NASA spiderbots begin construction on ‘Death Star’ in space

SpiderFab Ok, so perhaps the title is a bit of stretch. But NASA’s plan to use robots in space to build massive space stations, space craft, and satellites is real. It also provides us a clear example of the current state of our nation’s space program, and assurance that the future of space travel and space exploration remain promising. For decades, key hurdles to space exploration has been the enormous cost in lives and dollars of developing and launching space craft. Most of us ...

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Vodacom launches Smart Tab 3G 7-inch tablet aimed at the masses

Vodacom Smart Tab 3G Two months after the launch of the Smart Kicka, an entry level smartphone retailing at R549, Vodacom has launched a 7-inch 3G tablet that will cost less than R1 000 and will, if the cellular giant is to be believed, also bring mobile connectivity to a whole new section of the South African population. "Providing access in South Africa is not easy, but our strategy is to deliver access to everyone,” says Vodacom Chief Officer for the Consumer Business Unit Phil ...

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Civilization: Beyond Earth cinematic spells out hope for humanity’s far-flung future

Civilisations-Beyond-Earth Civilization: Beyond Earth's new opening cinematic trailer has been released, giving us new hope for Sid Meier's latest number, but smashes all that's left for the future of our dearest planet Earth. The video posted by PC Gamer shares the story of a young Middle Eastern girl who gets chosen to be rocketed up into the deep dark space which leaves behind Earth to deal with ever impending doom all by itself. The scene then jumps to what seems to be a ...

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LG Tone Pro review: the best, most discrete wireless headset yet

Tone Pro 4 I've never liked over-the-ear headphones. For me, and many others, it's an uncomfortable experience. Headphones squish the ears, keeping heat in and muffling noise. I'm an inner-ear music-listening kind of guy and because of that, I've been stuck with ugly, wired earphones most of my life. LG has a solution for people like me and it's called the Tone Pro, a wireless stereo headset. Based on its price (US$69.99), battery life (15-hours plus) and design (it's both comfortable and styled ...

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Hail Destiny: Xbox One beats PS4 in US sales thanks to Microsoft’s free game scheme

xbox one image It had to happen some time, didn't it? The sales battle between the PS4 and Xbox One has been fairly one-sided up until now, with Sony's machine trumping Microsoft's console month-after-month. But today there's news of the Xbox One finally outselling Sony's console in the US, no thanks to Microsoft's free game offering, intones a Venturebeat report. There are sales figures as well, thanks to Michael Pachter, a well-known gaming analyst. Pachter predicts that there were 325 000 Xbox One sales, compared to ...

Gadget News, smartwatches launches smartwatch this week: makes calls, plays music, don’t need no smartphone We're really not sure what to make of (or William Adams Jr., of Black-Eyed Peas fame) and his technology fetish any more. After co-developing Beats with Jummy Iovine and Dr. Dre all these years, launching his custom 3D-printer, designing a bespoke Lexus NX and selling a good few million records, Adams has now set his sights on the enormous wearables market and, more specifically, smartwatches. Hilariously, as a face-slap to Beats' new owner Apple, Adams plans to launch the watch ...

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ASUS gadget of 2015 preview: GX500, G551 gaming laptops and R20 ‘console’

ASUS ROG lead ASUS' booth at rAge this year came complete with a dedicated DJ banging out commercial hits, but one commercial hit at least in the gaming laptop market, is finally coming to South Africa. The Taiwanese-based company showed off for the first time in the country its GX500 -- the flagship model in the G-series of gaming machines -- that looks as sultry as it will be expensive. Unveiled to the world at Taipei's Computex in June, the laptop has already set ...

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DIY’er invents machine gun that folds and fires paper airplanes

Paper gun An anonymous inventor who looks like Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski recently posted a YouTube video in which he demonstrates a self-made machine gun that folds and fires paper airplanes that would make any grade schooler froth with jealousy. Flaring his eyes behind wire rimmed glasses, this DIY’er shows off his impressive invention constructed of 3D printed materials and an assortment of parts collected from several specialty hardware stores. He also states quite proudly that he "use[d] a cordless screwdriver ...

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iPhone 6 launches in South Africa, Greenland, Romania and 36 other countries before October ends

iPhone 6s Big news: the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are coming to countries like South Africa, Israel, Kuwait and others before October ends. It's South Africa we're most interested in and, come 24 October, iPhone lovers can grab the new and bigger smartphone from various retailers. Apple's recently announced it, and here are the countries plus their respective launch dates: - Friday, October 17: China, India and Monaco - Thursday, October 23: Israel - Friday, October 24: Czech Republic, French West Indies, Greenland, Malta, ...

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Samsung’s 60Ghz WiFi ‘removes the gap between theoretical and actual’, has 4.6Gbps transmission speeds

WiFi WiFi speeds are a bone of contention in my home. They just never reach the speeds I expect of them, especially when I wander outside of the living-room WiFi zone range. Samsung wants to change that though, with its new 60Ghz WiFi technology, which should allow speeds of up to a theoretical 4.6Gbps, or 575MB per second according to the makers of mobile phones and washing machines. The current and possible maximum WiFi speeds are 866Mbps, or 108MB per second. These speeds ...


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