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With a PS4 gamepad and DS4 to Xinput wrapper, the console vs PC arguments are officially over

DS tool lead How do you nullify the console versus PC debates? By combining the best of both worlds: a gaming PC with a PS4 gamepad. While the PS4 may be a bit of a paperweight these days (except for the lush Destiny), it has one of the best controllers yet invented. But getting it to work as a gaming controller for the PC is a mission onto itself. Simply connecting the PS4 to a computer via USB will install the PS4 drivers, ...

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SanDisk’s new 512GB SD card is ‘world’s highest capacity’ but costs $800

sandisk 512 sd card Just a few years ago, a 1GB SD card was considered large. Recently, 256GBGB SD cards were shown to the world and lauded, but now it's safe to say it's nowhere near the largest capacity available for the form factor. SanDisk, the American flash-memory manufacturer has announced a card offering the user 512GB of unadulterated storage. The latest addition to the "Extreme Pro" SDXC grade can top speeds of 95MB/s -- which is quite dim considering other products, but unlike those, ...


The Internet of Toilets tweets and tracks water usage with every flush

loToilet In Planet Toilet, one toilet reigns supreme above all others. Not only can it perform its usual toilet duties but it also tweets it. Thomas Ruecker, an engineer from Finland, got the idea from his former boss after he was retrenched from his job. Taneli Tikka, his former boss, tweeted "Silly sensor IoT question: does anybody know about "smart toilets & sinks" something that measure liquid flow? # of flushes? etc. :)" The loToilet tracks water usage with every flush and then ...

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Microsoft’s Windows 9 Technical Preview leaked in bevy of screenshots

Windows-9-Preview-Build-9834-1410433937-0-0 Update: As if this couldn't get any better. The same site that leaked the pile of purported screenshots has just leaked a video of the OS in action. We wondered how the start tiles would operate alongside the returning start menu, and it seems "Pin to Start" functionality will overlap quite a bit. Additionally, the new animations are crisp and swift, which should benefit underpowered machines. But we have vastly polarised opinions in the office about the fledgeling OS, but what ...

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The iPhone 6 and Apple Watch: should you even bother?

Watch Additional words by Andy Walker We kind of like Apple, Andy and I, and after last night's launch, we were filled with opinions. Is the Apple Watch worth buying, and has the iPhone finally gone and copied Android outright? We puzzle over some of life's toughest questions. Is it justified to have a bigger iPhone? Steven: I say yes. The 5.5" iPhone 6 Plus fills the gap between smartphone and tablet, and is Apple's first "phablet" (I truly loathe that word). Phablets are trendy, ...

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Is Microsoft about to buy Mojang, Minecraft for $2-billion?

Minecraft maps The last thing Microsoft bought didn't exactly work out too well. The company found itself in a massive spiral of loss which resulted in cutting numerous services and jobs from its payroll. Perhaps this is why Redmond is lining up a US$2-billion move for Minecraft creator Mojang AB. The deal, according to WSJ at least, "could be signed as early as this week", quoting sources familiar with the matter. With Microsoft's extensive gaming reach thanks to its Xbox boquet, gaming consoles and ...

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Apple gets a taste of third-party keyboards with SwiftKey for iOS

iOS 8 Swiftkey Now that Apple has finally opened its iOS platform to third-party keyboard developers, the eager bunch at SwiftKey are grinning from ear to ear. Although it's not completely understood how many iOS users -- stuck in their Apple keyboard ways -- will actually use the app, SwiftKey has unveiled it's plans for its iOS 8 keyboard that includes cloud prediction services and full swipe-to-type support. SwiftKey has been one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store for a ...

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Quality and performance: the anti-hater’s guide to Apple Watch

Watch lead The Apple Watch is Tim Cook’s defining moment, a product he helped develop from beginning to end, a product that will either secure his legacy as the rightful successor to Steve Jobs or solidify the unspoken fear shared among fans the world over that Apple is no longer relevant. With the Apple Watch, Tim Cook‘s triumph is confirmed, and fans should rejoice over Apple’s continued ability to innovate, refine, and pioneer. Haters will immediately point to Apple’s history of taking existing ...

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FIFA 15 PS3 and PS4 demo live on EU PlayStation Store today, Xbox One only in the U.S.

FIFA lead There's more than one blockbuster game coming out this year, and while everyone is happily focused on Destiny, it's FIFA 15 that's gonna be played by absolutely everyone. With that, we're happy to announce that the PS3 and PS4 demo for FIFA 15 releases today, as confirmed by this tweet from PlayStation Europe. To confirm the #FIFA15Demo is coming to PlayStation tomorrow! We'll make sure you know as soon as it's live on store. — PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) September 9, 2014 Just to ...

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iStore offering up to R5000 off when trading in older iPhone for iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Local Apple reseller iStore has announced a guaranteed cash back for iPhone owners. iStore says iPhone owners (as part of a new upgrade, contract renewal or cash purchase at any iStore) are guaranteed cash back of up to R5000 when they trade their current iPhone for a new one. For a cash purchase, the value will be discounted from the price of the new iPhone. And thus commence, two months before the new iPhone arrives in South Africa, the game of wait ...


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