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10 retro games for iPad that you have to play (again)

retro-game-ios-2 Much like wine, cheese, and those lingering feelings of resentful hostility towards your grade 9 maths teacher, some games just get better with age. And even if they haven’t strictly improved, at least you’ll be able to play them on your iPad without your 5.25” floppy disk failing to read properly in the drive because you spilled cream soda on it. Technology! Another World You might remember Eric Chahi’s impossibly hard platformer from the busted Amiga or Mega Drive somewhere in the ...

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Bin your smartphone: Neptune Pine is ‘the only smartwatch you’ll ever need’

The Canadian created Neptune Pine has a bold statement as its credo. “It’s the only smart watch you’ll ever need” proclaims the website. Are we ready to enter a “whole new world of mobile computing”? (we promise, these are the last quotes in the article). Get ready for wearable mobile computing madness. Sadly, it’s just a render First off, it’s a watch. Secondly, its an independent smart watch. With a micro-SIM inserted, users can make phone calls, read emails, get all up on the ...

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Nokia’s ‘True’ PureView Windows Phone set for launch later this year

Nokia's Pureview 808 is quite the niche product, and ever since it was announced last year at the Mobile World Congress 2012, it went by the wayside because of the Nokia Symbian OS losing its ability to compete with the changing mobile world. But according to The Verge, Nokia is planning a true PureView Windows Phone, and will include a similar image sensor that was introduced with the Nokia 808 PureView last year. Codenamed "EOS" (an indication of Canon involvement maybe?), ...

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Samsung’s next-gen smartphone ‘Altius’ may be the Galaxy S IV

Sammobile, a fairly reliable source for Samsung information has dropped a vertible bombshell on us. On 15 April, Samsung may ship the “Altius”, a codename for it’s latest Galaxy model which may or may not be the Galaxy S IV. The Altius started life as “Codename J”, and we now know, thanks to Sammobile, that Altius will come in white and black and will sport some insanely maxed-out specs. And best of all, the wireless charging which was bloody well dropped ...

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Acer C7 Chromebook review: affordable but flawed

Acer C7 Chromebook TR-900-75 The Acer C7 Chromebook is a cheap laptop at just £199.99/US$199.99 (around AU$191). The reason for this is that it's a Google Chromebook, a thing that runs Google's Chrome OS - essentially replacing the entire notion of an operating system with a web browser. And while the Chromebooks that we've reviewed before, such as its predecessor, the Samsung Series 3, and the Samsung Series 5, are configured differently and feel different to traditional laptops, this new C7 Chromebook from Acer seems to have been designed, ...

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Sony extends its E-mount lens collection with new high-end optics

Over the last few years, Sony has made solid insteps into the photographic area, especially with the NEX line-up taking the lead. But the prevailing complaint has always been a lack of a solid collection of lenses. Today Sony announced two more lenses for the Alpha (α) E-mount system: an 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS (Optical SteadyShot) powered-zoom optic and a 20mm f/2.8 pancake. While the 18-200 has been around for a while now, it was sold as part of the VG30 camcorder ...

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Microsoft Surface Pro ready to roll out 9 February

Software giant Microsoft has announced the release of the Intel-powered Surface Windows 8 Pro for 9 February, starting at US$899 for the 64-bit version. The beefier version of the Surface RT, launched in October 2012, will be capable of running older Windows apps and will be powered by an Intel Core i5 processor. The Surface Pro will also be available in 128GB form, and both models will include a gaggle of accessories, with a Block technology Surface pen and the ...

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Razer Ouroboros mouse: high-performance gaming

5-IMG_5777 I’m a left-handed gamer, and unlike those treacherous left-handed gamers who play games right-handed instead because THEY HAVE NO SELF-RESPECT (or whatever), I play games left-handed. In fact, I’ve been using a left-handed Razer DeathAdder mouse for about six months now, and before that I used the now tragically discontinued Logitech MX610, but before that I used a right-handed something-or-other because, honestly, left-handed gaming mice are not exactly available in abundance and right-handed people expect everything to be made exclusively ...

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Blackberry 10 hands on review: its time is soon

BB10-Homescreen-01-900-75 Note: BlackBerry 10 (or BB10) is still under development and not yet a finished product, but we've checked out an almost-final version of the user interface, which is pretty close to perfection, according to RIM - but we'll let you be the judge by checking out our findings below. Delayed until early 2013, the first BB10 devices should land in January – although we're now hearing it could be as late as March and RIM is now saying it will arrive ...

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Mozilla Firefox OS demoed on mystery dev phone

After making a surprise appearance at CES 2013 on an unknown smartphone and just in preview form (see video at the end), Mozilla has just announced a "Developer Preview Phone" running on a Firefox operating system. Mozilla is touting it on the official webpage, and the Mozilla Developer Network has published instructions on how to get your Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich phone to install Firefox OS. The year has been hotting up with various new OS's for mobile devices, with ...


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