleased. You see I'd just recovered from a recent cursing and murdering spell brought on by Apple's terrible joke for a mapping app on my iPhone. Approximately two minutes after downloading Google Maps, I was sold. Let me tell you why. Two weeks ago while on the way to a wedding, I was directed by Apple's attempt at mapping my country to a parking lot in ...

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Sony Xperia Tablet S review: thin, light and splash-proof

SONY ELECTRONICS, INC. XPERIA TABLET S This is the second time out the gate for the Sony Xperia Tablet S. It originally launched in September, but was quickly pulled from the shelvesthanks to a manufacturing fault. That's unfortunate for Sony, because in the interim the Google Nexus 10, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, iPad 4 and iPad mini have all hit the market. That gives this refresh of the Sony Tablet S some rather stiff competition. But with a premium build and specs to match, it's certainly still got a chance. A striking folded book design ensures that ...

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Windows Store now accepting PEGI 18-rated games

Windows 8 Store In a wise rethink, Microsoft has decided to begin accepting PEGI 18-rating gaming titles for the Windows Store. This is great news for European Windows 8 users and developers alike, as it opens up the market for gaming titles which integrate the touch-centric OS features. We first reported on this rather inept oversight from Microsoft in October. The gist of the issue lay in the lack of clarity between the different regional rating systems. The US adopts a ESRB system, whereas ...

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‘Woven’ is the Kinect-like t-shirt that will get you off your ass and moving

woven The crazy Dutch. From the land of Tulips and tall fair skinned stoners comes the latest invention. The television remote you can wear. Well it's actually more than that. Woven was developed by two Dutch students as a wearable gaming and social interactive garment. It's like a Kinect that you wear. Patrick Kersten and Christiaan Ribbens, from the Utrecht School of the Arts, has created a wearable undergarment with motion sensors, shake motors, three-color LED screen, speakers and a Bluetooth module ...

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Dell ditches Android smartphones in favour of Windows 8 tablets

Dell XPS 12-2 Computer giant Dell has decided to forgo its smartphone aspirations and instead shift its focus to the tablet market. While speaking at the Dell World conference in Texas, VP of Global Operations, Jeff Clarke, stated that the manufacturer will no longer be involved in smartphone production. Dell had a small range of smartphones running Google's Android OS, which included the Venue and Aero, but the company will now focus on its tablet lineup, powered by Windows 8. The shift is ...

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iPhone 5 available at South African iStores today from R8k

iStore - The Lines It's official, the iPhone 5 has landed in SA. South African iStores in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng are selling the iPhone 5 with prices starting at R8 299. The site warns consumers that stocks are in limited supply, so first come, first served. There's also a promotional offer involving 8ta and FNB where pre-approved contract and upgrade customers will be able to pick up their new smartphone. iStore has listed a full pricing rundown of the three iPhone ...


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