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Galaxy S5 Active and Zoom incoming [rumour]

SAMSUNG CSC If you wanted a Galaxy S5 but were desiring a variant rougher, tougher and more durable than diamond, then wait no more. According to the mostly reliable EVleaks, a Galaxy S5 Active and S5 Zoom are both planned for production, just as it was with the Galaxy S4 (there was both a Zoom and Active model). EVleaks has tweeted an image displaying the upcoming APK list (Android App Package) of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 already features an ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 hands on review: feature-rich with a brilliant display

GALAXY S5_White Before I even touched the Galaxy S5, which was lassoed to a glowing table at a fancy Samsung launch event, I came in with diminished expectations. I wasn't a fan of the Galaxy S4, yet I loved the S3 and S2. Samsung has embraced plastic and eschewed the full metal look, which the HTC One so beautifully rocks. It's also almost identical to the S4 in terms of hardware and design (have a gander for yourself). So do I love, ...

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The Last of Us Remastered coming to PS4 at 1080p, bundles Left Behind DLC

the last of us remastered We can't say that we're surprised, just excited. Naughty Dog has officially confirmed that its smash survival-horror hit, The Last of Us, will be coming to PS4 in a Remastered package sporting a mouth-watering 1080p resolution. The higher resolution in The Last of Us Remastered means that everything from character models to lighting, textures and effects will be improved -- the proof? Watch the Announce Trailer below which showcases a few seconds from the game in 1080 glory (minor spoilers). It's ...

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This tiny mobile robot printer drives around sheets of paper to print stuff

mini-mobile- Everything's gone mobile, right? So why not printers too. That's the logic behind this new Kickstarter project, the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer by Zuta Labs. It's a tiny portable wireless printer that you place on your desk, sit back and watch as it drives across a piece of paper, leaving behind neat typography, designs or whatever you'd like to print. Projects like these usually require some serious out-of-the-box thinking. "Print machines now-a-days are essentially a printhead running left and right on ...

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5 reasons why Sony’s Xperia Z2 will beat Samsung’s Galaxy S5

z2 accessories At Mobile World Congress 2014, almost every smartphone brand showcased what it had been busy with during the past 12 months. Samsung showcased the Galaxy S5, Sony demoed the Xperia Z2 and LG displayed the G Pro 2. These are powerhouses devices, but we think the real battle would be between the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2. So if you're planning to buy the Xperia Z2 or the Galaxy S5, here's five reasons why Sony's device will beat Samsung's latest ...

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PlayStation Store Easter sale now on: select PS3, PS Vita games 50% cheaper

PS easter sale The PlayStation Store Easter Sale is on, gamers. PlayStation.Blog has just posted its insanely long list of discounted PS3 and PS Vita titles. "Spring is here and that means some better weather (location dependent). It also means bunnies. And chocolate eggs. We sadly can’t give you tasty chocolate eggs, but we can give you a bunch of discounts on a whole bunch of games. So from today, head on over to PS Store and make some eggcelent savings for the next ...

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Google’s MDK for Project Ara shows amazing custom smartphone designs

Ara-Project Google recently made the Module Developer's Kit (MDK) for its customisable smartphone research, Project Ara, available on its site. The MDK -- a thorough, 81-page-long document -- is meant to help hardware manufacturers get started on creating modular parts. It's definitely not meant for light reading, but we managed to dig around and find some interesting tidbits about what the project will entail. If you're not too familiar with the project, Ara is Google's smartphone experiment that wants to give you ...

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9 simple battery saving tips for your Android device [Video]

geartv 9 android battery saving tips In the second episode of Gearburn's brand new show, GearTV, editor Steven Norris shows you nine quick and easy tips to improving (or saving) the battery life on your Android device. This weekly show will feature gadget and game reviews, tips, how-to's and anything useful that we think can help you improve your connected life. It's a show we've designed for you, our readers, so if there are any specific requests you'd like to know -- such as how do I ...

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GoPro Hero 3+ review: 8 reasons why it’s awesome

GO PRO Since I got my GoPro Hero in 2010, Nick Woodman, the founder of GoPro became a billionaire and the camera has had a few mild updates to keep it in tune with modern film requirements (most noticeably, 4K recording in some models). Yet recently I got to play around with the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition (US$299), I even recorded a video of my expeditions. If you should decide to get one, there are eight questions you should ask yourself first: 1. ...

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Nokia 225 is a slim, inexpensive, internet-enabled feature phone

Nokia 225 Would you like a slim, cheap Nokia phone with internet access? Then the Nokia 225, a 2.8" feature phone with Xpress Browser, music playback and a 2MP camera may be ideal for you. Also, it's dirt-cheap at €39. Ever better, it comes in five colours: red, yellow, green, black and white. This exceedingly low-cost phone has social media apps Twitter and Facebook preloaded. There's a bunch of games as well, Block Breaker 3, Asphalt 6, Assassins Creed 3, The Avengers and ...


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